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16.28% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 41: Fighting Blood Controlling Sect

Fighting Blood Controlling Sect - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 41 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 41: Fighting Blood Controlling Sect

"Boom" "Boom"

A horrible red phantom with a human-shaped face but excluding demonic aura shot a punch at front. This punch was domineering and powerful crushing everything at front. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The punch didn't hit anything except air though it still breaks air apart. Fei finally finishes practicing World Destroying Demon Fist to the small accomplishment. He was very satisfied with the effects of the Dao Comprehension Room since it could help him gain enlightenment in the midst of practice.

Fei then visits White lotus and little yan, talk with them for some time, and finally left pagoda appearing inside his room.

Fei walked out of his room. Seeing fei finally coming out, Asura Dragon member hurriedly came near saying in little embarrass tone "Young master you are finally out"

"What happened?" Fei was a little surprised by their tone.

"Those people from auction threaten young master to kill. We were furious and attacked them inside the town which causes the city lord to intervene. Fortunately, a young master friend convinced city lord so we returned" Long Hao replied bowing his head down a little.

"Okay, you don't have to worry about this. Now is time go" Fei said and walked out of Inn.

Just when he was walking out he heard some heavy footsteps. It was fatty Lu, he also saw fei and walked near him with enthusiasm saying "Brother Fei you are finally out"

Fei also nodded in smile walked near him saying "Fatty Lu thank you for convincing city lord"

"Brother Fei, you and I are brother, do we still need such among us?" Fatty Lu laughed and said

"Yes we do no such thing" Fei also wanted to make remark nodding his head but before he could say this, he heard another shameless sentence which made him swallow his words.

"But if brother fei really felt guilty then you can pay me some middle-level spirit crystal" Fatty Lu shamelessly asked which made fei embarrassed to say anything else.

Fei just shuts his mouth and move forward with Fatty Lu and his Asura Dragon group.

At this time, in an inn of the southeast of Bright Jade City.

"So he is out" One of middle-aged man made a cold remark. This was a Blood controlling sect elder, he was fuming in anger wanted to swallow fei at once.

"Let's go and kill that guy" Blood controlling sect elder said in murderous tone.

"Yes" Twenty people in the red rope around them shouted in low

It seems these were waiting for fei to come out and a road which fei took was the same towards the southeast.

Fei and his group were walking out of Bright Jade City. They had to pass through another city to reach five elements sect.

When fei and his group were out of the bright jade city, a murderous sound came "So you finally came out. This time you should die" It was a blood controlling sect elder who knows the path of fei group suddenly appeared in front of them and coldly threaten them.

Fei looked at him but didn't talk. Seeing fei silent, his asura dragon walked to the front and said "Attack"

"Humph kill this kid for me," Blood elder said and with him, six most powerful confronted Long Hao's group. With Long Hao and their cultivation, they could confront blood elders in ease but when they saw some other awakening realms cultivator moving towards fei, they hurried to stop others.

Fei also saw Long Hao trying to intercept those awakening realms, fei said "Leave them to me, just focus on those"

Hearing fei Asura dragon group frown but they got no choice but to follow.

"He dares to underestimate use. Go kill him." A boy who looks older than others shouted in anger towards fei.

Fei didn't rush instead let them come. In some breaths, two boys among all reached in front him, confronting him with their palm. This was palm was giving blood aura.

"Blood Crushing Palm"

Before even, they reached near fei. Fei curled his lips, clenched his fist, and shot a powerful punch. But this punch wasn't targeted to anyone instead a powerful demon phantom appeared above him. It summons had two arms and was launching a powerful punch by both of his hands.

"Bone Crushing Fist"

Blood Crushing Palm and Bone Crushing Fist collide creating crazy shockwaves and it didn't take long two boys fell on the ground with crushing defeat. Not only it defeats them but also break their entire bones in their bodies.

"What? Dare to beat our brothers. Kill him" Most senior one shouted in anger. His eyes were red and he had a small scar on his right eye. He felt he underestimated fei which caused the death of his brother. He was fuming in hatred. Not waiting for others to attack he got involve first.

"Martial Spirit Possession" Senior Boy shouted and wolf shape phantom appeared in his body. This show, a senior boy must be in the Third Stage of the Awakening realm. This is very hard at least not something fei could take lightly.

"Bronze Body" "Dragon Cells" shouted fei. He was very much aware of the current situation, so he didn't hold back his strength.

"Wolf Claws" Senior Boy shouted as his hands turned into claws of wolf pouncing towards fei.

"Steel Fist" "Mountain Breaking Fist" Fei shouted as his hands turned silver black and it was moving forwards like breaking everything in its path.

"Bang" "Boom" "Bang"

Claw and fist collide create shockwaves and dust all around. When dust rises, one-two figures flew away like a meteor falling in the ground but one of them was less injured. It was a senior boy.


Fei coughed blood from his mouth and uses his hand to clean blood stains near the side of his lower lip. Fei falls in deep thought at this moment 'When I play against blood controlling sect master son, neither his body was this strong nor he summoned his martial spirit. At that moment I thought he was too ignorant to use it on me but later I found, he simply wasn't able to awaken it. That's why he wanted to use the blood sacrifice method to awaken his martial spirit. Now, that I am facing against a person with the martial spirit it is bringing me too much of pressure'

'Should I also use my martial spirit?' Fei was in dilemma, but later on, decided not to use it.

"Dragon Elephant Phantom, Dragon Cells full awaken, Five Elements Physique" Fei activates his dragon elephant phantom as magic power follows throughout his body making his physical strength powerful. His endurance also increased causing him to use five of his dragon cells.

A black heavy sword appeared in his hand after the activation of his five elements physique turning all of his spiritual qi inside his dantian into five elements qi.

Seeing fei changes, a senior boy in martial possession form sneered "So you want all outs to fight then, I will give you one"

"Blood Control ten percent"

"Ravaging Wolf Fang"

With the sudden attack, the senior boy rushed at fei at his full speed. Fei also felt the horror of from opponent, he shouted "Berserk"

His strength, endurance, stamina, spiritual qi, everything he has doubled up. He finally used berserk, after all this was a powerful battle.

"Wind Wings"

Like a flying object, he rushed towards senior with his sword. Fei shouted "Moon Splitting Flame"

He slashed arc-shaped flames, striking against ravage wolf fang. It was made of both ice and flame concept. It freezes senior boy palm and burns his body but effect weren't powerful to kill him.

"Damn I won't lose. Blood control twenty percent" Senior Boy shouted loud, turning his blood control inside is a body double. His blood was fierce as well quick which made his body cells more active turning it into his strength.

"Wolf fighting tiger" senior boy shouted in loud as his fist turned into wild wolf punching towards fei. A wolf phantom appeared in front of his fist rushing towards fei.

"Sword Aura + Sun Breaking Ice" Fei also shouted and release his sword aura to extreme and slashed at the senior boy with his second attack.

His slash was covered in ice but it was red instead of white. Its power was very scary as it strikes against wolf phantom.


Sword slashes through that phantom, cutting through the martial spirit of a senior boy making him spitting blood from his chest.

"Whoosh" "Ding"

At that moment a sharp air cutting through the air slashes at fei. This was a surprising attack, fortunately, fei practiced Spirit Observation Art causing him to block that attack with his sword.

A person who attacks was a boy nearly same like a senior boy in red rope covering around his body, he was little surprised by fei blocking that attack as he sneered "You managed to block that attack but you will still die"

Fei also sees arrogance in enemy eyes. Fei felt disgusted on his enemy but he didn't show it instead asked "Who will kill me?"

"Me" Boy in red rope sneered. He moved little forward and slashed a powerful attack not even bothering to summon his martial spirit after all he was in martial spirit first stage.

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