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16.6% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 42: Five Elements Sect

Five Elements Sect - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 42 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 42: Five Elements Sect

"Well I don't know what is going to happen but hopefully it can help me solve this" Fei bet his next move on one point and fruit appeared in his hands. This was a fruit with some black stripes on it. It was gourd shape fruit with one small circle above the big circle.

Fei took it on his hands-on swallowed it in one gulp. But soon


"So horrible taste" Fei was scared the shit out because of its taste. But even if he spat some parts of it but effects were already started inside his body.

Slowly he got the name of a fruit known as Tremor Fruit which can create a vibration with a punch. It was a very powerful fruit if a person possesses enormous physical strength, they can even destroy the world.

After eating this fruit, its power merged with his blood creating half bloodline. Half Bloodline is an unawakening bloodline that can still show its power. Since he got this bloodline through fruit, then he wouldn't be able to awaken it.

But there is another condition to increase its power by eating other devil fruits, gaining different bloodlines, and merging them. This was the only way since the system cut off its curse so to nullify such a change system also cut off the awakening function of fruit.

But this doesn't mean anything to fei since it is just a tool for him after all he has a more powerful bloodline than such. Fei showed a smile and punched out with all of his strength.


Sword and Fist didn't even collide because the slash of the sword was blocked by air cracks. This was the power of vibration. Vibration on-air collides with a sword slash, destroying each other attack power.

"What?" A boy in red rope face turns gloomy; he was actually a handsome guy with small eyebrows, nose, and ears.

"How dare you block that attack?" The boy in red rope shouted in anger.

"So I should let you kill me," Fei said in disgust while taking his fist down.

"Humph! You pheasant should die" Boy in red rope took out another sword which was covered in talismans on its hilt. This was Spirit Ranked Weapon and high tier too. He slashed towards fei with all of his strength.

'Spirit Ranked Weapon' Fei was little hesitating whether to fight or not. He didn't look at the boy in red rope and shouted at Long Hao who was currently fighting the Blood Controlling Sect elder "Long Hao finishes it quick"

Long Hao was currently fighting elder and his hand was covered in dragon claw. When he heard fei he nodded and look signaled others. Long Hao retracted his claw and growls "Dragon Spirit"

Dragon Power revolves around his body and the same for others. They also activated their secret technique making them quite powerful for a short moment. The elder group did the same but when they had fought against each other, the Long Hao group started domination.

"Boy you are looking for death" Boy in red rope roared when fei ignored his attack and talk to others, he exerts all of his power of sword slash.

"You are the one looking for death" Fei coldly said and clenched his fist and take out the last of his cards.

"Three Spirit Elephants"

"Tremor Power + Hundred Dragons Fist: Five Dragons as One"

In front of the sword, five dragons emerge from the fei fist and merged as one. With white halo vibrating all around it and with the power of three spirit elephants from fei dantian, a powerful yellow dragon soared at the sword.

Vibration around it resolves sword slash countering each other. Only then pure yellow dragon opened its mouth attacking the boy in red rope separating his head from his body.

At this moment, the boy in red rope felt despair. He cried for help unfortunately no one was there to help him.


The headless body falls on the ground with blood spitting out of his body falling on the ground.

"No" At this moment blood controlling sect elder roared at fei but Long Hao blocked him.

"I will kill you all" Elder said in red eyes full of anger. He took out a pill and desperately attacks Long Hao.

"Demon Dragon Bloodline Burn" Long Hao felt a crisis in front of him and activated his bloodline. A creature with a snake-like body, tiger-like a claw, full of scales and red eyes like a demon, and wings like an eagle phantom emerged behind Long Hao.

"Demon Dragon Heaven Burning Fire" Long Hao condensed fire in his mouth and shoot at the elder in front of him. At that moment, the elder felt he made a mistake trying to kill such a person. He was shocked when he saw the dragon phantom. After all, the yellow dragon phantom was just a flood dragon with horns but the real dragon didn't have horns instead it had a powerful unique scale around its body.


Fire explodes and brings destruction around. This was horrifying power because, except the spatial ring and bones of the elder, nothing remained. Long Hao retracted his bloodline and at this moment three other explosions happen as well surrounding was covered in the murderous aura.

This was the activation of the dragon bloodline and asura bloodline. Long Hao and other Long people have the same bloodline and Zhang people also had the same i.e. Asura Bloodline.

Long Hao group uses a fire-based attack and the Zhang group uses a sword to cut their enemy heads.

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"Angry Buddha Exploding Spirit"

At the same time, fei had no sympathy for those who choose to kill him. Fei activated Star Core Flame and Dragon Flame and attacked.

Angry Buddha Exploding Spirit is a mini version of the Angry Buddha Exploding Spirit since the fire level was on spirit level so his explosion was not much powerful.

"Young master these are their spatial rings" Long Hao and others moved towards fei, handing him a spatial ring from these peoples.

Fei didn't look much, he directly accepted it and moved away from Bright Jade City but before moving he heard the scream of Fatty Lu.

"Brother Fei, you are amazing" Fatty Lu screamed towards fei running in front of him and shouting in his ear "Brother Fei, How did you become so strong? How did you kill Awakening Realm cultivator?"

Hearing such a question, fei rolled his eyes but Long Hao and their group felt the same. How could Fei be so powerful with just the first layer of soul refining stage but they didn't ask since fei wasn't answering.

"Okay let's move now" Fei didn't answer him, changing the topic.

Fatty Lu also felt something amiss but he didn't ask and walked away with fei.

In two days, they all recovered as well as reach the first city. They didn't intend to stay here but from here Asura Dragon group will be separated.

Inside a room, fei was sitting in a chair drinking wine in a jug. He looked at the Asura Dragon group and said "Okay now you all should leave and don't forget what I asked you to do"

"Yes, young master" All seven replied at once leaving the room.

After they left, fatty Lu entered the room shouting "Brother Fei, there are seven days before the Outer court competition. We should hurry up and reach sect"

"Well indeed we should leave soon" Fei also nodded his head and moved out with Fatty Lu.

They had determination in their eyes to enter the inner court.

Five Elements sect divided into four courts: Outer court, Inner court, Elder Court, and True Disciples court.

The outer court is the weakest and has the most number of disciples. They get fewer resources and attention from the sect.

The inner court is stronger than the outer court, getting a large number of resources and attention from the sect.

The elder court consists of elders of the inner court and outer court. These elders are powerful and only under True disciples, Great Elders, and Sect Master.

True Disciples are those disciples who are personally nurtured by Great elders and sect master. They get huge attention and resources from the sect. Of course, some true disciples in the sect don't receive teacher.

Except for court, the Five Elements sect is further divided into seven peaks. The first five peaks are Gold Peak, Fire Peak, Water Peak, Earth Peak, and Wind Peak respectively. The sixth peak is the No attribute peak where those with no attribute of five elements join and as per the seventh peak.

It is a little special, there are only three people in the sect who lived in the Five Elements peak. The first is the previous generation sect master, the second is an elder and the last one is the granddaughter of the previous sect master. But even if there are only three, nobody dares to do anything at that peak.

After all, this peak is the starting point of the Five Elements sect and also has the most powerful cultivation art on the five elements sect which is the Five Elements Art.

Fei and fatty Lu hurried to reach the five elements sect faster. They stop at a beautiful scene. There was the sun setting behind the seventh peak which was a big mountain peak, illuminating the whole peak, and other peaks too.

Fei was standing at the top of Small Mountain, where he was filled with emotions and couldn't help but shout "I'm back". Fortunately, there was no one to hear otherwise he would have been too embarrassed.

Fei looked back at fatty Lu who was watching fei, smiled and said "Let's go"

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