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19.31% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 49: Teddy Bear and Lollipop

Teddy Bear and Lollipop - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 49 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 49: Teddy Bear and Lollipop

If you temper your body with vitality then it would increase your life force. Lifeforce determines potential. Increased life force increases potential. Increasing potential means increasing talent.

Potential is very mysterious. It is hard to understand but there are one or two benefits of potential. Using potential, you can increase talent in areas like understanding marital arts and better sense to spiritual qi.

Sensing spiritual qi is very necessary if you do not have talent. If you can sense spiritual qi properly then you can attract them more with your cultivation art which increases cultivation speed.

Now that fei has tempered his body with thunder force, his cell pores are absorbing vitality. Although slowly but steadily. He is regaining his own stamina as well as increasing his life force. Lifeforce also means life span. Fei is increasing his own life span not by much but at least by some.

If this is really a pace for increasing life force then, he would increase 1 month of life span in two years.

Thunder force was blue thunder that was sparkling inside his body. Fei felt his body was constantly recovering and he needs to be in the best condition if he wanted to reach the top.

It has been three hours already, the first one to wake up was Zhao Guiren. He looked at other people who were immersed in cultivation. Then he looked at fei, his killing intent revealed. His anger was very high but he controlled himself and walk towards the top.

After one hour, Lei Gang and the bulky guy woke up. They looked at each other and started moving up. They saw Zhao was one step ahead. They inspire their secret technique and start walking. The bulky guy's forehead revealed a tiger mark. This tiger mark was green in color. As for Lei Gang, his body revolved thunder around him.

This thunder was pale purple in color. Even though they released their secret technique, the pressure was not something they could handle. So they could only walk a little slower than Zhao Guiren. As for Zhao Guiren, he himself has activated a secret art that made yellow fire burning around.

Fei and Yan Chufen were still immersed in recovering.

At this moment, Yan Chufen woke up. She looked at fei was still cultivating. She then released her secret. A tale that looked fluffy and smooth appeared in her back. Her ear also earned fluffy. Her charmed increased by double. When she walked, it was like seducing others.

Her speed was very speed compared to Zhao Guiren and others. She reached the same place as Zhao Guiren and others in no time. It felt like she was flying but her speed slows down when she and Zhao Guiren were on the same place.

They were at the 95th step. They sat down and start recovering.

While they were recovering on the 95th step, fei was still cultivating on the 90th step. Seeing no motion form him, many who were watching them start whispering.

"Hey, why that guy hasn't waked up?"

"Don't know, maybe that's his limit"

"Well he did reach 90th step with his cultivation"

"Yes most of us are four layers higher than him but still couldn't reach"

These were people who stuck below the 70th step. Their cultivation was soul refining the 5th layer but their foundation was too weak.

"Hmm! Is this really his realm?" Gray rope elder whispered with his curious face.

"Who knows?" Blue rope elder chuckled as her beautiful face showed a smile.

"Well let's watch" Silver rope elder nodded.

At this moment fei was still cultivating and he didn't notice the sensation he caused.

It has been more than six hours, he was still cultivating whereas others reached the 97th step.

"Let's go"

Finally, he opened his eyes and let a charming smile. He got up and saw others were already on the 97th step. He smiled and run a dragon elephant phantom in his dantian. His body overflowed with power. Then he starts walking.

His speed was so fast, within five breaths of time he reached the 91st step. Those who were watching him were dumbfounded. He didn't stop as he continued to walk. He reached the 92nd step in ten breaths of time. He continued walking when most of them accept reality, fei was already at the same step as others.

Yan Chufen was first to talk, she let seducing smile and said "Brother Xia, you are really a monster"

"Look who is talking" Fei looked at her tail and joked but he didn't realize his joke to change the current environment completely. He looked Yan Chufen was bursting in anger but didn't so it. Others also gave fei condolence. Only then he realized his joke was too bad.

No women are willing to call themselves monster, now fei called her which made her very sad.

Seeing her sad, fei hurriedly apologized "I'm sorry sister Yan, that not what I meant."

"No, you're right. I am indeed a monster" Yan Chufen look so sad, tears were already on her eyes.

"No, no you got me wrong. How can a beautiful lady like you be a monster although I looked at you I meant was him isn't it tiger dude" Fei hurriedly explained, he walked near the bulky guy warp his arm around that guy neck and like a friend he said. He looked at the bulky guy with pleading eyes.

Suddenly a bulky guy's face became awkward. He looked at fei then looked Yan Chufen. He suddenly the world was collapsing. He was a very honest guy, near lied once in his life. He is from a poor village. If it wasn't for his talent, he wouldn't be here. He didn't have any friends in the sect because of his incident in the village. He never lied whereas other lies. Whenever there is a mischievous accident, elders always asked him. He always replied with an honest answer. But because of this, he was beaten by many friends of his own village. He never beat weak whereas others always beat him. He was in dilemma right now. One hand, he never lied on another hand insect for the first time someone called him with such intimacy.

Seeing the bulky guy hesitant face, fei suddenly felt not good. The tear was almost out of Yan Chufen's eyes. However, at this moment, Lei Gang suddenly clasped his hand attracting other attention on him. He looked at fei then at Chufen and said "How can Brother Fei say a lie to such a beautiful girl like Miss Yan Chufen? He really said that to Gen Niu. I, Brother Fei, and Gen Niu are friends so most of the time brother fei also say monster to Gen Niu. This time his words were little faster than his eyes. Before he looked at Gen Niu, he said which Miss Yan mistake for herself."

Although fei and the bulky guy didn't understand why someone they didn't know about would help them they were very thankful to him. Both had gratitude on their eyes when they looked at him like a savior.

"Really" Yan Chufen tears were almost gone, she looked at fei with some anticipate answer. Fei immediately understood her and said, "Of course how can I call myself a man if I would say such words for you."

'You are clearly a boy' Both Lei Gang and Gen Niu made depressed expression when they think about fei words.

"But you made me cry, you have compensated" Yan Chufen was very happy when she heard fei words but she made an angry look on her face that almost look cute expression instead of an angry look.

Fei immediately understood her but couldn't decide what to give. Finally, he took out a teddy bear doll and handful of lollipops. When he took out such a thing, both boys tilt their heads with a confused expression. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But the expression on Yan Chufen was bright. Her eyes had starred as she looks at the teddy bear with a cute expression. She looked at fei and asked, "Is it really for me?"

"Yes it is fo" before he could finish his sentence, the teddy bear and lollipops disappeared from his hands. He only heard Yan Chufen words "So fluffy"

She didn't make them wait long as she asked "Brother Fei what is this?"

"This is a lollipop. You take out the white wrapper and put it on your mouth." Fei said.

"Okay" She took out the wrapper and put it on her mouth slowly sucking it. She had usual expression but she didn't know her expression made boys gulp saliva inside their mouth. When they saw her expression, they thought of something, and they face her red.

Lei Gang looked at fei and gives big thumbs up. Gen Niu didn't understand whereas Zhao was already walking on the 98th step.

Yan Chufen looked at their face then only understood. The lollipop taste was so good, she forgets her won expression. She didn't say anything her face turned red. She walked ahead of them, didn't have the courage to look on their face.

Fei and Lei Gang understood it, so they also made normal expression and walk forward. Those who were walking from down didn't understand what happened. They also made a confused expression.

Fei and other walked, when they reached the 98th step they turned their secret again.

Lei Gang activated Sword Intent. Gen Niu tiger mark on his head turned brighter. Yan Chufen grew a second tail. As for fei, he activated berserk.

As he directly activated berserk, expression thing in his body including magic power doubled.

Sabin_Subedi_Fei Sabin_Subedi_Fei

Everyone I really need your support, so please cheer me up with comments and review. If you don't understand, you can ask me. I'll answer it only if it won't reveal any spoiler. Support me with Power stone, I'll write more chapters for that support.

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