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17.87% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 45: Tempering body with flames

Tempering body with flames - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 45 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 45: Tempering body with flames

In a bed

Fei and Hao'er were sitting while looking at each other face. The room was completely silent until fei broke with a cough. "Hao'er, Today I want to ask you something"

'Say something, say. What does the young master want to say? Will he confess?' Hao'er face was blushing and her heart was pumping very fast. She was full of nervousness. She gathers her courage and asked, "What does young master want to ask?"

"Do you want to cultivate faster? This time I broke the seal in my dantian and my cultivation speed skyrocket. This is not a secret so I will say to you. I broke my seal four months ago but that lead me to fall back in my cultivation. I restarted my cultivation from four months ago and now my cultivation is already at soul refining realm. I know my cultivation speed so that's why I want to ask you. DO you want to cultivate faster?" Fei asked

Hao'er mood first blanked out then she tried to accept everything fei said. Finally, after a few breaths of time, she opens her mouth saying "Yes I want to cultivate faster." She had already guessed why fei would ask such a thing.

Fei wants her to cultivate faster because he wants her to stay together. She got very happy at first but also realize the seriousness of this matter. She could deduce fei cultivation will increase in terrifying speed from now so if she doesn't want to lack behind. She really needs to work hard.

Fei look at her then put his index finger on her forehead and transferred Dragon Elephant Swallowing the Heavens Art to her mind. Of course, this was due to system help. It took two hundred divine points to transferred whole art.

This art was very much faster if only resources are available and also needs a powerful bloodline to hold the speed of cultivation. Even if Hao'er doesn't possess a bloodline, fei already decided to find one for her.

At Hao'er side, she was very much shocked due to the vast of Dragon Elephant Swallowing the Heaven Art. If resources are available then there is no bottleneck, no foundation damaged the only problem is if she doesn't get a powerful bloodline to support her body then she won't be counted as a genius even if her speed is fast.

Like fei is a genius since he could fight level higher than him, not to mention a higher level even if it is the same then without proper martial arts she can't win. Also it higher the cultivation, powerful art is required so if she doesn't possess talent then she can't practice high-level art which is not good for her future.

But this is the only way she could walk with fei since his cultivation speed will only increase from now on.

"Young master this is very precious" Hao'er didn't praise instead couldn't accept such a precious gift.

"Okay, you just have to sign this" Fei said while taking out a contract. At first, she was confused and after reading the content, she was shocked as she looked at fei. Fei noticed her gaze and said "This will help you increase soul perception"

The reason why fei takes out the contract, not because he doesn't trust her instead this would increase her soul power which is directly related to her perception meaning she can practice high-level art with ease.

As for Hao'er, she didn't care about those rules, she would never betray him but she was shocked this could increase her soul. She was very happy. She smiled and said "Thank you, young master"

"Okay, you should go to your room and practice. Don't disturb me unless necessary" Fei shook his head as if he doesn't care and turn her away.

After she leaves, Fei appeared inside the pagoda.

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Fei walked into the first room and sat in the middle. There was no one in the first room. Little yan should be in the second room so he didn't check. He starts to ponder.

'Tremor fruit turn into semi bloodline, I can send tremor with each strike and it doesn't consume much but its attack power is to wild. It can not only affect enemies but also friends. I should use tremor fruit on war with the sword. It will be very effective so it's decided. But there still more concern.

I don't get any abilities from the Buddha bloodline, it is certainly a powerful bloodline but with no abilities. I need to do something about it. Also, my bloodline of five elements is just a spirit level with no abilities. I seriously need to reach the Awakening realm faster but within this outer court competition, I probably won't get many opportunities so let's wait until the competition finishes.

I also need to visit home and ask about my parents. My primary concern is how to increase my strength. Body tempering seems to be the best way. Don't know within these ten days inside the pagoda can I increase my strength.

Those body tempering arts won't work for now. I should focus on something different. Yeah, I have Star Core Flame Art which can help me create Flame Spirit Body and it also tempers my body very much. Previously I stopped using this art all the time since I required my own free time but now if I use it for ten days with two powerful flames. I probably can reach the Flame Spirit Body.'

With some decision, fei starts cultivation.

He runs chant of Star Core Flame Art in his mind and uses heavenly flames and green dragon flames all around his body.

Yellow Star Core Flame and Green Dragon Flame, first starts with his blood, they start burning his blood and healing it again and again. It not only burned but also healed. This was the magical effect of Star Core Flame Body Tempering Art.

But this process is very painful which is why fei didn't cultivate this art all the time. Even if fei was experienced in such pain, it still hurts a lot. Fei gritted his teeth, trying to swallow the pain. Every time blood burns, it hurts.

This process took two days to complete. After blood, it was bones, then muscles, then inner organs, meridians, finally whole body.

Yellow Star Core Flame burning intensity was very high much more than Green Dragon Flame. Since it was a Heavenly Flame, it was not only powerful but also corrosive.

Fortunately, for fei heavenly flame power was only on a spirit level. It is incomplete but instead sealed by the pagoda spirit. Pagoda Spirit is something fei discovered after swallowing flames. Pagoda spirit, for now, is very weak to appear but later on, by reaching level three, it can be completely recovered.

Pagoda Spirit was weak because it was sealed for many years. Otherwise, it might even awaken at first level. For now, fei has no time to think about it. Fei could only increase his cultivation. To challenge the second level, he must reach the Spiritual Sea realm.

Fei focused on tempering his body with flames. Not only is Flame Spirit Body was created but also his overall body was tempered. During this, he also uses Dragon Elephant Art to increase its level and now he is at peak of Dragon Elephant's first stage small accomplishment.

To breakthrough great accomplishment, it not only required tempering but also some materials. There were three materials required to reach great accomplishments. Required materials were Sun Essence Stone, Moon Essence Stone, and Star Essence Stone.

These are very precious at least in Zhen Qi dynasty fei hasn't heard. According to Dragon Elephant Art, a person needs to refine all three stones at the same time and creates powerful impact on body. The essence of these stones will mix with the dragon elephant phantom improving its power to another level.

It increases the magic power level and body strength. Unlike dragon cells which increase attack power, magic power tempers the body to increase stamina, endurance, and physical strength.

This is the main difference between Ancient Chaotic Dragon Transformation Art and other body tempering art. Ancient Chaotic Dragon Transformation Art only increases attack power, when it is completely merged it removed impact that the body has to bear but it doesn't increase physical strength.

This is the reason why fei practice Mountain and River Body Tempering Art. Nine Elephants Spirit Secret Art and Ancient Chaotic Dragon Transformation Art are closely linked. Both increase attack power on activation but unlike Ancient Chaotic Dragon Transformation Art, Nine Elephants Spirit Secret Art increases stamina, endurance, and physical strength on merging.

But fei isn't worried about it since he knows Ancient Chaotic Dragon Transformation Art and his bloodline are closely related to each other. Fei didn't much about it, since his body has got more powerful than the previous time.

His skin, muscles, bones, blood is tempered with the power of flames. This was quite a powerful effect. It took eight days to create the Flame Spirit's body and one extra day to get familiar with his new spiritual body. Body and Physique have little different meaning, physique needs to get activated by user will whereas the body would be activated every time. There will be no difference except all of his fire attack power will increase by three times and he doesn't need to waste stamina, unlike physique which required stamina to use. Flame Spirit Body means his whole body has become a fire which also increases his talent several times.

Sabin_Subedi_Fei Sabin_Subedi_Fei

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