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Fighting Mate Fighting Mate original

Fighting Mate

Author: Monachre

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Chapter 1: The Past Events

Little girl, little wolf,

Life's a fool, it's a bluff.

Don't get mad, just endure,

Silently, you'll suffer,

But just you wait, patiently,

There's a prize, endlessly.

I'm sorry for the curse,

To protect the ones you love,

For this world full of worst.

You're a warrior,

You're a queen.

An Alpha meant to be,

In your blood,

Revenge our tribe.

The Black Blood soon will rise,

Trust your instinct,

Find a cave.

There's a box, under the tree.

Deep in the ground, you'll find a key.

Follow the wisp, it's our folks.

Died in the hand of a faithless.

Once you find it,

your life will change.

Carrying a burden,

no one can break.

Be killed out of love,

Your mate can help thee.


The little girl look at her mom who is singing her a song every night in order for her to fall asleep, she has been getting nightmares instead of unicorns and rainbows in her dream for months nonstop and its taking a toll on the body of a four year old child. She will be constantly screaming in the middle of the night, waking up her parents as she went to them with tears on her cute little jade eyes. 

Tomorrow will be her fourth birthday and her parents prepare a big party for her and everyone they know are invited.

"Sleep now my little angel, you have a big day tomorrow and you need a lot of energy, so close that little eyes of your," her mom spoke in a soft tone and poke her child on the cheek as the little girl giggled. 

"Yes, mommy," the girl pull up her blanket up to her mouth as she close her eyes. Her mother caress her head and turn the lamp on in the bedside table, she kissed her forehead and walk away. She was about to turn off the lights but she turn around and look at her little angel once more, her heart aching at the thought that someone would hurt their only child. 

With a small smile, she turned off the lights and closes the door. After five minutes, the little girl peek through her right eye, seeing that her mother is no longer there, she pull down her blanket and slowly get off the bed, tip toeing towards her closet, she opened the door, making sure that it would not create any sound.

She shakes her hand in excitement upon seeing the gown that she'll gonna wear tomorrow. A pink glittery gown inspired by Aurora in the movie Sleeping Beauty is on the mannequin, showing how gorgeous the gown is.

"Wow," she whispered as the girl touch the cloth of the pink gown, she skips around it excitedly while touching the material. A few minutes past, she got tired and sits in front of the gown, admiring the sparkles surrounding it , at the top of the dress is a golden crown with a jade crystal in the middle, the color is similar to her eyes. The crown is bigger than her head as her parents told her that she will gonna wear it soon after she have grown up.

The little girl yawn sleepily and didn't realize that she have fallen asleep on the cold marble floor.


"Hmm," the little girl hummed as she felt something crawling on her right legs, disturbing her sleep, she tried to kick it but failed, with a heavy heart, she opened her eyes and saw that there's a black snake crawling at her legs with it's head facing her as it hissed.

"Wahhhh!!!" she screamed and without a thought, she kicked the snake multiple times until it was off her feet. The snake didn't harm her, instead it crawls away into the bushes. The girl curled up her legs which is soaked in mud, that's when she realized the difference in her surrounding. Tall trees surrounding her, covering up the light that the sun could give and the ground is muddy but what scared her the most is how hollow the place are, no one is around and the silence is making her insane. 

"Mom! Dad!" she yelled but no one respond, she could only her the echoes of her voice. Trembling, she tried to stand up but slipped due to how slippery the mud is. Holding her painful hip, a few tears left her eyes as she cried softly when she noticed a bluish light on her peripheral vision. Turning to the side, the girl saw a bluish wisp floating on the air and it seemed like it was calling for her. 

She was hesitant to approach the wisp as her parents told her not to follow strangers or any uncommon thing but she have no choice but to approach it as she has not seen any source of light nor living things except for that black snake. 

The wisp in circled around her a couple times which brings her mood up and giggled, the wisp then started getting away from her, "Nooo~," she wanted to stay with the wisp as it gives her a slight comfort but it went away. She chased it, not caring if it might take her somewhere.

"Come back," she called out to the wisp but it seemed like it didn't hear her, still moving on its own pace. The little girl is now tired from running and decided to sit down, her pajamas gets dirty by the mud she's sitting on. The wisp also stop moving and went up, lighting the surrounding that's when the girl saw a huge arc at the center of the big tree, the biggest tree she has ever laid her eyes on. 

Then the wisp went inside the arc, disappearing in the process, "Wait!" the girl called out but it was gown and now she once again felt all alone and cold. Looking at the arc again, she build up the courage and stands up, walking towards the arc, she extends her hands to feel her surrounding as the forest is surrounded by darkness. Her hand fill in contact with the tree and the blinding light appears.


"Eve! Eve! my angel!" Her mother shook her daughter's unconscious body laying on the floor. The girls eyes started to flickered open, upon seeing her mother's face, she can't help but cried and instantly hugged her mom tightly. 

"Mom, you're back," she cried on her shoulder as her mother pull her up, comforting her crying daughter.

"Shhh my angel, let's go," she whispered on her daughter's ears and went out of the room as they run towards the hallway. The girls eyes peek through her mom's shoulders and saw that the area is surrounded by thick smoke. She couched out and cover her nose to prevent the smoke from entering.

"Mommy, what's happening?" she asked but her mom didn't answer and continue running away.

"Everything will be okay my angel, it's gonna be okay," she caress her daughter's head to comfort her and buried her face on her neck as she didn't want her to see what's going on. 

The little girl didn't say anything but notice a red liquid tainting her mother's shining blonde hair, she touched it in curiosity but the liquid tainted her skin red too.

"Mom, there's a red stuff in your head," she whispered and show her hand which has a red liquid to her mom. Her mother quickly wipes away the blood in her daughter's hand.

"It's just a tomato sauce, angel," she smiled at her daughter and continue running until they arrived at the back door, kicking the door away, they run towards the forest.

Thick smell of blood reached the girls nose as she covered it with her hand, peeking through the side, she saw many bodies laying on the ground with the same red liquid that was in her mother's head and in the distance are some men fighting each other.

"Why are they covered in tomato sauce?" she asked her mother but she didn't reply back, she continued running faster towards the waterfalls.

When they reached the area, the mother look from side to side before jumping into the water, swimming towards where the water falls, she could feel the pressure hitting her head. When they passed it, there is a hollow place ahead of them.

The mother swims towards that place and carefully put her daughter there, "My angel, stay here for a while, I need to go back and fetch daddy so that we can swim all together here," the woman smiled widely as she touched her daughter's soft pinkish cheeks.

"Mommy, I'm scared, please don't leave me, let me come with you," the little girl pouts and holds her mother's hands. The woman forced herself not to cry in front of her daughter. She patted her daughters head, pulling her towards her and kissed her forehead.

"Don't be scared my angel, I'll be back with your daddy with me so that we can play here all day," her mother spoke softly with a smile but he eyes show sadness that the girl couldn't understand.

"Okay," the girl pouts and release her mother's hand. The woman takes off the bag she's carrying and gives it to the girl.

"Here is your bag, it contains some foods and toys," she caress her daughter's cheeks again, a single tear dropped from her eyes, "just remember that we love you so much," she kissed her daughters forehead again and with a heavy heart, she swims away, tearing her eyes from her daughter. 

The little girl look sadly as her mom went away, she looks back at the cave as chills went up to her spine, she went to the side and opened her waterproof bag. 

"Oh, lollipop!" she exclaimed happily as she unwrapped it and put the lollipop on her mouth, tasting the sweetness it gives to her taste buds. A cold wind comes from the back went pass her as she shivered then suddenly, she felt sleepy and unconsciously laid down on the cold floor, before she completely drifted to sleep, she saw a woman's body walking towards her.

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