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4% Fire Bride of the Water God / Chapter 1: I'm a World Class Swimmer

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Fire Bride of the Water God original

Fire Bride of the Water God

Author: Light_ray

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Chapter 1: I'm a World Class Swimmer

A 19 year old girl was walking on the swimming platform after swimming for two rounds. She wrapped up a towel around her and then rested herself for a few minutes when the coach, Chan Juan came there.

"Ying Yue, I have observed that you're not doing enough practice for the upcoming Swimming Championship. 128 contestants are participating and believe me they all have a level. So, you should do some more practice or else-"

Ying Yue cut Chan Juan's words. "Coach, I've won 100s of championships that too Gold since the age of 13. So it's like it is embedded in my blood that I'm a born champion.

You always used to say this. Moreover it's a regular Championship event which isn't going to be that tough so don't worry because this time I'll again win a gold." Ying Yue assured her.

"Well, it's true you're a born champion but you should prepare a little extra this time because the championship is going to be tough." Chan Juan said when An Ying got up.

"Coach, I'm leaving. I think I'll be late tomorrow as my family has organized a party and it will get late," Ying Yue stressed her last words.

"Okay. Your manager is waiting for you in the lobby. After today I'm going to be strict on you." Chan Juan said in a commanding tone. Ying Yue smiled and left from there.

After dressing up in the dressing room she met with her manager, Bingqing. "I told you many times to not to put that cheap jacket on. You're the manager of An Ying Yue who is the world class Swimmer," muttered Ying Yue while walking through the parking lot.

"Ying Yue, I love this jacket because it was my first ever gift from you. So it's precious to me. It's not that cheap, you know," said Bingqing. They reached near their SUV. Bingqing opened the door for Ying Yue and told her to get in.

After that she quickly went to the other side, sat on the driver's seat. "Put on your seatbelt," stated Bingqing while adjusting the front mirror and then rear view mirror. Ying Yue did so and then they left from there.

Reaching the Mansion, Ying Yue asked Bingqing to come inside and attend the party but she denied and left saying that her husband is waiting for her. Ying Yue thanked her and went inside the mansion. As she was climbing the stairs her elder brother stopped her.

"Ying Yue, why are you here? What about your practice session for the upcoming championship?" Inquired her elder brother, Zhang Wei.

This infuriated Ying Yue. She turned to him and snapped angrily at him. "I didn't ask you what I should do and what I shouldn't. Unlike you I am not growing up on dad's money."

"Yue, what has happened to you? He was just asking you in general because he wants you to be successful," said Huifen, wife of Zhang Wei. Ying Yue didn't say anything and went towards her room.

"Mom- dad has spoiled her, especially dad," muttered Ethan Luo, the second brother.

"True. Well, there are still many preparations we have to do for the evening party so I'm going to the garden." Saying this, Huifen left from there.

Ying Yue, after freshening up, dressed up for the party when her father, Dao Wengfen came there. Seeing her dad, Ying Yue smiled and told him to sit.

Weng Fen sat on the couch there and started talking with her. "You are coming here after a month. I think the coach is giving you a hard time," said Dao Weng with worry.

"Nope. My coach is a really the cool type. Sorry for not coming here frequently but after the championship is over, I'll take a long holiday trip," said An Ying excitedly.

"Okay. The party is going to start soon so let's go. Your brother has really done well in business this time. The profits and investments have boosted up many folds." Dao Weng said with pride and got up from the sofa.

Ying Yue agreed with him after which they left for the garden where the celebrations were taking place. Ying Yue met with many of his father's friends and was fully engaged in the party.

After the party was over she went to her room and dozed off in her party clothes since she was too tired. The phone call in the early morning was the one that disturbed her sleep. She answered the call with her eyes still closed.

"Um..hmm...what?" Exclaimed An Ying and immediately got up, sitting on the bed. She ran her fingers through her hair and said, "I'm coming in a while." Jumping out of the bed she went inside the washroom to freshen up and after 30 minutes got ready to leave for the academy.

She came running downstairs when her second brother, Ethan noticed her. "Oh sister! Walk slowly else you'll end up hurting," said Ethan with a smile. "But wait a second, it's surprising you to see wake up this early after the night party," muttered Ethan.

"I'll talk with you later. Where's dad?" Inquired Ying Yue when Dao Weng came there from the garden.

"An Ying, what happened? You should've taken some rest," said Dao Weng.

"Dad, I wanted to but my upcoming championship date is shifted. It's like it was a sudden decision and it's after a week. So, I have to leave. Tell Mom that I'll see her on the competition day," said Ying Yue with a slight smile on her lips.

"Practice hard. I heard the championship is going to be tough," muttered Ethan.

"Don't worry. My daughter will defeat everyone there. Go and work hard. We all are with you," Dao Weng encouraged her. Giving him a side hug she walked out from there. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-world-class-swimmer_49886571092041253">;m-a-world-class-swimmer_49886571092041253</a> for visiting.

"Dad, your love has spoiled her. Have you ever noticed that?" questioned Ethan.

"You always say this. She's the youngest kid of mine that's why I'm attached to her," stated Dao Weng, patting Ethan's shoulder.


In the car, Ying Yue was talking with her coach while Bingqing was driving the car at a high speed. Putting the phone in her pocket, Ying Yue looked at Bingqing.

"What happened? What did the coach say?" Asked Bingqing while her eyes were fixed on the road.

"It's next week. I don't know why the coach is more nervous than me. She's irritating me. It's like I've gone through so many contests and won each of them spendidly. Why is she panicking," muttered Ying Yue in anger.

"Calm down, Ying. She cares for you and wants you to win. Don't stress yourself on this thing," said Bingqing and again increased the speed a bit.

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