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12% Fire Bride of the Water God / Chapter 3: Waking up in a strange place!

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Chapter 3: Waking up in a strange place!

An Ying Yue woke up due the sudden jerk she felt when she jumped from the 72 storey Building. She gradually opened her eyelids and tried to recollect everything in her mind.

"Miss has woken up- miss has woken up." Ying Yue heard the whispers. She was looking towards the ceiling and found it strange. Her head was aching and she felt her body had weakened. She was lost in her own thoughts when she felt a pointed needle on her arm.

"Ahh," Ying Yue passed a low scream and gradually turned her head to see who was touching her arm. To her surprise there were people but all were wearing some traditional clothes. In front of her was sitting quite an old man with long white hair and white beard.

"Who are you?" Muttered Ying Yue and took her arm back but the old man didn't let her go.

"Miss, don't move." Said a girl of the same age or even less than Ying Yue's age. Ying Yue got confused seeing all these things. Looking around she found she is in quite a large chamber. The white and pink curtains were hanging equidistant on the right and left side of her bed.

"Leave my arm," muttered Ying Yue and jerked off her arm from the old man's grip. She got up from the support of her elbows. "Miss, what are you doing? You should-"

"What weird clothes are you all wearing? Where's mom- dad?" Ying Yue asked and got down the bed when she felt a heavy pain in her head. She fell back but held the wooden bar hanging vertically on the bedside.

The old man got up and opened his mouth to speak. "Miss! You shouldn't stress your body. You fell from such a huge height but luckily you're saved. Don't be too harsh on your body." The old man advised.

"I don't want to hear old man's talk. Where's my family?" Questioned Ying Yue angrily, looking at the girl who was in front of her. The other ladies behind her were standing with slightly bowing heads.

"Family? Miss, they have gone for a trip. They will return as soon as possible as the message was being sent to them," answered the girl named Bao Li.

"Trip? I indeed talked with dad about a trip but…" Ying Yue was in utter confusion when the old man said, "Miss, please be seated on the bed. I've to treat you or else it will be harmful for your body."

"I jumped from that building and nothing happened to my body. Isn't this strange? I don't know where I've been taken to where people are of such weird kinds. I think I should wait for my family. Only then I can know what's going on," thought Ying Yue and sat on the bed.

The old man started his treatment on her. "Hey! What are you doing? Why are you inserting these needles? Are you supposed to use these medical instruments"? Inquired Ying Yue.

"Miss, what is wrong with you? Why are you behaving this way? You never spoke like this," stated Bao Li with a confused look.

"I think Miss has injured her head," said the old man and inserted the pointed needles in her arm's acupuncture points. Bao Li helped Ying Yue in lying down on the bed. She had already fallen asleep since the old man used his eternal power to make her sleep.

Ying Yue woke up again but in the evening. She found a soothing touch on her forehead. Gradually opening her eyes she found a beautiful woman caressing her forehead. "Yue, you're awake finally." Said the woman in the most charming tone Ying Yue ever heard in her lifetime. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_49910521977169007">!_49910521977169007</a> for visiting.

"How's my daughter?" Inquired a man who has slight white hair, wearing red coloured clothes with golden embroidery on it.

Ying Yue again tried to understand the situation. The old man checked Ying Yue's pulse and said, "Miss is alright but she needs rest as her inner powers have weakened."

"Powers?" Murmured Ying Yue. "Where's my mother and father, elder brothers and sister in law? Who are you all? Step aside," muttered Ying Yue, throwing away the woman's hand from her forehead.

They all looked at her worriedly. Mofeng Huo, the leader of the Huo sect, father of Ying Yue, spoke. "What has happened to our daughter? Why isn't she recognizing us?" Asked Mofeng in an angry tone.

"Ying Yue, I'm your mother, Dongmei. This is your father, Mofeng Huo." Dongmei tried explaining Ying Yue.

"Master, I think Miss Yue has lost her memories due to falling from such a huge height. She needs to rest and she shouldn't stress herself like she is doing right now," stated the old man.

"I've not lost any kind of memory. This oldie is mad and so are all of you. Where's my mom, dad, my elder brothers? Stay back...I'll look for them myself," muttered Ying Yue and got up from the bed.

"Yue, what are you doing? You need rest," Dongmei politely said with worry. "Master Huo, please say something to our daughter. See how she is behaving." Dongmei's voice broke in sorrow.

The servants tried to stop Ying Yue but she only pushed them away. She ran outside and kept running. "What kind of place I've entered? I don't know if this is a dream or-" Ying Yue stopped as she saw a huge garden in front of her. There was also a picturesque great mountain.

Ying Yue couldn't believe her eyes. "Where am I? What is this strange place?" Thought Ying Yue. Bao Li and other servants came running there and then Bao Li lightly grabbed Ying Yue's arms.

"Miss, let's go back to your chamber. You're not completely healed." Bao Li said worriedly.

"What is this place? I jumped from the building- then- wait, did you all kidnap me?" Asked Ying Yue suspiciously.

"Kidnap? Miss, what are you saying? Don't stress your mind too much. Let's go," Bao Li stressed in her words. Ying Yue jerked off her hands from Bao Li grip and thought to run when she felt a light slap on her back, thus losing her consciousness.

It was her elder brother, Fai Daisung. He has long black hair and was wearing light blue coloured robes with white stripes on it. Daisung caught Ying Yue and then took her inside her chamber.

Seeing Daisung, Mofeng became happy but at the same time worried for her daughter, Ying Yue's situation. Daisung carried Ying Yue to the bed so that she could take some rest.

"What happened to her? I heard she was screaming. This was the first time I saw my sister like this," Daisung said with concern. Dongmei narrated the entire incident to him.

"What? Bao Li, how could you be so irresponsible? Now she has lost her memories. Be thankful to God nothing has happened to her or else-" saying this Daisung stopped.

"Please don't create any kind of noise. Let her sleep for a while," suggested the old man. They all nodded and left from there except Dongmei who stayed there.


In the night Ying Yue woke up and she found Dongmei was sitting right next to her. Ying Yue felt a dull pain in her head which is why Dongmei told her to lay down.

"I was outside when someone hit me from the back and then-" murmured Ying Yue.

Dongmei put her hand on Ying Yue's forehead and said, "Don't stress yourself. It was your elder brother." Seeing the watery eyes of the woman in front of her, Ying Yue decided not to say anything else.

After a while she said, "I am hungry."

Dongmei told Bao Li to bring the food for Ying Yue. She then helped her in getting up. "Are you feeling better now?" Asked Dongmei in her soft tone.

"Yes," replied Ying Yue. Bao Li came there with three servants and told them to put the trays on the table over there. The servants did so and left the room. Dongmei then helped Ying Yue to eat her food.

"It's delicious," said Ying Yue and she demanded for more. Dongmei smiled seeing her daughter eat more. She served her more food and told her to eat slowly. Ying Yue for a second felt a tinge of her mother's love in Dongmei.

After she was done eating she turned to Dongmei. "Mom- I mean mother, you should take rest too. I'm good now. And Bao Li is here so there will be no problem," stated Ying Yue with a smile.

"No, I will sleep here. I can't leave you even for a second until you are fine." Dongmei said with care.

"Mother, you should leave. I just need some more sleep. In the morning I'll talk with you and father. Go and have some rest," Ying Yue stressed her words. Dongmei agreed after Ying Yue kept persuading her. She told Bao Li and other servants to look after Ying Yue.

"Don't worry, mother. You shouldn't worry about me," said Ying Yue with a smile. Dongmei planted a soft kiss on Ying Yue's forehead before she left from there.

Bao Li came forward and helped Ying Yue to lie down on the bed. Ying Yue thanked her. "I've to run away from this strange place in the early morning." Thought Ying Yue with utmost determination.

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