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100% First Love “In love with a playboy” / Chapter 35: An another side of Evan

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Chapter 35: An another side of Evan

Even though all the incidents that took place on Alora's birthday eve somewhat ruined their happy family time and put their life at stake, yet a lot of hidden facts related to the past came to light by clearing the dark clouds surrounding the truth related to her life and she got to know about Evan much better than she used to know him and also Evan turned out to be a good person than she thought him to be.

Meanwhile, Merry who went to search for Evan found him sitting on one of the benches of their garden alone while being lost in his thoughts.

"Evan, what are you doing here alone???", said Merry while walking towards him from behind.

"Oh... aunt Merry, what are you doing here??? I was just having fresh air.", said Evan in a shaky voice while trying to hide his sadness.

Merry could understand him and the situation he was in and said while sitting next to him, "Evan, you know that whatever happened in that year was not your fault. You have been hiding away from Alora for years because of this. Stop making yourself suffer, my child. Don't punish yourself for something that you never did."

"Aunt Merry, even if I let go of the past, how am I going to explain whatever happened today??? I am feeling like I am the jinx to Alora. Whenever I am around her or whenever I try to get closer to her something bad always happens to her. Years ago on this same day, she got hurt and after serval years later on the same day, she got hurt once again. When these both incidents took place I was always around her. Aunt Merry, I am the jinx that brings trouble to little Alora whenever I try to approach her.", said Evan in a painful shuttered shaky voice.

"No, my child. It's not true. Look at Alora. You brought her back with you, safe and sound. So, stop accusing yourself.", said Merry while hugging Evan and patting his back.

"But aunt Merry, I have decided to stay away from Alora and protect her silently. After today I will never get closer to her and stay as far as I can.", said Evan while releasing Merry from his embrace and wiping his tears secretly without letting her notice them.

"Evan, what are you saying??? Are out of mind??? After years you two have met each other and everything seems okay between you two. Why are you stepping back at this time???", said Merry.

"I don't have any choice, aunt Merry. From that year to now every second every moment I have been living with the guilt that I couldn't save her. My friends and family tried to convince me a lot of times but still, I couldn't let this feeling get away from me for a second. And today once again the past repeated itself but still, I failed to protect her. I failed to bring her without causing any harm to her.", said Evan in a voice full of guilt and pain

"Evan, you brought her alive from them. Don't you think that is enough??? The wounds on her body are just blue patches, skin scratches and bruises which will recover in no time even without leaving a single scar. They are hyenas, Evan. At least, you could bring her alive from the den of hyenas. Today you successfully saved my child's life and brought her to me and I am grateful to you and also I feel proud of you.", said Merry while holding Evan's hands.

"But, aunt Merry...", said Evan hesitantly.

"I am her mother. I know that I didn't give birth to her. But I am the one who raised her from when she was just a baby. I know what is good for my child. Do you think that as a mother if I felt that you are the reason which is why she is getting hurt, again and again, then I would allow you to be around her or ask you not to be guilty???", said Merry while wiping her tears in a serious voice.

"I know that, aunt Merry. But still...", said Evan in a shaky low voice while looking at her helplessly having no words to put forward.

"Don't you love her???", said Merry in a serious voice while looking at him.

Evan's eyes widened to hear her words in the shock and he gulped anxiously but then he immediately changed his expression while looking away from her, "Aunt Merry... you have mistaken. There is nothing like that."

"Evan, you are still too younger to hide your feelings, my son. I have seen unconditional love for her in your eyes. Your every action ever since we came here has cleared my doubt into a reality. Is this how you are going to love her??? Is your love for her this much weak??? If you dare to tell me that you don't love her by looking at my eyes, I will believe your words.", said Merry in a serious voice while making Evan face to her and looking deep down into his eyes.

"I can't aunt Merry. I accept that I love her. I truly love her but still, you know that we can't be together with each other. She will never love me and my love for her always be remained one-sided. So, I promise you that I will protect her from far but I will never going to get closer to her.", said Evan while holding Merry's hands that were wrapped around his face and looking into her eyes. Tears were falling from his eyes which was expressing his helplessness.

"Evan, my boy, I am not forcing you to be with her. I know that love is something that needs two people's willingness. And we don't know whether Alora will love you or someone else in the future. But still, I am just asking you not to waste your youth. If you keep yourself away from her, how will you know whether she will love you or not??? Even if you are not lovers still you guys are family. Please, don't push yourself to the corner, Evan. Don't live in that guilt anymore which was not even your fault at all. Please, Evan, give yourself one more chance. Don't shut down yourself in the corner again. Is it Alora's fault that caused you to feel guilty??? Do you blame her for it???", said Merry while putting her hand on his shoulder.

"No, aunt Merry. Not at all.", said Evan in a serious voice.

"See, then don't you think that Alora deserves your company??? Don't you think that she deserves your care??? Don't you think that she also should get a chance to spend some quality time with you??? If not as a lover then as a caring cousin, give it a try, Evan...", said Merry in a gentle voice and Evan nodded his head to her words.

"Then promise me that from today onwards you are not going to distance yourself from her. You are going to take care of her by being next to her. Whether she loves you or not you are going to be with her side while protecting her. I know that I am being cruel to you but as a mother, I need both of yours wellbeing.", said Merry hugging Evan.

"No, aunt Merry. You are not being cruel to me but you are giving me a new reason to live. I promise that I will protect Alora even with the cost of my life. I will always be with her. Whether she loves me or not I will always love her. If she chooses to be with someone, I will help her and get that person for her. I will always support her and try my best to keep her safe by being next to her or if it is necessary then by being far away from her. I promise you aunt Merry that I will accompany Alora till my last breath. I won't let her get hurt. I will keep her safe. I promise you, aunt Merry.", said Evan while hugging Merry and tears were falling from both of their eyes.

"Ok then, your mission starts from tomorrow. As your ex-lover, I will give my daughter's responsibility to you. Now let's go to her. She is searching for you.", said Merry while wiping Evan's tears with a smile where her eyes were still full of tears.

"Ok, my princess. But it was you who left me in the past for uncle Johnathan but now it seems like Alora will also leave me for someone else.", said Evan while wiping her tears with a smile.

"Evan, you naughty boy...", said Merry while pulling his ear happily.

"Let's go then.", added Merry while holding his hand.

"Ding... Ding...", Evan's phone rang with a push notification by receiving a massage.

"Aunt Merry, please, wait a minute. I got to see this. It's the footage from the mansion.", said Evan while hurriedly unlocking his phone and downloading the video.

"Can I see it too??", asked Merry curiously.

"Sure, let's see it together.", said Evan with a smile and both of them sat down on one of the benches of their garden.

Evan played the video and both of them got to see about how the intruders' team with five members bullied Alora and caused her to get hurt.

"Damn it. Those animals...", said Evan in a voice full of anger.

"My poor child...", said Merry in a frustrated voice while clenching her fists.

"Aunt Merry, give me second.", said Evan while getting up from where he was sitting and calling his one of the guards.

"Are the ones from this video still there among the intruders we got hold of alive??? Ok then, separate them from others and keep them somewhere from where the rest of the other intruders can see them well too. I am heading to the headquarters in a few minutes.", said Evan in an aggregated voice.

"I am sorry, aunt Merry. I can't go with you to meet Alora. I got to go to headquarters. Tell her that I will meet her after coming back from there.", said Evan while rushing from there.

"Ok, Evan but be safe and come back soon.", said Merry while standing from where she was sitting by watching Evan going.

Afterwards, Evan rushed to the headquarters of TTS by driving his car where Merry headed back to the Alora's room where everyone was busy having snacks while waiting for her and Evan.

"Mama, you are finally back. Where were you??? Where is Evan???", said Alora happily while busy having snacks and peeping Merry's behind to see Evan.

"I was in the garden with Evan.", said Merry with a smile when Reo and Selina were worriedly looking at her while asking her about Evan by hinting.

Merry assured them that he was fine by nodding her head while blinking her eyes gently one time which made Reo and Selina rest assured.

"But mama, where is Evan??? Why is he not coming???", said Alora restlessly.

"My dear, he has gone to the headquarters of TTS to handle some business. Actually, I got to tell you something.", said Merry with a smile.

"But mama, why???", said Alora worriedly.

"Actually they got the footages of the spy cameras from the mansion. Evan showed me a piece of footage from them about who bullied Alora. Maybe he went there to check them on.", said Merry while sitting next to Alora.

"That sounds good.", the rest of them said while Alora freaked out like a cat who witnessed the water before taking a bath by saying, "What??? He went there to deal with them??? No way. Mama, why did you let him go???"

"What's wrong, my dear??? Why are you being so worried???", said Merry while creasing Alora's hair.

"Yes, baby girl. Don't worry. He will come back soon.", said Selina with a smile.

"No, you all are not getting me. He shouldn't have gone there. Trust me.", said Alora restlessly.

"Little princess, but what happened???", said Johnathan worriedly because it was the first time for him to see Alora so restless like a cat having a bath.

"Papa, Evan is injured badly. He needs rest. We should call him back.", said Alora worriedly while holding Johnathan's hands.

"But, baby Alora, he has only got a small scratch on his one cheekbone. He can manage it. It's not a big deal for him. Moreover, he doesn't feel the pain like us even the wounds is larger and now it's such a tiny wound. So, he will manage it.", said Reo happily.

"No, it's not. Evan's whole body is full of cut wounds. I saw it with my own eyes. His back has got a big cut. His both arms have deep cut wounds. His one-shoulder has a deep cut wound and his chest area and the other shoulder are full with slight cut wounds. His shirt, overcoat and his coat, all of them were thorn or sliced because of cuts. I don't know how many blue patches and bruises he has been hiding under his clothes. The wounds are so deep and I got to see them because they were visible due to his shirt and waistcoat were damaged badly and he had to throw away his coat that he was wearing during the party which was damaged completely.", said Alora worriedly.

"What??? But none of us saw them.", said four of them together while freaking out.

"He wasn't wearing that long coat when we were in that mansion. He wore it while coming here. He didn't want to make you guys worried. That's why he is hiding his wounds. Please bring him back home. He is badly injured.", said Alora by looking at them while her eyes were full of tears.

"Oh no!!! This is not good. Let me contact him. Reo you guys try to contact the headquarters.", said Johnathan while taking out his phone.

"Reo, our son...", said Selina while holding Reo's arm worriedly.

"Don't worry. He is a strong boy. He will be fine.", said Reo while patting Selina's hand that was holding onto his arm by trying to be normal without showing his being worried in front of her as it would make her tensed more.

After trying to call him for serval time Johnathan failed to contact Evan where Reo only could get to know by contacting his men in the headquarters that Evan had reached the headquarters and was in the enquiry room where none was allowed to enter.

"They are saying that he is in the enquiry room and can't attend to the calls or none is allowed to enter. This boy... He never takes care of himself and always puts responsibilities ahead of his life.", said Reo worriedly while knocking his forehead with his phone.

"No, we can't give up like this. I will go to him.", said Alora worriedly.

"But Alora, it's not safe. We will come with you.", said all of them together.

"No, none of you are coming with me. Please stay home. I will bring him back with me.", said Alora in a serious voice where her voice was still shaky and shuttering by worrying about Evan while looking at them.

"But Alora...", they said while hesitating.

"Please, trust me. I won't go there alone. I will take the guards with me. Don't worry.", said Alora while holding their hands.

"Fine, but promise to be careful.", said Johnathan while patting her head.

"Be safe, my dear.", said Merry while hugging her.

"Ok then, bye. See you all in a while.", said Alora rushing out of the room where Reo and Selina were standing like spectators by being shocked at the behaviour of Johnathan and Merry.

"Are you guys out of your mind???", said Reo and Selina while giving them the serious expression.

"Don't worry guys. She will be fine. Let her go. This is the first time she took the initiative to approach Evan by herself in all these years. Don't you think that things are returning to the place where it should be??? This is a good sign.", said both Merry and Johnathan happily while Reo and Selina nodded to them happily.

Afterwards, Alora went to the headquarters of TTS by taking two guards with her where one drove the car and other was guarding her.

On the way, she called Bai Shenger to inform her arrival to the headquarters whose phone number she got during the catch up with Evan's friends at the party along with the rest of them.

After a few minutes of her contacting Bai Shenger, Alora reached to the headquarters and she got to see that Bai Shenger and Tang Shi were waiting for her in the entrance.

"Little Alora, why did you come here all of a sudden???", said Tang Shi worriedly.

"Little Alora, why were you sounding so worried during the call??? And you seemed to be not in a good shape too.", said Bai Shenger worriedly while holding her hands.

"First, let her come in. Will you guys want to talk while standing there???", said Jincheng while heading towards them by stepping out from the inside.

"Oh... yeah. Let's go inside.", said Bai Shenger and Tang Shi while taking Alora inside the headquarters.

The building of the headquarters seemed to look like any other normal high-class office building from both inside and the outside along with its 20th to 25th-floors.

"See, who we have today... Little Alora, are you feeling alright now???", said Charles while heading there with excited and happy Feng Yiyi to see Alora.

"I am doing good but please can you tell me where is Evan???", said Alora with a forced smile by trying to hide her worries.

"But dear Alora, Evan won't be available for sometimes as he is little busy.", said Feng Yiyi happily.

"Oh my God!!! Alora, you are here. Why are you standing there??? Guys let her sit. Don't you know that she got injured and not in a good health???", said Qingcheng while rushing to her and hugging her and then taking her to take a seat.

"Please, sis Qingcheng, I want to meet Even right now. Please take me to him.", said Alora restlessly.

"What happened??? Little Alora, why are you seemed to be scared and worried???", said Bai Shenger while moving Alora's hair away from her neck.

"Oh my God!!! How did this happen???", said all of them together shockingly and worriedly by seeing the dark blue-violet finger marks around her neck.

"Guys, not only her neck, Look at little Alora's both wrists and arms.", said Feng Yiyi being more worried while rest of them worriedly examed over Alora immediately.

"These were caused by one of those intruders' teams to scare me. That's it. I am totally fine now. But please. I want to meet Evan.", said Alora while covering her neck with the help of her hair.

"No doubt that Evan wanted the security footages from the mansion so badly and right after watching it, he rushed here in such a bad mood. Then he headed to deal with them alone without allowing any of us or any guards in there.", said Jincheng while holding his chin.

"It's all because little Alora got hurt. I don't know what he is doing to those intruders...", said Charles worriedly.

"What are you saying, brother Charles??? What is he doing there??? What does brother Jinchen mean by he is alone there??? Please, tell me. What's going on???", said Alora worriedly.

"Jincheng is right, Alora. Evan wanted to deal with them alone. So, since the moment he has arrived to the headquarters he didn't let any of us accompany him. And it was said by him that no matter what none of us is going to go there until he comes back by dealing with those intruders.", said Bai Shenger while trying to calm Alora down.

"And little Alora, you know what methods one usually use to deal with those types of intruders.", said Lu Ran with an evil smirk.

"Obviously, the language of violence...Hahaha...", said Nianhua while wrapping his hand around Lu Ran's neck and messing his hair.

"What??? But how can he go alone??? Please, just take me there. I want to take him home with me.", said Alora worriedly while freaking out.

"Don't worry, Alora. Leave him alone. He will be back after he is done with his work.", said Tang Shi with a smile.

"No way. Why can't you guys understand it??? We can't leave him alone there. Evan is not fine at all. I have to bring him home with me. He is badly wounded. Please, just take me to him. I am the one who is responsible for this whole mess. It's all because of me." Alora shouted out in a voice full of worries while breaking into tears helplessly that she was trying to hide from the beginning.

"What???", said all of them while freaking out.

"Yes, he has so many deep cut wounds all over his body but he is hiding them under his that stupid leather long coat. He is hiding his pain. Please, let me take him with me. He needs treatment. Please...", said Alora while wiping her tears and holding Bai Shenger's hands who was trying to console crying Alora with others.

"This brat... How dare he to hide his wounds...", said Bai Shenger while side hugging Alora.

"But, bae, now the issue is how to take him out from there. After all, you know, what he is doing and moreover where he is.", said Tang Shi worriedly while standing next to Bai Shenger.

"Isn't he here in the headquarter??? ", said Alora worriedly.

"Yes, he is. But little Alora, the place where Evan is right now is somewhere usually none of us are allowed to go without any necessity. And today he has already forbidden us. Moreover, uncle Reo also doesn't have the access to there until Evan himself allow him to go there.", said Qingcheng.

"What??? But still can't we give it a try???", said Alora worriedly.

"We can. Today's matter is different. We can't take any risk with Evan's life. We have to help little Alora.", said Charles who was being silent for a while where rest of them were looking at him shockingly as if he had mentioned a name of seven forbidden sins.

"Ok, fine. We will give it a try. But baby Alora, we can only take you there and the rest you will have to handle it.", said Bai Shenger and everyone nodded to her words.

"No problem. I will manage it. Just take me to him.", said Alora in a serious voice and the rest of them agreed to her words by nodding there heads.

Alora could see that there was a strange kind of anxiety or fear or worries written on their faces from the moment they agreed to take her to Evan.

Afterwards, Bai Shenger and Tang Shi accompanied Alora to meet Evan where the rest of them returned back to do their respective tasks but all of them had a hidden worriedness on their face.

Bai Shenger and Tang Shi took the elevator along with Alora and she saw that they were using the special key cards to access the floor where Evan was and after they entered the access cards she got to see that they got a new set of choosing floor buttons popped out of nowhere like a flashlight keyboard and the name of 'Dragon Fire' was written on it. Every floor on it was named with secret codes. Then Bai Shenger pressed a button among them and the elevator started to move downwards.

"Is it moving downward???", said Alora curiously.

"Yes, baby girl.", said Bai Shenger while patting her head.

"But wasn't we already on the down floor and there is only a parking lot in the underground. Right???", said Alora confusedly.

"Baby Alora, you are right but most of the buildings of the headquarters of TTS are divided into two parts. And the building that we are currently in also the same. Without the main building, we have an underground headquarter in this one.", said Bai Shenger.

"Little Alora, as you are a part of our group and family, I think that you have the right to know about the security organization and its systems. TTS is mainly owned by The Ito family as everyone knows but the reason for most of the headquarters having a different underground part is because of Evan.", said Tang Shi after looking at Alora's curious face.

"Because of Evan???", said Alora curiously.

"Hmm... Because of Evan. Actually, Evan owns his personal security teams and special forces. Remember Dragon Fire, one of the teams who was guarding back there in that mansion???", said Bai Shenger while side hugging Alora.

Alora nodded her head to her words as yes.

"Dragon Fire was formed by Evan when he was thirteen. The underground headquarters in every TTS building belong to Evan. Although we all are a part of Dragon Fire yet the main body of the whole thing is Evan. He is the mastermind who handles and maintains Dragon Fire.", said Tang Shi while looking at the moving floor indication of the elevator.

"At the age of thirteen, Evan...???", mumbled Alora.

"I know, you are surprised to hear it. But it's true. Moreover, for Evan it's nothing impossible. Evan started to learn the self-defence when he was so young and along with him we also used to take part in those practices. At first for him starting to learn about the self-defence was for fun but years ago when he returned to Japan from Britain after that vacation, he took it too seriously and went through the hard training. Even I and Tanny(short name of Tang Shi given by Bai Shenger) tried to take part in his those training but they were so tough that we gave up right after starting. His training was so tough and dangerous that all of us sometimes used to think that he would maybe end up dying. Because those training sections was so brutal and so inhumane for a kid at his age. But he was indeed a warrior and completed his training. When he first created Dragon Fire, that time we didn't have a proper headquarter and then uncle Reo offered his help to us and afterwards Evan suggested to have the underground building as the headquarters of Dragon Fire as he wanted to strengthen this secret force by himself without having anyone's interference and disturbance. And also he didn't want anyone to learn about Dragon Fire until it becomes strong enough to take down anyone and ensure the safety of his loved ones. And uncle Reo respected Evan's opinions and gave him the full freedom to do whatever he wanted to do with his special force. And finally, in one year he made Dragon Fire the most capable secret force of TTS. And from then on Evan became the only rightful head of all underground headquarters of Dragon Fire where uncle Reo also has to take the permission of him to access the underground headquarters. Even though Dragon Fire was established years ago and various teams of Dragon Fire associated with TTS to accomplish their missions in various situation but today was the first time Evan official took out the secret force of Dragon Fire.", said Bai Shenger while looking at Alora with a smile.

"So, today was the first time that he took his own team out. That's why uncle Reo was wondering when Evan mentioned about it back in the mansion.", said Alora while looking at Bai Shenger with curious eyes.

Then Bai Shenger gave a sweet smile by pulling Alora's cheeks as an agreement to her words and saying, " You are such a cute little curious kitty."

Then Tang Shi who was lost in his thoughts for a while said by looking at them, "Actually we all knew from the beginning why Evan established such a fierce force years ago and why he became such cold person from a sweet little boy after he returned from his vacation from Britain. But we never thought that after years on the same day the hidden fear inside his heart would come to the reality in the form of what happened back there in that mansion."

"Tanny, what are you saying??? Is this the right time and the right place to talk about those things? Don't you know that we are not supposed to talk or mention things like that on the presence of…", Bai Shenger started to take classes of Tang Shi in a serious voice with an irritated expression but she calmed down and stopped talking in the middle of her talking after looking at Alora.

"Sorry, babe. I am really sorry. Don't get mad. It's just slipped out of my tongue. I wasn't being careful. It's totally my carelessness. I shouldn't have spotted nonsense. I am really…", Tang Shi was telling with an awkward smile and in a voice full of guilt like he let the cat out of the sack, but before he could complete his words Alora interrupted him by saying with a smile, " It's okay, sis Bai Shenger. Don't be mad at brother Tang Shi. He didn't do it intentionally. And about the things that happened in the past, I have already known them. So you guys don't have to hide it from me or feel guilty or upset to talk about it in front of me."

"What??? Little Alora, you have already known the truth??? That means you know them all???", both Bai Shenger and Tang Shi exclaimed in shock.

"Yes, I know them all and it's true that I came to know about them after the incident that took place in that mansion but still now I know them all. I know that the incident in the past is responsible for the drastic change of Evan as a person and not only that incident but I myself is also responsible for his suffering. No matter what Evan is always cold and indifferent from outside but I know that from inside he is still a soft-hearted person with emotions and feelings. And it's true that somehow directly or indirectly I am the reason for Evan to establish such a fierce force or go under the deathly training in such a young age. I know that he did all those things for me and now also he is doing all these for me. In the past, I used to think that he is an arrogant cold person but now I know that he is not like what I thought him to be. So, from now on I won't mistake or judge his cold personality as his sarcasm or narcissism and I won't distance myself from him. I know that I can't give him back the time and energy that he lost because of me but still I can try my best to make it up to him and get along with him. Maybe I can even try to let him live the way he was before. I don't know anything but yet I know that I am the root cause of his suffering and not only his but everyones. I don't know how much I will be able to repay but I will try my best. So, don't feel upset or guilty that you two let me know about something that I shouldn't know or you guys are breaking your words given to Evan. Rest assured", said Alora with a smile but her voice was filled with a pang of unknown guilt and her eyes were full of tears that could roll down from her eyes anytime.

"Hey, baby girl, please don't feel guilty or sad. Nothing is your fault, not the things that happened in the past or at the party in that mansion. All those incidents took place due to the bad circumstances. And Evan doesn't regard you as the culprit to all these things. Moreover, for Evan and the rest of us you are an angel", said Bai Shenger and Tang Shi together where Bai Shenger hugged Alora happily and Tang Shi patted Alora's head.

"Listen, for Evan, don't feel sad or guilty. He is an idiot and stupid, a great dumbo brat. So, from now on no feeling of guilt or sadness and only smile happily and widely like you do cutely always.", said Bai Shenger happily while pulling Alora's cheeks.

"Hey, bae. It's really bad. Don't bad mouth my buddy. He is a nice guy but it is true that he can be little dumb sometimes but still he is good at heart.", said Tang Shi with a smile while pulling Bai Shenger's cheek.

"Tanny, behave yourself in front of Alora. Evan is a brat and you are a big fat rat. Humph...", said Bai Shenger by slapping his hand away from her cheek while making funny faces at him.

"Huh??? Am I really a big fat rat??? But it's okay until you love me, babe and Alora is a big girl now. Right Alora???", said Tang Shi while pulling Bai Shenger closer and into a side hug by winking his eye to Alora who was standing next to Bai Shenger while giggling happily at the lovey-dovey act of them.

"Tanny, you are such a bad boy... Humph...", said Bai Shenger trying to push Tang Shi away from her and struggling to make herself free from his side hug.

"Ting... Tong... Ting... Tong...", they could hear the sound of the elevator opening its doors with the notification sound of the arrival to their destination floor.

"See, we are already there. Let's go, ladies.", said Tang Shi happily while pretending to be their personal elevator guide.

"Let's go, Alora and Tanny, I think that this job of being the elevator guard will be more suitable for you than being the future heir of The Tang family. Humph.", said Bai Shenger who was busy biting the hand of the Tang Shi like a little wild cat which he was resting on her shoulder to side hug her while showing her tongue to him and taking Alora with her the moment the elevator opened by leaving him behind and Alora was giggling happily at their antiques.

"Hey, wait for me...", said Tang Shi who was still standing frozen inside the elevator after hearing Bai Shenger's words while stopping the shutting doors of the elevator with his hand and running after them.

"Sis Bai Shenger, where are we now?? Why there are so many rooms with metal doors and most of them looking like the jail cells for the criminals???", said Alora while looking at the surrounding of the corridor that they were passing through.

The whole corridor was dark and giving scary vibes even though there were lights. Moreover, the whole place was full of the rooms or cells with strong metal doors like the ones in the jail which are used to captivate the dangerous criminals or to inquire them. Any of the doors or rooms didn't have any open space even to enter the air. The whole place appeared to be most likely abandoned and deserted without any human presence. It was appeared to be a jail than a headquarters because of the creepy vibes and the scary setup.

The whole atmosphere there was giving a chill on Alora's spin with a sense of unknown fear and she was gripping the hand of Bai Shenger as much as tight she could.

"Don't worry, little Alora. You are safe with us. And about the place we are now, it's the basement of the headquarters of Dragon Fire where we inquire the criminals or intruders like today or keep them captivated. That's why the atmosphere here is a little different than the other floors and it gives off the vibe of the jail. Actually, in one word this is the jail for the enemies we capture or hunt down.", said Bai Shenger while patting Alora's both hands that Alora was using to be so clingy with Bai Shenger and holding her hand tightly in the fear.

"But where is Evan?? He is nowhere to be seen. And this place seems more likely there is none.", said Alora curiously.

"Evan is in the chamber end of this corridor. The cells around us are just used to inquire those captivators who are immature or under-trained criminals. Here, we only use minor violence to make them speak up by scaring them or by keeping them held inside there without any food or water. We don't use any third-degree torture or any violence inside those cells. And the place that Evan is using is the biggest chamber that we use to inquire those ones who like to enjoy the taste of the violence or liked to be tortured as that place has every kind of weapons and methods that are used to torture those criminals who are dangerous or underground criminals with evil tactics by using third-degree violence. In another word, you can call it as an open fighting arena to fight with those criminals by using any freehand combat or any fighting method to defeat them.", said Tang Shi while walking behind both of them.

"That means Evan is torturing those intruders???", said Alora curiously with a worried voice.

"Not properly. As an upright person, Evan never tortures any criminal that he interrogates until they force him to do it. And about what he is doing in that chamber is not actually torture because as far as we know him he will directly invite them to fight with him. It is clearly visible that he would definitely offer them to have a fair fight with him and ask them to defeat him because if he wanted to torture them he would have used any of those cells and ask us and the guards to accompany him as he doesn't like to dirt his hands.", said Bai Shenger.

"That means he is fighting with them in that chamber that too in his that condition??? How can he manage them alone with his that fragile condition and wounds???", said Alora worriedly.

"Don't worry, little Alora, Evan knows what he is doing. Moreover, the wounds are like ants bites to him because he doesn't have the sense of pain unlike us. And he would definitely not lose against them no matter how weak he is. But the matter that is making us all worried is the physical wounds on his body as no matter he feels the pain or not they must be treated before they get worse. So, be strong and stop worrying. We will help you to take him home.", said Tang Shi while patting Alora's head with a smile.

"We are almost there, Alora. We can take him with us now. So, don't worry and Tanny, please stop your babbling.", said Bai Shenger with a smile while frowning at Tang Shi by turning behind.

"Aaahhhhhhhh... Aaaahhhhhh.... spare us....", the three of them could hear the loud noises of screaming in pain out of the blue the more they were getting closer to the chamber where Evan was.

"Sis Bai Shenger, what are those sounds???", said Alora fearfully while clenching Bai Shenger's hand tightly.

"Seems like, Evan is serving them right. Don't worry, baby girl. We are with you.", said Bai Shenger with a smirk.

"Young master... please spare me... I didn't do anything... Aaahhh...", they could hear the voices of those intruders who was begging and screaming in pain the more and more they were getting close to that chamber.

"Seems like, it's totally messy inside. Little Alora, do you still want to go there???", said Tang Shi while looking at scared Alora who was clinging to Bai Shenger in fear.

"Yes, of course, it's a matter of Evan. For him, I must go there.", said Alora in a shaky voice while still trying to be brave.

"Ok then, don't tell me that we didn't warn you beforehand. You still have time. Think twice.", said Tang Shi in a teasing voice.

"Will you please stop it, Tanny??? You are scaring her more, idiot.", said Bai Shenger in an irritated voice while pinching Tang Shi's cheek. Most of the time the view of Bai Shenger and Tang Shi was like two cats in love where the female cat was domineering the male cat than a view of normal lovers.

"Alora, if you don't want to go, then tell me. Don't push yourself. It's totally okay.", added Bai Shenger politely with a kind smile while creasing Alora's face gently.

"No, I won't give up after coming so far. I am so near to there. Only a few steps and I can meet him. Please, I want to go.", said Alora in a serious voice which was mix with a lot of untold emotions.

After hearing her words, Tang Shi and Bai Shenger both agreed with her by nodding their heads with a happy smile.

Then they keep walking towards the entrance of that chamber where Evan was. The whole way to there, they could hear the painful screaming and begging of those intruders which was given chill to Alora's spins but still, she didn't give up in the midway and went there with them for Evan.

Once they stood in front of the entrance of that chamber, they could hear the conversation between the intruders and Evan. Evan's voice which was full of range, hatreds and pain along with his harsh words were echoing in the whole place along with the screaming of those intruders.

"Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhhh..."

"Young master, we didn't intend to hurt young miss."

"Then why did you hurt her??? Unforgivable."

"Ahhhhhh... young master, spare my life..."

"Why would I??? Did you spare her when she was asking to you guys??? Huh???"

"Young master, we accept our fault give us any punishment that you want but spare our lives...."

"I am already giving you the punishment that you all deserve and that is the death. The only punishment to you all for hurting her."

"Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh... Young master..."

"Little Alora, you have got enough time to refuse to go inside to meet Evan if you want.", said Tang Shi while patting Alora's head by taking a look at her scared face.

"No, I will go.", said Alora while clenching her fists to gather courage.

"Think twice. The scene inside is not good for your eyes. Think about it.", said Tang Shi while patting Alora's head gently.

"Tanny, stop scaring her. Alora, do what you feel right. I will support you. Just tell me what do you want- do you want to go or not??? If you don't want, then it's totally fine. As you can hear, he is full of spirit and that means he is fine and doing well. So, if you want, we can choose to wait for him until he finishes.", said Bai Shenger holding her hands.

"No, I will go, sis Bai Shenger. I won't give up. ", said Alora with a smile.

"Ok then, Tanny, access the door. We will go in with little Alora.", said Bai Shenger.

"Sure, babe. At your service. Please, wait for a minute.", said Tanny with a smile while taking out his access card from the pocket of his jacket.

Afterwards, Tang Shi accessed the door with his access card and his iris scan. Then the door started to open slowly.

"Let's go. Best of luck, Alora.", said Tang Shi with a cheerful smile while showing thumbs up to Alora.

"Let's go. Don't worry. We two are with you.", said Bai Shenger with a cheerful smile.

"Yes, sis Bai Shenger and thank you, brother Tang Shi.", said Alora happily still her heart was restless with an unknown fear taking over her heart.

Three of them entered inside the chamber together. Alora could see that the whole floor of that chamber and some areas of the walls were covered in blood and the strong smell of blood was making her uncomfortable. The whole place was so messy with the bodies of the dead or injured intruders. She was gulping in fear by taking a look at that view and was taking deep breaths to keep herself calm at that creepy sight of the room. She was so scared that her body didn't want to move forward. Her feet were getting numb and they didn't want to keep going. Her body was feeling a strange kind of cold which was making her powerless to move yet she kept going forward by forcing herself as much as she could to move ahead.

"Alora, from here you got to take the lead. Because it's only you who can handle Evan and the situation and also pacify him to go back because we can't' go further. Hope you can understand but still, we are going to accompany you from a few steps behind. We are sorry, Alora.", said Bai Shenger in a guilty voice.

"Sure, sis Bai Shenger. I will take the lead and it's okay. Please, don't be sorry.", said Alora with a smile while holding Bai Shenger's hands. Afterwards, Alora took the lead while Bai Shenger and Tang Shi started to walk from behind her. Alora clenched her fists together while hugging them on her chest tightly. Her heartbeats were rising unusually fast because of the fear. She was gulping continuously and her eyes were searching for Evan but she couldn't see him anywhere or find him anywhere in that room. She was getting more anxious.

She kept looking for him and while looking around she got to see the back of the familiar figure. The widened shoulder and the strong safe familiar back seemed to be like Evan's. She rushingly approached him and got to see that it was none another than Evan but he was holding a sword in his arm and one of the intruders was crawling on the ground and begging him for his life. Even though it was Evan, she couldn't recognize the Evan who she was watching in front of her as he was giving her totally unfamiliar vibes as if she never knew him.

"Young master, please spare me."

"Why should I???", she could hear the familiar voice of Evan which was full of range but was still mocking and ridiculing that intruder.

Yet she didn't dare to go near him and she began to question herself by standing frozen in the place where she was standing quietly, "Is the person standing in front of me who is covered in blood and being so ruthless, is it Evan, the same Evan whom I know??? If he is, then why I can't recognize him??? How can he be so scary and ruthless??" She gulped in fear while taking small steps toward the unfamiliar but familiar Evan.

"Young master, we were just followings the command of our commander. It was not our fault. He is the one at fault. You should deal with him first.", said the intruder who was crawling on the ground in fear.

"Ohh... really??? Huh... Are you talking about him???", Evan said while mocking and ridiculing the intruder while pointing his sword towards a cut off hand lying on the ground next to him and throwing it in front of the intruder by kicking it.

The eyes of the intruder widened with shock while his whole body was quivering in fear and his throat was getting dried by seeing the cut off-hand that had tattoos lying on the ground in front of him which belonged to his commander. And Alora who was also present at that sight covered her mouth in fear with her one hand while clenching the chest area of her t-shirt tightly with her another hand.

"Your expression is saying that you have recognized your commander but if you still have any doubt, then let me clear it for you. This hand absolutely belong to him and I personally chopped it off to give you it as a gift. Do you know why I especially chopped off his this hand, it's because he dared to struggle her neck with it and to raise hand on her with his this filthy dirty hand. Moreover, he dared to touch and hurt the pure delicate flower that we all are trying to protect. And also I destroyed his other hand into pieces that he used to point the gun on her. I handled him before counting your number because he dared to command to hurt her. He had paid his debate. Hahaha... And now it's your turn to repay.", said Evan while laughing loudly like a vicious beast playing with its prey before completely devour it.

"Young master, please forgive me...", said the intruder while shivering and crawling on the ground by pleading in front of Evan.

But Evan was unaffected by his pleading and was about to slice away the intruder's head when Alora held him from behind by hugging him tightly and screaming out loudly, "Evan, stop it... Don't do that. Please, don't be a monster. Please..."

"Alora...", he mumbled to himself with widened eyes while gulping in a low voice by being frozen in the same posture that he was standing. Then by dropping his sword, Evan immediately turned behind by holding Alora's hands that were wrapping around him and saw Alora was standing there. Meanwhile, the intruder with whom Evan was dealing fainted on to the ground in fear by seeing the inhuman side of Evan.

"What are you doing here??? How come you are here??? Who brought you here???", Evan started to question Alora one after another worriedly while touching her face with his one hand and holding her hands with his other hand.

But Alora was being scared at the presence of that unknown Evan and she was even so fearful to make the eye contact with him. He was covered in blood and was looking so different unlike the normal Evan that she used to know who was bright and warm like the sun. She couldn't recognize him as the Evan that she knew. Her body was shivering in fear at the sight of the unknown Evan and she took a step behind in fear to get away from him while gulping in anxiety. Her eyes were filled with tears and they were twinkling in them like pearls.

Evan could understand that she was afraid of him and his that form. He immediately wiped the blood on his face and wearing a smile he said while extending his hands and opened up his arms to her, "Silly girl, it's me. The bad evil Evan. I am the same Evan whom you know. Don't be afraid. I will never hurt you. You are always safe with me and I will always protect you no matter what."

"Evan...", said Alora while jumping into his arms and hugging him. Tears were rolling down from their eyes.

"Stop crying. By the way, how did you come here??? Who brought you to this kind of place??? This is not a good place for a little girl like you to come or roam around.", said Evan in a worried voice while wiping her tears.

"That I... here...Actually...", Alora was stammering and confused at the same time as she didn't want to tell him about Bai Shenger and Tang Shi's accompanying her to there and make him mad at them. So, she didn't have a proper way to explain Evan the situation and was trying to figure out a good cooked up story but she couldn't think of anything good at that time and was losing in thoughts.

"You know that usually, you have a sharp poisonous tongue to argue with me and defeat me with just a few words. So, why are you hesitating now??? Say something.", said Evan in a teasing voice while pulling her cheeks with a smile because he had already noticed Bai Shenger and Tang Shi who were standing in a corner a few steps behind to her.

Then he added by looking at them while pretending to be noticed them just then in a serious voice by putting up to be mad at them, "Ohh, so you guys are behind this. Don't you guys think that you two owe me an explanation for this action of yours??? So, how would you like to explain this carelessness??? Tell me fast and make it clear right now."

After completing his words Evan secretly winked at them without letting Alora noticed him. Then three of them carried on the act of his fake madness and their fake guilt to see Alora's reaction and to pull her leg so that the heavy and dull atmosphere of there could change into little bit lively.

"Evan, enough. Stop it. Don't get angry with them. I am the one who forces them to bring me here to meet you. So, they are not at fault. Please, don't shout at them. Don't be mad at them. Okay???", said Alora in a sad voice while lowering her head in guilt.

"Hey, don't be sad. I won't be mad at them. I was just faking it. Please, cheer up.", said Evan with a smile while patting her head in a guilty voice as he could see his plan of pulling her leg backfired.

"Really???", said Alora curiously while looking at him when Evan said happily while pulling her cheeks, "Yes, really."

"But still, Evan, we are sorry. We shouldn't have broken the rules and bring little Alora here but we didn't have any choice as we didn't want to make her sad by refusing to help her. Hope you can understand. She was so worried about you.", said Tang Shi while resting his hand on Evan's shoulder.

"I know. I can understand it. Because with her around none can keep up with the authority as she is such a bossy little girl.", said Evan while pinching Alora's cheek.

"Evan, don't you dare to bad mouth me. You are such a bad guy that you are bad mouthing about me right in front of my present. Stop it and let's go home now. Then, we will find out who badmouths whom. Humph.", said Alora while faking to be mad.

"Ok fine, I am really sorry. I will go home with you. About you guys as it was the first time and it was for her. I am not saying anything but please guys don't repeat the same thing again.", said Evan.

"Sure, don't worry and go home now. Then, treat your wound first.", said both Bai Shenger and Tang Shi while holding his shoulder.

"Ok then, I will and about them, you guys know what to do.", said Evan with an evil smirk hiding from Alora's sight.

"Yup, of course, we do.", said both of them excitedly with a sly smile.

"Good, wipe them off from the root.", side Evan by using the sign language without letting Alora see it.

"Let's go home, little girl. It's not a good place for you to stay.", said Evan while patting Alora's head.

"We will go now, sis Bai Shenger and brother Tang Shi. Thank you so much for your help and I am so sorry for the trouble that I caused to both of you.", said Alora with a smile while holding Bai Shenger's hand.

"It's okay. It was really nothing. So, no thank you or sorry. Anything for you. Take care and see you later.", said Bai Shenger and Tang Shi happily where Bai Shenger hugged her and Tang Shi patted her head.

"We will be going then. Take care.", said Evan while holding Alora's hand.

"Okay, you too. Don't worry. We will deal with the situation here and give you the updates.", said Bai Shenger and Tang Shi together while seeing them going and calling the guards to help them.

"Little Alora was really saying the truth about Evan's being injured. At first, I really thought that little Alora was worried for nothing but now looking at him, I am also quite worried about him. What do you say, babe???", said Tang Shi while looking at Evan worriedly from behind while watching them leaving away.

"Don't take little Alora lightly next time. The baby girl is really something. She is innocent and naive at the same time she is stubborn and domineering. She is not a person who would say or do things for nothing. About Evan, this guy is really a monster. Nope, not a monster but a beast. He can still stand mightily and stilly with those wounds on his body.", said Bai Shenger with a secretive smile while observing Evan and Alora who were leaving happily while talking with each other.

"Yup, but bae, when did you become a fan of little Alora??? I didn't notice that.", said Tang Shi curiously.

"Tanny, you aren't seeing the things as I am. Observe Evan carefully. Look at the smile on his face and the emotions in his eyes. He only smiles and looks at this way only before or for little Alora. I think that air is about to change its direction. Don't you think that our heartless Evan is changing??? Till today, Evan hasn't let any prey of his getaway from his clench but today for the first time he did it. He would have never stopped without hunting down his prey midway if it weren't for Alora. It has been impossible to stop him once he started even if uncle Reo comes in between to stop him but little Alora did it in a second. Evan has been a cold person who is indifferent to everything after that incident years ago but still, he is being so gentle and considerating towards Alora. Tanny, Evan is changing gradually from the day Alora moved to Japan. Even his mental health is improving with it. He is being less worked up than before. We still have a chance to see him as before and this all is happening because of that little girl.", said Bai Shenger with a smile by looking at Alora and Evan happily.

"You are right, bae. It's a good sign for all of us. We have always known that Evan has a soft corner for Alora but somehow she was also the reason for Evan to be the cold person he is today. And now she is also the reason that we can see a glimpse of the old Evan after years because this little girl's presence is melting our iceberg Evan's heart slowly. But whether it's for good or bad, I don't know because in Evan's case the cause of pain is the cure itself for him.", said Tang Shi in a serious voice which was full of unknown worries and fear.

"Hmmm, you are right too. I am also curious to see what will happen next because things are getting interesting. One is a beast and another is a beauty. Where the beast is in love with her unconditionally, the beauty doesn't consider him anything more rather than her cousin who sacrificed everything of him for her and I don't think that the beauty in this story will ever fall for the beast as somehow the tag of their being cousins will come in between them always. It seems to me that the love of the beast is going to be one-sided forever in this tale. Let's go, Tanny. We have to deal with the mess here. Let's leave the things between them to time and see what their this new version of the fairy tale will turn into. ", said Bai Shenger with a mysterious smile while turning away from the sight of Evan and Alora by pulling speechless Tang Shi with her to leave from there to finish their unfinished task with those left intruders.

Afterwards, both Evan and Alora left the dungeon together while talking with each other and the whole way to the main headquarters Alora was sharing her advantageous journey from The Ito mansion to the dungeon with Evan and Evan was quietly hearing her stories and was enjoying them silently.

Once they reached the downstairs of TTS headquarters where his rest of the friends were, everyone came up to visit him and after seeing his injuries all of them gave him an earful of lectures and took his class for not taking care of himself properly and for making Alora worried for him but still, Evan was so happy to see his friends and Alora getting along well with each other. And also before leaving Evan got fresh lightly to get rid of the bloodstains that he got from the dungeon and he again put on his long coat with the excuse that it wasn't good to expose the wounds to the open environment as it could get infected.

Then after taking a leave from all his friend at the headquarters, both Alora and Evan started their journey to The Ito mansion and the tired Evan fell asleep resting his head on Alora's shoulder unintentionally and unconsciously from the moment he stepped into the car to the duration of the whole drive and also Alora was worrying about his health more and more by seeing his wounds. So, she immediately contacted Dr Mark to pay a visit to The Ito mansion to give a check-up to Evan.

Once they reached to the mansion Alora decided to let Evan sleep for a few minutes before waking him up as he was sleeping so peacefully and was looking adorable and innocent in that state that she didn't want to disturb him. But after a few minutes, Alora's phone rang out loudly out of the blue which made Evan awake by twisting her plans upside to down.

"Oh shit!!! Shut down. Shut down.", said Alora while trying to silence her phone irritatedly.

"Mmmm... Hmmm...", she could hear Evan's mumbling in sleep and she immediately took a look at him by babbling out, "Damn, did I wake him up???"

She got to see that Evan was rubbing his eyes while murmuring like a cute purring cat.

"Silly girl, did we reach already???", said Evan while rubbing his eyes.

"Ohh... you are already up, Evan. Yup, we have reached already.", said Alora while putting on an awkward smile.

"Ohh, then why didn't you wake me up??? Let's get out then.", said Evan by opening his eyes and turning his head to look at Alora with a smile and then he realised the situation there that he was sleeping while resting his head on Alora's shoulder instead of the seat and he was so close to Alora which made his heart skipped a beat. Then he immediately jumped away from Alora while turning his face away from her to the window of the car while pretending to cough by covering his nose and mouth area with his hand.

"Cough... cough... I am sorry. I thought that I was resting my head on the seat. I am really sorry to cause an inconvenience to you.", said Evan who was embarrassed and also flushed at the same moment in a calm voice while still hiding his face away from Alora by looking on another direction.

Alora could understand that Evan was embarrassed due to the awkward situation by seeing his ears which were totally red even though he hid his flushed face. So, she said with a smile while opening her side of the car door, "Oh, come on, Evan. Don't be so cute. After all, we are cousins. So, don't be so formal. Now, let's go. I have already called Dr Mark and he must be on his way to check you up."

"I know, little Alora that we are only cousins and in your eyes, I am just your cousin nothing more than that but for me, you are more than a cousin. You are my whole world. No matter, how hard I try to make this heart understand it but it never listens to me. That's why a little bit of closeness with you is enough for my stupid heart to be flushed or to beat faster with the false hope to have you which you won't understand. I know that my love for you will always remain as one-sided but still, I will try my best to keep you happy and protected. In future, if you fall in love with someone, I will be the first one to support you to be with your lover so that you won't have to suffer in the same pain as mine. I am sorry, Alora for being such a filthy person. I am really sorry.", Evan mumbled to himself helplessly while staring at the roof of the car after Alora hoped out of the car while indicating the guards who were standing next to it to open the door for Evan.

But before the guard opened the door for him, Evan opened it by pulling himself together and stepped out and then by closing the door behind him, he turned to Alora who was standing the other side of the car while resting his arms on the rooftop of the car along with his head by looking at her he said in a teasing voice, "Hey, little girl, why did you call Dr Mark??? I am totally fine."

"Oh, you are already out. No, you are not. Let's go inside.", said Alora while turning behind to see Evan who was standing the other side.

"Ok then, let's go. Come here.", said Evan while calling her to his side.

Alora rushed to his side and held his hand while standing next to him by saying, "Are you alright??? Can you walk???"

"Hey, I am totally fine and still I can walk properly. As far as, I remember, there was someone who was carried by me with this same state of mine a few hours ago home and she was also sleeping like a street cat while purring peacefully in my arms. Have you seen that wild little kitten because I can see a tigress cub by my side now???", said Evan in a teasing voice while smiling innocently by looking at Alora.

"Evan, stop pulling my legs and keep walking quietly. Humph.", said Alora in an irritated voice while pulling Evan with her and rushing forward.

"Hey, silly, slow down. Otherwise, you will trip down that too by taking me along with you.", said Evan while walking hurriedly to match with her steps.

Afterwards, Alora and Evan directly headed to the living room after entering the mansion and saw everyone was waiting for them there while enjoying their coffees.

"Mama, Papa." "Mom, Dad.", both Alora and Evan called out them while looking at them curiously as they never thought their elders to be so chilled out after facing a heavy storm but somehow they were glad to see those crazy elders were acting normally without being worn out.

"Oh, you two are finally back. We were waiting for you and all these what you see are because we were getting bored that's why you know... Come and join us.", said all of them happily while sipping from their cups.

"Hmm, we are back but it seems like you all are enjoying yourselves abandoning us alone.", said both Evan and Alora in a complaining voice by wearing long faces while pretending to be sad.

"Nothing like that, babies. Come here to us.", said Merry and Selina together while expending their arms to both Evan and Alora. Both of them rushed to Merry and Selina happily and sat in between of them. Then Selina and Merry side hugged them warmly.

"Evan, my child, are you alright???", said Selina worriedly while creasing Evan's face and checking the cut on his cheekbone gently.

"Yes, mom. I am totally fit and fine. Don't worry.", said Evan with a smile while touching Selina's hand that was on his cheek.

"Alora, baby, how did you get bloodstains on your dress???", said Selina worriedly while examing Alora who was resting her head on Merry's shoulder by wrapping herself in Merry's side hug.

"Yes, baby, where did you get them??? Did you get hurt again???", said Merry worriedly while checking around Alora properly.

"Oh, aunt Sea, mama, there is nothing to worry. I am fine and the stains... that...", Alora was stammering as she was confused about what to say and was finding words to explaining the incidents in headquarters when out of the blue Evan said out calmly, "She got it from the headquarters."

After hearing Evan's words Alora bit her lips and looked at Evan wearing a quizzed face where Evan was looking at her with a puzzled face as he couldn't understand why Alora was giving him such a scary look until Selina broke the silent by saying curiously, "From headquarters??? How???"

After hearing Selina's curious question Evan could understand the reason behind Alora's scary reaction as he got that he let the cat out and then he said while struggling with his words by thinking what to say, "Hmm, Mom. In the headquarters... mmm... That is..."

But before he could add more words Alora interrupted by saying rashly, "Uffoo, leave it about me. Just think about Evan. He is the one injured. We have to take care of him. Did you all forget about it???" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yes, little princess is right.", said Johnathan by giving a secret hint to Reo from glancing at him over his coffee mug while taking a sip of his coffee.

Reo who could understand Johnathan's sign said while taking his phone out by putting his coffee mug down, "Hmm, True, let me call Dr Mark then."

"Wait, uncle Reo. I have already called him and he is already on his way to head here.", said Alora immediately.

After hearing her words Reo put down his phone and again got focused with his having coffee after exchanging a secret glance along with a slight smile with Johnathan as both of them wanted to help Alora to change the topic of the bloodstains as they two already knew about how and when she got them and they didn't want their lovely wives to know it and to be worried about Evan and Alora more.

"Oh, that's good. Thank you, baby, for thinking about our silly boy Evan.", said Selina while creasing Alora's face gently.

"It's nothing at all aunt Sea.", said Alora with a smile.

"Evan, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere??? Please, don't hide anything from us.", said Merry worriedly.

"Don't worry, Aunt Merry. The silly girl is blabbering. Nothing is wrong with me. I am totally fine. Only some slight cuts. Moreover, I am not feeling any pain.", said Evan with a smile while going and sitting next to Merry.

"Are you even serious, Evan??? Slight cuts??? Huh??? Why are you doing this??? Why are you hiding them???", said Alora irritatedly.

"Oh, come on I am not hiding anything. You really have seen them wrong. I am totally fine. I think you should get fresh now and get rid of those stained clothes.", said Evan with a smile while poking Alora's cheek.

"Evan, I am serious. Ok then, let's admit what you are saying. Then tell me, why are you still wearing this stupid coat??? Why don't you just remove this and prove me wrong???", said Alora while slapping his hand away from her face in a serious voice.

Evan who was stunned by Alora's words was finding words to reply her while stammering, "I... that..." Then without finding good words he decided to let the topic dropped and so, he added while getting up from where he was sitting to leave with a smile, "Whatever, I think I should go and get fresh. See you guys later."

"Evan, wait...", said Alora rashly while holding Evan's hand who was already up and was about to leave from there and then she too got up from where she was sitting by still holding his hand while adding, "I am not done yet, Evan. Let me help you remove the coat after all you are going to change."

Alora started to pull the coat off from Evan before he could even react to her words. Evan tried his best to stop Alora from taking off his coat. He said while struggling to stop Alora, "No... Alora... hey... stop... Please... Don't..."

Evan was trying his best to get away from Alora and he was also careful about not hurting her during his struggle to break free from her clench but his struggle was wasted as Alora pulled off the coat finding him off guard as his main focus was Alora's not getting hurt.

After removing his coat Alora said out in a serious voice while throwing it to the ground angrily and looking at Evan irritatedly, "Done, now speak up, Evan. Repeat your same lines."

The moment Alora pulled off the coat Evan was stunned and was frozen to the place he was standing and Evan didn't have any words to reply Alora or any method to handle furious Alora and also he was feeling uncomfortable to meet eyes with the rest of them. So, he remained quiet by lowering his head.

Elders who were hitten by a heavy blow after seeing the wounds of Evan stood up immediately from where they were sitting- Selina hugged her fits to her chest in worries with widened eyes and Merry held up to Selina's arm tightly with a painful sigh where Reo and Johnathan were stunned and frozen to where they were standing worriedly while exchanging a shocking look with one another.

Then all of them worriedly said out while finding words to complete their sentences or without finding proper words to express themselves,

"Oh my God!!!" "Evan..." "These are..." "How come you are still..."

Evan could eventually guess the reactions of everyone and he raised his head up and then took a look at them who was watching him worriedly as he was expecting.

Then in order to make them less worried, he said in a calm voice which was still sounding shaky and was full of guilt, "I am sorry everyone. I didn't want to hide them from you all but at the same time, I didn't want to make you all worried too. Don't worry. I am totally fine. They are just a few minor wounds. I am really sorry that you all got to witness this unpleasant view... Now I badly want to get fresh. I am sorry but I got to go. Please, don't mind my impoliteness. See you guys in a while."

"Hey, wait. Can you seriously go alone in this condition??? Don't push yourself.", said Alora in a worried voice while watching Evan who was about to leave from there.

Evan was again interrupted by Alora when he turned back to leave from there. So, he again turned to face her and said in a gentle voice along with a smile while softly patting her head, "Don't worry, silly girl. I can manage. There's nothing to worry. I am totally fine. See, I am still standing stilly. I think you should get fresh too. See you in a while."

Then while still patting Alora's head he looked from the side of her shoulder at the elders who were standing behind Alora but a little far away from her and he added with a smile by looking at their worried faces, "Four of you should stop worrying too. Don't worry too much. I am fine as long as you all are with me and safe. So, please..."

Evan was about to say something but before he could complete his words he rested his head on Alora's shoulder lifelessly while letting his body lying on her powerlessly.

Alora's eyes were widened with worries and at the same time with the shock as she couldn't understand the reason for Evan's behaviour until she gently tapped on Evan's back with her one hand while wrapping her another hand around his back to balance his body by saying, "Evan... What are you doing??? Everyone is watching us. Evan..."

But she didn't get any reply from him and his body was motionless and was also powerless by putting his whole weight on her which made her more anxious as she could understand the situation and she said out while gently patting his back and trying to see his face and also praying that the situation shouldn't be what she was guessing, "Evan... Evan... Please, don't make me scared... please... Evan, talk to me. Evan..."

Alora broke out to tears while holding lifeless Evan in her arms while calling him and trying to wake him up again and again and Reo, Selina, Merry and Johnathan who understood that Evan had already passed out rushed to them immediately to help Alora to handle Evan.

Alora could feel that Evan's body was growing colder and colder. His heartbeat was dropping and his breathing was so less. Alora kept crying and continuously asking Selina and Merry about Evan's wellbeing.

Reo and Johnathan carried Evan to one of the guestrooms in the downstair as it was not possible for them to shift him to his room of the second floor in his that condition where Merry, Selina and Alora was consoling one another to be strong at that critical moment.

Meanwhile, Dr Mark also arrived with his team of a few nurses and he immediately rushed to treat Evan but the moment Dr Mark saw Evan in that condition lying lifeless on the bed soaked in blood he was also somehow stunned.

Some of Evan's wounds were still bleeding and his waistcoat along with his shirt was soaked in blood and the grip of dried blood in his clothes was making it impossible for them to be removed as the skin and the most of the wounds of Evan was stuck with his clothes and the torn or cut pieces of the clothes were also glued up with the wounds along with blood. Without finding another option to take off his waistcoat Dr Mark cut out the waistcoat with the help of surgical scissors and blades exposing the areas of Evan's shirt which were covered due to the waistcoat.

The areas of Evan's shirt exposed to the wounds was soaked in blood and was making it impossible to guess the colour of his shirt as the white shirt was turned into almost the colour of rust and red because of the blood. The cut wounds which were not clearly visible before through his waistcoat appeared to be seen deeper and more severe than they thought them to be. The sight of wounded Evan covered in so many wounds and too much blood was something unbearably painful for his family to withstand as a silent witness.

"Reo, my child...", Selina who was trying to pull herself after seeing Evan's condition and was standing there next to Reo while being wrapped in his side hug as a support to stay strong and watching her son lying there lifelessly broke out to tears by seeing the dreadful view of Evan.

"Please, Reo, do something... Save him, Reo. Do whatever you have to do... Please... Our son...", added Selina while breaking into more tears and screaming in grief.

"Don't worry, Sea. Evan is going to be alright. Nothing is going to happen to him. Our son is a warrior.", said Reo who was trying his best not to shutter down yet his voice was shaky and full of sorrow while pulling Selina to his arms and hugging her tightly.

"Remember, when he was a kid, he often used to get wounded and then the next moment he used to heal up and used to run around happily. You will see in a while he will get up and come to us running and then will cuddle in our laps like a kitten who is hungry for love and affection. Even though he has grown up he never gets enough with our love and affection. He is the best son in the world... Our little Evan is going... to be... fine... He will be...", added Reo while trying his best to console Selina who was grieving over their lovely son's suffering in his arms.

While Reo was saying those lines to Selina, tears were continuously rolling down from his eyes. He tried his best to be strong and reliable in the critical moment like this to support his lovely wife and to share his shoulders to carry the mountain of burden in her heart but he could no longer hold his pain and grief to see Evan, his lovely son in that state and he finally broke into unstoppable crying and grieving while hugging his wife tightly in his arms before even completing his statements.

Alora who witnessed the painful state of Evan was already frozen to the place where she was standing while tears were falling out of her eyes continuously without her knowing and her heart was aching so much for him with so many mixed emotions and feelings and her mind was surrounded with so many thoughts which were full with the concern for him.

An unknown fear gradually was overtaking herself and her mind was running blank with the passing of time when it was sticking, again and again, to the same question of whether Evan being fine or not. The emotional break down of Reo and Selina also pushed Alora to the edge of her fear concerning about Evan's life. Disabling to find the answer to her question and not wanting to witness any misfortune Alora who was at the brink of losing of the toss of an emotional break down hugged Merry helplessly while crying silently by saying, "Mama... Evan..."

Merry who was standing next to Alora by side hugging her, took Alora under her wings while trying to console her by saying, "Don't worry, dear. Evan is a fighter. Nothing is going to happen to him. He will be fine. In fact, he has to be fine."

Merry tried her best to console her precious daughter while she, herself was about to emotionally break down at any moment. Merry's eyes were full of tears which were twinkling in them and her heart was exploding with grief yet she didn't want to express herself or to let out her griefs as she didn't want to make the atmosphere there worse. So, she pulled herself together and tried to be strong by hiding the bitter sorrows within her.

"Don't worry, little princess. Evan is going to be okay.", said Johnathan who was side hugging Merry to support her to be strong while patting Alora's head gently to console his lovely daughter who was crying climbing to Merry's hug tightly as his heart was aching more to see the tears in his precious little one's eyes.

Johnathan already knew that his lovely wife, Merry was not good at handling emotional situations like that and she was already in the thin edge of breaking down but still she was trying her best to be strong in front of others by concealing her weakness. So, he gently whispered to Merry's ear in a calm voice so that she could at least share her sadness openly with him, "Darling, don't worry. I am there with you. Don't have to push yourself to be strong. You can always rely on me. And about your prince charming, mark my words, he is going to be totally alright."

Merry could understand that even though Johnathan's voice was sounding calm and gentle like always yet it was a little shaky and was sounding slightly disturbed at that moment which was clearly declaring that the emotionally strong, cold and calm Johnathan also somehow was at a loss of a toss of emotional scattering at that moment. So, she who was struggling to control her emotions and trying her best not to cry out loudly or to break down in grief, rested her head on Johnathan's warm chest while still hugging Alora and wrapping herself in his side hug. Then she titled her head a little bit upwards to make eye contact with Johnathan by calling out his name, " John..."

Both Merry and Johnathan's eyes met with one another and both of their eyes were filled with tears. Merry didn't say any word further and neither Johnathan did yet a simple eye contact was enough for them to understand the untold words about the pain and emotional phase they were undergoing at that moment. Johnathan placed a soft kiss on Merry's temple while the tears in his eyes that he was holding for so long were slowly rolling down from his cheeks which were expressing that he too was in a bad shape of emotions due to Evan's condition. Merry wiped his tears using her one hand while still wrapping her other hand around Alora and tears of her eyes that were searching an opportunity to roll down were finally falling down to her cheeks. Johnathan gently wiped her tears while still side hugging her and then both of them held hands while trying to support and console each other silently while standing by one another.

The condition of Evan brought a great storm of an emotional break down to his family members whom he wanted to protect badly. The goofy elders who loved to mess around being lovey-dovey and never showed the attitude of seriousness were crawling on their knees because of the unbearable grief that was caused by the sight of lifeless Evan.

Alora who couldn't stand a second with Evan was also kowtowing before herself to keep up with the hope of Evan's being fine after witnessing the motionless Evan lying there covered with severe wounds. Somehow Evan's that state forced out the weak side of everyone that all of them used to hide under their masks of being strong.

Dr Mark cut off Evan's shirt like his waistcoat that was glued up with the skin of wounded areas even worse than his waistcoat due to the direct explosion of the skin and the shirt with one another. But before doing so Dr Mark made sure that the rest of the family members to be sent outside the room as the sight of Evan's wounds exposing directly was not a good idea for them to witness in that mental and emotional phase they were going through.

Five of them waited outside of the room while Merry and Alora together were consoling Selina who was continuously kept crying where Johnathan was supporting Reo to be strong so that both of them together could overcome that tough time and could become the reliable support for the rest of them to overcome that critical moment.

"Master Reo...", said Dr Mark by heading out after a short while to meet them to discuss about Evan's condition by giving him the necessary primary treatments while his team was preparing for the rest of the treatment procedure.

"Yes, Dr Mark...", Reo who was standing with Johnathan worriedly rushed over to Dr Mark while rest of them also gathered next to them.

"How is my Evan, Dr Mark??? Is he alright???", Selina said worriedly by rushing to Dr Mark while tears were continuously rolling down from her eyes.


Hi, everyone. Hope you all are doing fit and fine. Here is another chapter which is full of emotional blunders. What do you all think- will Evan be fine??? what will Dr Mark be saying??? will the beast in this fairy tale die before even the story starts??? how do you all like this new version of the beast and beauty???

Please, do tell me in the comment section. I will love to read them.

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Your supports matter a lot to me and they inspire me to keep up with this long journey of writing no matter what.

My heartiest apology for those readers who are eagerly waiting for Adrian. Please, give me a short time of one more chapter maybe he will be there after it. As I said before, I want him to appear with a plot where it will well describe his character more.

I am so sorry that this chapter is so long. After Adrian's entry, I will try my best to put short and limit length chapters in the future. So, please, forgive me for now.

Take good care of yourselves and Have a nice day. See you in the next chapter and also stay tuned to see what will happen next.

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