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First Love of mine

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Author: Agnst_Ella

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They said life is a beautiful journey filled with challenges and surprises.. But why are all the troubles in the world filled in my life?!

Hey! I'm Ayla White and this is my story.

Because of my dad I have transferred to a new school. But my mind is filled with many thoughts. Am I really going to get along with others in school? Can I really make friends? Can I have my first love here?

But before I could figure it out my inferiority complex broke me. The one I thought was my friend ended up becoming the worst nightmare of my life. The one I thought brought light to my life as my first love soon started making me feel as if I'm chasing something my heart doesn't want.

Why do I feel so attracted toward my class head when he has nothing but an attractive shell?

Why do I keep pulling him near to me when I thought there is someone else who should be my first love?

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    This story is really very well written as i was reading this i was really much amazed by the writers thoughts which flowed in throught the chapter's. The author has portrayed the feelings of a teenage girl who was trying to fight with the world, the world in which her eyes seemed cruel and unfaithful. By the way it's a great teenage romance novel to start your day with. And one other thing is that you may also fall in love with this NOVEL. 😊

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    The synopsis is fire 🔥 As for Ayla, her story is totally relatable. over thinking situations when there is a slight change in environment. I hope everything works out fine for her at the end. I will check on her in my free times, and try to advice her😂 even though her fate has been decided by the author 😂💔

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    Hey there , it's the author of the novel .I m here to express my thoughts .I won't say that my novel is very unique and you have to read but I sure will say this is something I poured my emotions while writing and I m trying to make the storyline as intresting as I can So whoever supporting me thanks for being here with me

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    I love how you show Alya vulnerability right at the beginning. The characters are flawed but that's how human beings really are. As a teen book I look forward to watching your characters grow.

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    This is well written. I love the build up that it's got. I enjoy how it clearly depicts the mind of a girl and how hard it is to move away from where she is used to.

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    the synopsis is quite interesting. the dialogue between the characters is good as well. But, the narrative is a little bit confusing to me. Nonetheless, you're doing great.

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    Can I just say how much I love this story?? I mean, its a new story that creates awareness on bullying and family relationships. It's also something that I can relate to. Keep up the good work author. More ink to your pens

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    This book is so good. It's the way you started for me. Your first paragraph successfully drew me in and I wanted to see how your main character would survive her first day of high school with the hot Aaron lurking around. Nice one

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    Your novel has a certain sweetness to it and reminds me of the typical teen romance. Not only is it well paced, but you focused on the mental aspects of Ayla's life. I found what's she's going through to be relatable, something shared by many other young people out there. The narration could use a little fine tuning as it was a little hard for me to understand some parts but this is beautiful overall and I would encourage readers to stick with Ayla's story❤️

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    Really liked the soft and soothing environment and concept of the book. The characters are shown and interacted pretty well. Must say, a perfect read for the monsoon.^^

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    Alya's insecurities are very relatable , an introvert like some of us. Meeting and people like her was hard for her than her brother who seems to be the life of the party . Reading this slow burner will lead one to leave in Ayla's shoes, I look forward to seeing her come out of her she'll and finally see the love that is calling out to her. weldone author .

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    This story is really detailed and we'll written. I love every aspect of it and the connection the Characters had with each other. the imagery and descriptions were top-notch. great work author.

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    The cover was what drew me in, the characters were shown to us and we got to see them and know their personalities. Keep up the good author, looking forward to read more books from you

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    Author Agnst_Ella