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Chapter 211: Attendant

In another location, India. Alice was sent here for her exam. And to say the least, she was not enjoying this at all. Not only was she sent to a very small crowded restaurant in Mumbai, but she is also getting hit on by some idiots in the kitchen, which annoyed her like hell, they don't even speak the same language and their English makes you puke.

While Alice was cooking, she felt a vibration in her pocket. She took out her phone, it was a foreign number sending her an image "Is this one of those melted faces pranks again?" She said, hesitating to open the text. Yet again, it could someone she knows.

Finally, after steeling herself, Alice opened the text, at that moment, she wished the image was of a melted face or even a skinned Huma for all she cares. But what she received was far worse...

"You fucking traitor...!" Alice looked at the picture of Erina playing with Alexander in the pool "Look at that bitch with her stupid smile!" Alice didn't like what she was seeing "Black doesn't even look good on her, her fashion is still as dumb as ever." She mocked Erina's style of swimsuit.

"Alright...Alright..." Alice then smiled sweetly, she switched to her contacts and typed a message of her own.

And while she was typing, a man with a dumb smile on his face arrive into the kitchen, he was the waiter who is working with Alice "Squeeze me please, Alice Lady!" He said.

Alice flinched at his voice and shuddered "Stop!! don't talk! please!" She said.

"A situation is the problem? Alice Lady?" The man asked in concern.

Alice couldn't take it "It's not Squeeze me, it excuse me, get it right!! don't even speak English, Shakespeare is rolling in his grave because of you!!" Alice poked the man on his forehead.

"Chakpear? my cousin? yes! him loves playing rolling on the floor!"

Alice had tears in her eyes "Please, just speak Indian." With her last cry for mercy of this brain torture, Alice spoke.

"Indian? jelly good I speak it." He said with a smile on his face.

Well, everyone has it difficult for the first years, especially the elite 10, Alice had to deal with communication problems, crowded and small workplace, and limited resources.

Hayama had to deal with an arrogant german boss and discrimination in the workplace which made Hayama furious. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Takumi stayed in Japan, but he didn't have it easy either, the difficulty for him was to prove himself and get promoted from a janitor to a chef while also leaving an impact on his workplace.

Soma who was sent to China, the boy had a little easier, well, he basically been through too much trouble in his hometown and being a dinner owner made him adapt very quickly to familiar situations, but it by no means easy, it was not easy to leave an impact in decades running-restaurant in china.

As for Alexander, the difficulty was for him to bring up the reputation of the airport's restaurant and inspire the workers to put more work in their job. Well, the reputation part was the most difficult to do in one week of their exam, but inspiring the workers?

All Alexander had to do is switch one of the airport workers with one of his people and make sure his co-workers make notice that he was with them, that will inspire them for a couple of years...That is if they don't wish for another beating and some guns in their throats. Jason differently doesn't want that, so he is working hard as the clown of the restaurant. All in all, Alexander was doing...okay.

Moving on, after the water park date, Alexander got Mana and Erina to a hotel nearby, Erina was surprisingly quiet the whole time making Alexander feel uncomfortable 'I just hope she didn't hear her mother hitting on me.' He thought. It would be awkward and embarrassing trying to clear that out, and Mana for sure would just make it worse if she was included in the conversation with her Ara Ara attitude.

Alexander finally gave in and cooked for Mana who was on cloud nine from that, she has been starving for days without Alexander's food. "Mmm~how i have been waiting for!!" she said while chewing on a steak made by Alexander "Come here my daughter, my son in law just made for me the best food in the world." She looked at Erina who was watching Tv.

Erina sighed "If he is your son in law, then stop hitting on him like a schoolgirl. you're a grown woman for god's sake." she responded making Mana shock on her food while Alexander tried to suppress his laugh.

"What?! when did i do such a thing?" Mana asked with a panicked voice.

Erina shook her head "I don't want to talk about it...However, Alexander, since i have seen that the work of the restaurant ahs progressed smoothly and you had an impact on it, I want you to take a look at these papers, they are about your last stage of the exam." Erina handed Alexander a paper and leaned on her couch to sleep. She has far more important things to think her parents' divorce.

Alexander looked through the paper while Mana got busy eating an ice cream dessert with satisfaction and her face glittering.

"In the next stage of the exam, Participant Saiba Alexander is required to serve under Spirit Airlines as a flight attendant in one of the 5th class planes. The requirement to pass this exam is to go on a full trip on the plane without taking a rest to prove that the participant is able to withstand the pressure of long hours work under harsh circumstances.

Alexander couldn't believe his eyes "5th Class?!!" He slammed his hands on the table "That's the class where people take off their shoes and socks and put their legs up while robbing them together. That class smells like a garbage can, and i have to serve food here?"

"Eeew! Right in front of my ice cream?!!" Mana cringed "I am eating here, sir. That's so disgusting!!" She imagined what Alexander described and she couldn't even bring herself to eat anymore. And that says something about.

"tsk..." Alexander didn't like this not one bit at all, he could take some disrespect in the kitchen from his co-workers, and foul attitude too, those all can be fixed by a few punches...But he can't deal with that when those traits come from the customers. Not only will Alexander not work in a location that is filled with people with such traits, but he also would not build any of his own restaurants at all.

When the customers are shit, the restaurant becomes shit!

All in all, Alexander had to deal with, he spent the next 4 days of his first exam working hard while getting bothered by Mana, thinking about the hell he will go through. By the last day, the spirit restaurant was so popular at the airport. You may think it is impossible to bring a restaurant's reputation up in just a week...Remember this is an airport, the amount of traffic that goes through here is insane.

While Alexander was leaving, Ben, Jason, and Amando gathered around him to send him off with tears and happy smiles on their faces, they even helped him pack his clothes.

"We will "really" mess you, sir!" Ben said with so many emotions on his face.

"Yes, please "visit" us whenever you got the chance!" Amanda said with a happy smile and shaking hands.

As for Jason, he was crying "Boss! "I will miss you so much!" " he said.

"Shut up all of you!" Alexander slammed his locker hard scaring the trio before he headed to the door "I will keep an eye for you three, return to your previous behavior and i will come back with more men, guns, and knives." Standing at the door Alexande spoke.

"We will not fail you!" the trio saluted.

Alexander sighed, he then left the room. Once he was away, Ben, Amanda, Jason were amazed.

"Is he gone?!" Amanda said.

"Yes...he is," Ben muttered after her.

"HE IS GONE!!" Jason shouted.

"HELL YEAH!!" Amanda and Ben shouted after him, finally the demon king left. They were so happy...until the door opened again.

Alexander came back and with a straight face "Oh yeah, Ben...Jason is fucking your girl, I saw them having sex the first day i came in." And he fucking left.

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