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Accepting Reality - For New Year, I Wished For A Fun Life But Became An Outworlder Player? - Chapter 4 by Nomed_Forcraziness full book limited free

Chapter 4: Accepting Reality

Before I reached the school, I bought a New Year Cake, a card and Flowers on the way to present it to Angelica.

Now I was standing in front of the school gate.

The name of the school was 'Jericho'. The school was two large buildings.

One was for the middle school and lower classes while the other was for the junior highschool and senior highschool. The buildings itself were very large.

The campus was so big. There was also various sports ground, each for football and for marathon practises. They had all the facilities if explained in a nutshell.

And this school was mainly for the rich so someone like me studying here was not a really good idea.

As I was still standing there, admiring the beauty of the school.

The gatekeeper came towards me after noticing me.

He asked me if I was Mr. Erton, after the confirmation, I was led inside the school then inside the office of the Principal.

Angelica Jericho, the principal was sitting on the chair.

She welcomed me and asked me to sit.

I brought the necessary documents needed for the admission, and the money.

As she was going through my documents, she spoke.

"You look kinda pale and slim.. Did something happened?"

"huh?... No nothing happen"

"hm... You look slimmer than this morning.."

"Oh.. I started exercising just recently.. maybe it's because of that"

Damn.. what a lame excuse.. I don't even know why I said that.

"Is that so.."

She stared at me, then on the documents, after that she kept the documents and took out a form out of her drawer and gave it to me and asked me it fill it up. And after that I nearly forgot about the gifts, I decided to give her now.

"Ah... Hm.. Mrs. Jericho, this is for you"

I handed her the gifts which in a small bag.

She smiled and accepted it.

Then I asked about the fee for the admission.

She thought for a while, and said.

"For you I would like you not to pay for the fee as I know of your condition"

Condition..? What kind of condition?

"hmm... what do you mean by that?"

"you're probably living alone, aren't you?"

"Ya, I am"

"Do your parents still support you..?"


I was silent, Why was my parents brought up in this conversation...

"Looks like I was right, you can take think of it as a New Year gift.."

Okay I understand by what she meant by it, but she doesn't know that I have no problem with money.

"I am sorry but, I would like to pay for the fee.."

After she heard me saying these words, she chuckled.

"And how are you gonna do that? You know the fee is 1.5 million leens, can you afford it?"

My face darkened. This girl seriously, though she was kind, she was also the bossy type.

I sighed, I have 10 million leens right now. So I don't have a problem, but I was bothered was her attitude, looks like know no one is really kind enough.

I get it, after I get enrolled here for free, I would be bullied and would be insulted again because this time I entered a very famous school for free.

She noticed my expression and spoke.

"See... I know you don't have the amount to pay for it, just take the offer as a New Year Gift"

I wanted to reject and go away from here but if I do that, I won't get another school.

So I decided to do it.

I took out 1.5 million leens, then place it on her desk.

She was shocked by it, but maintained her cool.

"Oh... So you're going to pay? But may I know where did you get that money?"

"My grandfather left me a large sum of money.."

"So will you be alright after paying this?"

"Of course"

I smiled.

Noticing this, she smiled back.

"Okay then, looks like we're done for now.."

She stood up, I did the same, then she held out her hand and I did the same, for we did a handshake.

"Welcome to 'Jericho', Nomed"

"Thank you, Mrs. Jericho"



"Call me Angelica"


"It's alright, You can call me Principal at the school but when you meet me outside call me by that name or when we're alone, got it?"

"I got it, Angelica"

I was asked to come again during the middle of this month for my uniform and books.

After that I left the school.


<Angelica's POV>

After I left the hospital, I was busy throughout the day, but managed to make time for the afternoon for someone.

I informed the gatekeeper about that particular person.

As I was sitting in the office, he came.

I was happy because he came for he will join my school.

I checked his results of the previous year, it was pathetic.

I checked his documents, looks like he repeated in the first year twice.

I felt pity for him.

So I decided that I would make his fee free of cost.

I tried to my best to take the offer as a New Year gift.

I know I said harsh things but I wanted him to join here, because even I know that no other school would like to take him as a student.

But when I brought the topic of his parents in the conversation, his face darkened.

It looked like I step on a mine; I didn't mean to do it.

But I wanted him to study here.

I wanted to support him.

I wanted him to be alive.

I know he was just a stranger, but I also know that he had enough hardships in his life.

So I did that, I pushed him to take the offer.

But the next thing what happened, shocked me.

Out of nowhere, he took of the said amount of money.

I was really shocked by it.

But I managed to remain calm.

So I asked him where he got this much of money, of course his parents don't support him anymore financially also, so just how?

Then he said that his grandfather left him large sum of money.

Okay that explains it.

After that I welcomed him again, this time as a student.

I also insisted him on calling me by my first name when we are alone or outside.

I did that because I felt comfortable when I was around him.

It was because he resembles my younger brother, that I did all of that.

Like my younger brother, he too would try to take all the responsibilities from himself.

And Nomed did the same.

After he left, I was still lost in thought.

But did he lose weight?

He looks kinda slim comparing today at the morning.

Well he did say that he exercises.

Anyways, time for work.


<Nomed's POV>

I reached home, and did some shopping before reaching here.

Today I am cooking pork for dinner.

After I finished cooking, I ate my dinner then took a bath, for some reason I was tired, must be because of exercising.

Speaking of it, I haven't completed on task, which was to run 10 km.

But it was late, plus I was sleepy so I decided to go for bed.


It was in the middle of the night, I heard a loud beep.

I woke up from it and saw the screen.

[You've have failed to complete the Daily Quest. Penalty: Survive in the dungeon for 3 hours]


Then suddenly I found myself in a tunnel?

Wait it's a dungeon...


I am in my pyjamas, I was barefoot.

Then again the screen appeared.

[Penalty: Survive for 3 hours. Remaining time: 2 hours 59 minutes 45 seconds]

Are you kidding me..?

Okay so I have to just survive..

So I decided to explore for some time.. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Since I was barefoot, the floor was cold for my feet.

I went on and on..

Wew.. no ending to it.

It felt like hours..

So I checked the remaining time.

[Penalty: Survive for 3 hours. Remaining time: 2 hours 54 minutes 12 seconds]

You know what....

"Are you fucking kidding me?!!"

I was roaming here for hours.. trying to find a way out and only few minutes passed away.

Then I noticed someone.. it looks like he was wearing a robe.

I was excited to see a person.

Luckily I didn't find any monsters, which usually happens in RPG games.

As I ran towards him, I called out.

"Hey Mister?!"

He didn't reply.

I went closer.

Then he noticed me as soon as he turned towards me.

I stopped, I was scared.

The person in from of me was not a human.

Then the Screen appeared, it looks like I automatically used <Appraisal Skill>

<Upper Ghoul>

Level: 129

Strength: 702

Agility: 321

Intelligence: 76

I panicked. It had more level than me, not that I wanted to fight it.

As for me my level was only 1 while the stats were only 10 each.

The <Upper Ghoul> saw me. Just by looking at it, I was felt with fear.

So Am I supposed to do?

I can't fight it.

In order to survive without fighting was only to defend and run.

But I couldn't defend myself. So I decided to run away at full speed.

I ran.

But the Ghoul reached me within 3 seconds.

It hit me on my back with its claws,(or hands).


That hit caused a deep wound on my back, I was bleeding.

I felt on the floor.

Then the <Upper Ghoul> stabbed with its claws on my back.

This time I coughed out blood.

The pain.... was unbearable.

I was crying...

I didn't want to die like this...

I rather wanted a peaceful death...

Then the <Upper Ghoul> tore my arm.

"Ahhhh!!!!! My arm!..... Ah ... ha...haaahh..!!!"

It was so painful.. !

The pain..! the pain! The pain ! the pain ! the pain !

Just kill me already!

I looked at the <Upper Ghoul> , I could see it smile.

'It' was enjoying this, and slowly was biting my torn arm in front of my eyes as food.

Munch! Munch! Crunch! Crunch!

Lot of blood was dripping from 'it's' mouth from eating my arm.

What should I do now...?

Then the <Upper Ghoul> readied it's claws to strike me once more to kill me.

I closed my eyes, ready to accept my death... This was the reality. It was fault for taking things lightly.

So this is how I will die.....

I am sorry Grandpa...for being such a failure... I am so sorry....

Nomed_Forcraziness Nomed_Forcraziness

I hope you liked it.

Please support me.

And also have a wonderful day.

Don't forget to share your thoughts.

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