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42.85% forbidden temptations / Chapter 3: Unfathomable

Unfathomable - forbidden temptations - Chapter 3 by AZURA_ full book limited free

Chapter 3: Unfathomable

She knew who that person was.

Haven stopped in her tracks and beckoned that person to show himself.

"Come out, Ares" Haven smirked knowingly.

That person didn't need to be told for the second time as he appeared before her from the shadows.

Haven has to tilt her head upwards to look at the pitbull of a man who towered over her in all his glory with His muscular arms folded in front of his chest. Two gun holsters were strapped to either side of his leather belt and a knife holster was strapped to his chest behind his tattooed arms. An amuse smirk lingered on his lips. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You always know when am following you..." Ares said in deep thought.

Haven let out a light chuckle.

"Its very difficult to not spot you with that big body of yours" Haven said as a matter of factly.

"..hmm" he nodded at her but the look on his face clearly told that he wasn't buying that excuse.

Haven shrugged nonchantly and decided to change the topic. It wasn't a good idea to let his thoughts run amok or in no time he will figure out her real self.

"So why were you following me like a sneaky cat, Ares?" Asked Haven tried to ask in a jumpy tone as if she was surprised he was following her.

Ares barked a laugh that reverberated throughout the corridor. He was easy to distract.

"I am your bodyguard for Today Haven" he said clearing his throat.

"I thought I didn't need a body guard today since you know.." haven spread her arms to her left and right and continued"...they are every where" the guards.

He shooked his head in denial "It doesn't matter. Most of them on this floor are here in the orders of Don Peitro to protect Aria.They are here just for Aria and they won't move an inch even if someone shots you right in front of them" he mused.

"Fu*king should say they are here to keep an eye on Aria rather than to protect her" Haven humored.

Ares didn't say anything. Why would be say anything when it was the bitter truth. Even before the wedding, the Famiglia are trying to cage Aria like a slave. She didn't even wanted to think how they will treat her once she will be one of them. Their possession. Haven gritted her teeth and tried to not loose her composure in front of Ares.

"Who sent you then? My Bastard of a father?" Inquired Haven.

"Nah! Boss send me after you" he replied.

"Dante Falcone?" Haven prompted as she raised a brow at Ares. She was truly surprised this time. If it was the cold Fish of Dante falcone she knew then it was so unlike him. They were not on good terms because of Aria's wedding. She wondered why he would send someone for her? Dante wasn't a man who wouldn't do anything without ulterior motives.

"Yes, Boss ordered me to follow you." Ares shrugged his shoulder trying to ignore haven's intense stare. Her gaze was just like his boss and always caught him off guard.

"How long have you been following me?" Haven demanded through her gritted teeth.

"Oh..not that long. Since you asked that little boy for the emergency exit?" Ares rubbed his unkept hair as if he wasn't even sure about it himself.

'Dante Bastard..he must have known then what I was up to'

"Did Dante send you to eavesdrop on me? I never thought some one of the calliber of Dante would be as petty as to invade someone's privacy"

"It's not like what you-" Haven cut him short "Then what does that mean Ares?"

"You should give up now haven. I know what you were up to and believe me it's not very wise of you to act like a spoilt child when you know the consequences could result in bloody war."

He was right. She never planned anything without over seeing it's pros and cons and she lready knew that it could lead to a war. There would be a blood bath and many will die. I would be already buried six feet down even before the war starts. Perhaps she was being too selfish thinking about saving her only Kin. But she had no choice. She lost her brother, she can't loose her only sister too.

"Wouldn't you try to do the same for your daughter or sister of you were in my shoes? Wouldn't you try to save them from a monster who does nothing but tortures and kills day and night? Wouldn't you want to see their pretty smiles instead of their dead eyes?" Haven looked straight in Ares's eyes. She smirked as she saw his eyes darken and his body stiffen at the mention of his womens.

'Possessive bastard' Haven thought.

"It's never going to happen" Ares deadpanned trying not to give away any emotion.

"I also hope you and they won't see a day like that." Haven smirked. She purposely said that so Ares loses his shit. Although it was a foolish idea to provoke the pitbull right on his face but he won't do anything to her. She was sure of that.

Haven's eyes zeroed on Ares's fist as he continuously clenched and unclench his iron fists.

'You won't understand unless it comes upon you' She smiled bitterly.

"Haven I know it's not an easy phase for Aria and you and I unders-"

"No! You dont"

Ares leaned closer "I do. I do understand you. You know that the famiglia and Outfit have been enemies since a decade and this wedding will be signed as a peace treaty. Personally, I wasn't in favour of our Aria marrying that bastard but we should look at some positives outcomes as well. This decision will save lots of lives" she knew that "I am not trying to scare you off but you were born in Mafia and you are familiar with the nature of the made men. They all are same. They torture and kill and do every shady business and I am no exception. there won't be a difference if Aria was given to some underboss of Outfit or Famiglia."

He was so damn right. Truth she can't deny. Maybe she would share the very fate as Ares elaborated. Maybe everyone thinks she would be sold as an asset for profit too.

but she was different from Aria. She won't silently let other wove her fate. She would kick and shout, rebell and wreck havoc. if need be, she would not hesitate to kill and snatch the thread of her fate of which she had the right to wove.

Aria had Romero. they could have been together. He was a brutual Assasin but he loved her dearly and he would have never dare hurt her. He wasn't someone who Will merge his work and personal life together and then loose his shit over his wife.

On the day of Aria's engagement, Haven had seen that look in Famiglia monster's eyes. How his dirty eyes were scanning her pure sister and actually eye-Fu*king her. She was sure a monster like him wont wait and force himself on my sister on their wedding night not giving a damn about her consent or her feelings.

"If...only if..." Sameul was alive. She fuc*ing missed him and felt so empty with him. If he was here, he would never let Aria marry that man. He would do anything to protect both of them. Haven thought she was so useless she couldn't do anything.

"Dont self blame. It's not your fault." As if Ares read her thoughts, he tried to comfort her and lessen her burden which he can feel on her shoulders.

Haven stared at Ares's concerned eyes and knew he was being honest when he said he understood her feelings so she decided to cut him some slack. Though she wasn't finished yet. The word 'Giveup' wasn't in her dictionary.

"You are right. Don't worry I won't try to do anything to put innocent lifes at stake" only the women and children. Made men were far from the word innocent and she didn't give a damn about them.

Ares nodded in satisfaction. It wasn't his fault he tried to stop her. Maybe he just wanted some peace in his life too?

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