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78.26% Forever Yours: Red Strings Tied / Chapter 18: Eighteenth Vow: May The Best Man Win I

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Chapter 18: Eighteenth Vow: May The Best Man Win I

Grey relaxed himself as he waited for a message or call from Catherine. He shifted his legs from on top of the stool then to the sides of the chair. He would eat some butter biscuit and drink coffee. Stay at the balcony for a couple of minutes.

"I'm bored."

His phone started ringing and he got up almost immediately. He gaze went from being excited to undeniably annoyed as he saw the caller was the head of his men. "Good morning Mr Kingsley, one of my subordinates reported that the target is with Catherine Obelia."

"Since when?"

"A few hours earlier today, two hours, give or take."

"Where are they?"

"They have been spotted at the mall, 2nd floor, clothing store – Barcelonans."

He was waiting in vain after all. After the short talk today, he was expecting at least a little feedback but she was busy spending it with someone else. "When will you die and get the hell out of the picture Rovanovich?"

He changed into a long near to black, grey coat. A black turtleneck sweater and black pants. He wore black slick shoes as his footwear. He rolled back his hair making his grey eyes pop. He looked heavenly.

Grey then took out his phone to call for his driver. "Cathy's in for a surprise." He smirked. The blonde and black haired males were never together in the same room as the brunette. Unfortunately for Victor, his time is up.

An incoming matte black car stopped before him. A man in his late 50s got out and open the car door. "Good morning Mr Kingsley, where are we going today?"

"To the mall." The man nodded and when he and Grey settled themselves inside. He drove to their next destination with ease. They arrived shortly and Grey fixed his coat. As he stepped inside the mall, all eyes are on him. Even the guys.

He took the escalator to the second floor only to find Catherine and Victor exiting and heading to the shop beside it. He exhaled, smiling from ear to ear. Thrill and dominance filled his system.

He stealthy approached the female when Victor is busy with himself. Catherine and Victor had a good distance apart. She's looking at the new hoodies on sale and he was choosing a new coat for himself.

Victor wouldn't actually buy it for himself. He would give it to her after. A man's coat has more room and is larger than of that of a woman. Winter is coming up. She needs one at best.

Grey stretched out his coat and wrapped it around the unaware Catherine. He covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. After, he dragged her to changing area. "I don't have any money!" She had tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

She looked up only to find Grey. An amused, grinning Grey. "I'm not in it for the money sweetheart." She punched his chest over and over until she felt satisfied. In that moment, she thought she was kidnapped by some psycho.

He held her shivering hands. "I'm sorry Cathy." He cuddled her tightly. "How many times do I have to tell you that don't show up out of the blue?! I don't have the heart for that!"

She inhaled deeply and slapped him on the side of his arm. "Why are you here and what do you want from me? How did you know where I am? Why did you drag me in here?! Victor's going to be worried when I suddenly disappear."

"One question at a time Cathy." Using a handkerchief, Grey wiped the tears on her eyes. "First, I apologize for the awful attempt of kidnapping. I was going to surprise you – surprise!" he made jazz hands.

"The only surprise you'll ever give me is a cardiac arrest or an asthma attack – whichever comes first." She responded exasperatedly calm.

"Okay…" He clasped his hands together. "Second! The three of us will have a little date, since he clearly knows that he is just the best friend part of your life and I will be the better one in this game. You might as well fully acquaint him to me, yes?"

Catherine shook her head. "No! No, no, no. You and Victor will only squabble like little kids, fighting over who gets the candy and it's annoying. I want to have some quality time with myself. Thanks, but no thanks. Period."

She planned to get out of the stuffy place on for Grey to block her way. "Oh come on! What is it now?"

"I refuse your refusal. Since you are going to him now, I will join you. It'll be fun Cathy! Lighten up a bit." He pinched her cheeks. "I promise to behave and will not scare you."

She sighed. Catherine wanted to say no but she knows Grey will try to make his plan work one way or another. It would be futile if she would continue to resist something inevitable. "Fine! Be nice to Victor!"

"Yes Obelia." He cooed.

"You better Kingsley."

They got out and headed to the place they left Victor. They found him shouting at his phone. "Victor!"

He ran up to her quickly. "Rosie! Oh my god! Please tell me next time you disappear! What's up with you scaring me today?" He saw Grey behind her waving hello at him.

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"I'm sorry Victor, I just saw something I like over there." She nervously laughed. "Yes, and that something would be me. Surprise Rovanovich." Grey placed his head on top of hers and his hands on her shoulders.

Victor looked at him from head to toe. Showing clearly his distaste. "The heck you want?" He wouldn't curse in front of Catherine. It would ruin his good image of him.

"Now, now Rovanovich. You sure do pack a punch today, hm?" Grey returning the same gesture he did to him.

"Don't make me repeat myself Kingsley. Rosie and I are busy, so find yourself some other person to entertain you" Catherine chimed in the conversation. "Victor, don't be too um, aggressive."

'I meant to say hostile but aggressive works too.' Catherine thought. "Yes Victor, don't be too aggressive on me." The thread of Victor's rationality snapped. He said in a low voice. "Ten seconds."

Grey taunted. "Ten seconds of what? Throw a tantrum in front of Cathy? You're not a kid anymore."

A red flag. Definitely a red flag. Catherine intervened before shit's about to go real. She tried to coax her raging best friend by holding both of his hands and placing them around her and caressed his back.

"Let's calm down Victor okay? Calm down, Vic, calm down." She internally prayed. 'Please calm down, I don't want another trip to the police station.' He responded to her embrace and watched Grey.

He mouthed the words. 'Fuck you Kingsley.'

Grey clapped back. 'Fuck you too Rovanovich.'

She unclasped herself from him and tried to change the mood. "Since we are all here, we should find a place to eat, ah, um, you know, to soothe our spirits and stomachs." Such an awful attempt but she'll manage.

Grey scoffed. "Yes, we should go. I'm up for brunch." He enthusiastically said. 'No one asked Kingsley.' Victor kept his words to himself.

As they walked to the nearest diner. Victor held Catherine's waist closing their distance. Grey grabbed her hand and stuffed it inside his coat. Catherine felt suffocated in between them. 'This lying douche, promising me that he'll behave. Lies.'

The people looked their way. Two handsome men and a lady. They didn't mind Catherine. They were more focused on Victor and Grey. A person from the university went up to them.

"Hey Grey! It's me, Marie."

The blonde took no moment further. "Oh? Will you look at that Kingsley, a friend of yours appeared. You should go with her and we should best be on our way." Grey knew which strings to pull.

"Cathy, you wouldn't mind waiting for me right? This will only take a minute." Grey smiled. She looked at Victor then back at him. 'What the heck should I say?'

"Um, Victor, since it will only be a minute, it should be fine right?" The blonde scowled and the black haired male smirked in victory. He turned to Marie. "What is it Marie?"

"I just came to say hi and…" She saw that the brunette's hand is in Grey's coat. "You got yourself a girlfriend now?" She was confused because the other man beside her had his arm around her waist.

"No." Victor said. "What?" Catherine answered. "Yes." Grey replied. They all said in unison. They looked at each other.

"What do you mean yes?" Catherine and Victor questioned. "What do you mean no?" Grey raised a brow. They said their statement in perfect sync.

The girl, Marie, sweat dropped and moved awkwardly. "I'll take that as a work in progress. I should go." She excused herself and the trio went on battling about the situation as they reached the diner.

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Hi doggos, hope you enjoyed today's release, sorry for being out oo long so busy with studies yikes, also I received my contract yeeeey : 3

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