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Chapter 5: Fifth Vow: Rival Takes Over

The man smirked matching his pace, this is the man who he saw in the report on of his stated. The blonde man had eyes on Catherine for the last two years. They reported once every week who she was with and all her interactions with men. "Ah, Grey Kingsley. I didn't know you and Rosie were a 'thing'." He said with distaste.

"You see, me and my friends here just stopped by to grab a bite. I am Victor Amadeus Rovanovich. I'm sure you have heard about me." He reached out his hand. Grey gladly shook it with a tight grip. He smirked at his new rival.

Catherine clarified. "Grey, calm down sheesh. He is my best friend-" Grace interrupted. "You have someone before me?!"

"Yes Grace, I may be an introvert but I'm not a total loner." Her comment made Victor laugh. "I do hope Catherine will introduce me to you in a more appropriate place next time." Victor examined Grey from head to toe. 'I am clearly better Rosie.' "So Rosie, your number is still the same right?" Catherine nodded.

"I'll call you later okay?" Catherine hugged him earnestly. He placed his hand on her head, patting it slowly. "We'll catch up in a much better time okay? It was supposed to be a surprise. Too bad, we met here." Catherine chuckled removing herself from Victor. "Okay, we'll be going home now though."

Grey interrupted their conversation. He just couldn't contain his anger and jealousy any further. He couldn't even breathe in the same space as Victor. He knew Victor as the son and heir of the Rov Electronics. One of the biggest manufacturers in the game. He could rival his wealth. They were on the same page.

"Cathy needs to go home no Victor. I hope you understand. Don't keep your friends waiting, go have fun." It is evident on his face a pang of hate and envy. Catherine held Grey's hand emphasizing that they really have to go. Catherine needed to separate Grey and Victor.

Victor is taken aback by Catherine's gesture. She held Grey's hand. In front of him. The man who stayed with Catherine in everything. 'It wouldn't be long before I separate this bastard from my Rosie.' He sighed. "Alright then Rosie, get home safely." He hugged Catherine one last time while looking at Grey with a mocking smirk on his face. Grey tried his best to suppress his urge to punch Victor's face. On top of that, he kissed Catherine's forehead before letting her go.

'Why you son of a bitch?!' Grey took Catherine's hand and called Grace. They have to leave. Now.

Grace didn't pay attention to the trio's heated argument. She busied herself talking to one of Victor's friends. "Grace! Let's go!" Grace nodded. "Bye boys, call me Mark." She winked at Mark before joining Catherine and Grey.

They got inside the car and the ride home is filled with tension that needed to be released. When they arrived, Grace went inside first leaving Catherine and Grey to talk. Grey looked at Catherine with fury hinted in his eyes. Catherine looked at his eyes for a split second before looking at the ground. She didn't know how to respond to Grey. She didn't even realize what went wrong.

Grey let out a frustrated sigh. "Cathy... You know I am pursuing you and I know that you that I am serious in what I do. So why did you hug him front of me?" Grey tried his best to calm himself. He didn't want to overwhelm the brunette, knowing the fact that they aren't an official couple. He doesn't have any legit ground to be angry.

"I don't understand why you are so angry? It was just a friendly hug from the guy who's been my friend for more than a decade." Catherine answered.

"Friendly? If you saw how he looked at you, I wouldn't call it friendly."

"Well I'm sorry if that's how you saw it but we are friends Grey. Friends. That's it. He doesn't even like me that way. He made it clear to me."

"Enlighten me how he made it clear Cathy." He just couldn't right now with anyone. He needed to punch something or maybe beat to death a certain someone. "He never really made a move on me, besides he's engaged with someone. He told two years ago before he left."

Grey sighed in relief. Knowing that, Catherine will totally think that her and Victor will nothing more than friends. "Fine, I'll accept that for now. I have to go. Get head inside." Before Grey could turn his back on her, Catherine grabbed his hand.

"Grey, before you go tell me why meeting him got you so upset. You can't just say that 'I'm pursuing you' bs. We aren't even a real couple yet."

Grey's anger simmered down a few notches. 'Yet?' He thought. His sly smirk made Catherine cover her mouth. "Yet huh? So you'll really say yes in the future." He chuckled. He held both of Catherine's hands. "I am angry Cathy because he might try something on you. He might steal you away from me and I don't want that. I know we aren't a real couple but I'm trying to make this work. I'm trying to make us work."

Catherine looked at Grey. She saw sincerity, vulnerability and sadness. She saw Grey's emotions in the purest form. Guilt filled her stomach. "I'm sorry Grey. We only just met a couple of days and you are taking things too fast. It's too much for me." She couldn't look Grey in the eyes anymore or else she might cry.

"I'm sorry Cathy... We'll take things slowly okay? Just promise me that you'll set a proper distance from Victor." What Grey would've like to say is for her to permanently cut Victor off her life but he couldn't do that to his Cathy. He doesn't want to upset her even more.

Catherine sighed. She couldn't just reject Grey right when he is being sincere. "Fine, I'll do that..." Grey let go of her hands and hugged her. "Cathy, I'm being overprotective because I like you, keep that in mind." He wiped off her forehead using his jacket and kissed her after. He needed to wipe the traces of Victor from her.

They stayed hugging for a few minutes. Catherine hated to admit it but she felt secure in his arms. She broke the hug because he needed to go home. It's very late in the evening after all. "You should go home now Grey, it's late." He touched her cheek. "Yeah, I'll go now. Bye Cathy." He hugged her once more before going inside the car. Catherine waved goodbye and got inside when Grey's car is out of her sight. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the far corner of the neighborhood, a man in black messaged his boss using a worn out phone "Boss, the target has left young mistress's household. I got his plate number. Orders now boss." On the other line, Victor face burned with wrath. He is fuming. "No don't go after him. I'll be the one handling him. Go back now."

Victor ended the call and stared at his phone. He clenched it hard.

"I never should've left you Rosie."

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