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4.34% Forever Yours: Red Strings Tied / Chapter 1: First Vow: The Appearances

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Forever Yours: Red Strings Tied original

Forever Yours: Red Strings Tied

Author: yourbestmomfriend

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Chapter 1: First Vow: The Appearances

The very same flashback from five months ago haunt him still. It was prior to the very little interaction he had with dear Catherine. It was funny because she wasn't even directly talking to him and yet it made him stop in his tracks. Pondering minutes turned to hours.

"She saw right through me." A bashful face with a hint of fear and longing. His gray eyes shined.

"Must be very tiring, huh?" The words from five months ago just couldn't seem to slip away.

The very sentence made Matthew Grey Kingsley ran through his mind over and over. He spread his arms wide across his majestic king size bed. His head with series of questions he could not fathom. He just couldn't bring himself to release what he was feeling because if he did, disaster awaits for everyone and everything his wrath conquers.

The façade that he worked so hard in perfecting was wrecked by Catherine Rose Obelia. Her statement squeezed Grey's stomach with uneasiness. He needed time to recollect himself. How did Catherine see right through. He is fascinated by Catherine's bluntness. It showed no lie and it is true. What made her see?

He didn't need sleep. He needed answers.

"Maybe then I'll find out that she can control me and demons." He huffed. The smug smile had a little hope in them. A new change of pace would be nice for someone as him. He'll just wait and see for himself in a couple of weeks worth of observation.

Their asymptotic world finally overlapped. The fateful day finally came when their fates intertwined. The thing is, he just didn't expect to meet her there. It will always be at the place where he would least expect it.

When the strings are tied and the cogs started working.

Matthew Grey Kingsley is surrounded by the so called labeled 'friends'. The boring topics and wacky nonsense they displayed bore him. He needed to put up with them for appearances anyway. He is yet to succeed the multiple companies the Kingsleys hold. Being the only son, he is showered with riches and fame but never the genuine warmth of another.

"Please excuse me for while, I need to go the bathroom."

"Sure man, hurry up and come back."

Of course, that was a lie. Grey didn't need to go to the bathroom. He got out of the restaurant they were currently dining in and walked to a nearby park. The people there were obviously drunk so maybe they might have forgotten all about him by now. He sat by a bench and saw a girl. If he was not mistaken that was a classmate of his or whatnot.

The girl sat at one of the swings and stared at the ground. She is so deep in thought. The night is silent and cold and the park lights seem to go dim and flicker.

"I remember tears streaming down your face when I said 'I'll never let you go'" The girl sang slowly and full of emotion. The verse she sang sent shivers down Grey's spine. It was lovely. The girl continued to sing into the night until a woman with a tight black dress showed up. The woman indeed is loud, her slurs and banter ruined the mood of the silent night.

"Hey~" The woman slurred and put her arm over the girl's neck.

"Cathy~ I'm sorry you had to pick me up today." The woman let out a hiccup and swayed her body side to side.

"I'm so good at dancing Cathy, hey listen up. I'm so thankful having you here. Ya know..." Another hiccup. "Sorry you had to pick me up here." The woman hysterically laughed. "Good thing I had enough strength to get here."

It's finally the girl who had to speak. "C'mon Grace, time for us to go back to the apartment."

"No!" The woman stubbornly stomped her foot and sat on the ground; she began to cry. "I hate myself so much! I don't know what to do now Cathy! You were right all along. Daniel's a fucking cheater, hope he fucking gets STDs and dies of AIDS, that selfish motherfucker."

Catherine sat on the ground as well and hugged her troubled best friend tightly. She gave Grace small pats on the back to help her calm down. She didn't utter a single word. She let her best friend pour her hurt and sorrow.

"Oh Cathy! Cathy! Cathy!" Grace cried like there was no tomorrow. "Daniel Cooper, that fucking bastard! Hope you rot in hell bitch!" She pushed Catherine away so that they will face each other. "Ya know Cathy, he thinks I'll come for his side hoe. I'm prettier than all his side hoes combined! I'm better off without him, right?"

Catherine nodded and hugged her again. "Seriously Cathy, what would I do without you?" It took a couple of minutes to calm Grace down and when she did, Catherine had trouble carrying her to a bench so that she can book themselves a ride home.

Grey listened to the whole conversation Grace and Catherine. 'It's Catherine!' The girl that did a number on him finally made an appearance, even when they were not alone. At the very least, the drunk one will not be a problem.

Catherine headed towards the bench Grey sat on. When she finally got there, she took out her phone and booked a ride that will reach their place for 30 minutes.

Catherine sat closer to Grey so that Grace can lie down. Catherine placed Grace's head on top of her lap and patiently waited.

The silence was broken because of a sudden phone call coming from Grey. Grey furrowed his eyebrows and rejected it immediately. He then went back to enjoying the eeriness of the park.

Catherine suddenly spoke "Must be very tiring, huh? Keeping up appearances and such." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Catherine knew who the person she sat beside with. She just didn't anticipate to let her thoughts got out of her mouth. She instantly covered her mouth and faced the other way. Catherine's mind is muddled by what might happen, she hated confrontation.

Grey had his eyes wide open and looked at Catherine who faced away from him. That is truly unexpected.

He cleared his throat and asked, "How can you say that? Was it that obvious then?"

'You said the very same thing back then.' The feeling of exhilaration kicked in.

It took a few moments before she answered, "You are constantly surrounded by people but your eyes seemed lonely. They think your happy with them because you smile but it all for show."

Grey covered his mouth. His heart is racing, his senses heightened. He is overwhelmed. It was true. There was no hint of lies. Even back then and now she saw right through his mask. It never occurred to him that this day had finally arrived. The day where someone will see right through his empty gaze with full confirmation and with no second thoughts.

"I'm sorry. I know it's none of business. My thoughts got ahead of me."

"Look at me."

Catherine looked at Grey's gray eyes. He is handsome without a doubt. Too handsome. Handsome, smart and rich - such a dangerous combination. "I know that you know who I am but I know you only by your name. You interest me Catherine. You're right about everything. It's so boring being with them, smiling for no reason." He tsked. "In my world everything is as gray as my eyes. I needed to keep a good image, for future use that's all."

"Oh, um, ah, okay..." Catherine is unsure of what to say.

"No need to stutter from me. You intrigue me, you know that? I'll acknowledge you." Grey answered swiftly. He already did but he needed to play and act. A hint of excitement in his eyes. "As fast as this is, we might as well skip the latter no?"

'Let's just skip the whole thing. The five months of uncertainty needs to be quenched.'

Catherine stared wide-eyed at Grey. "What?!" She cleared her throat. "Um, pardon? I think you and I won't work out, you know. I mean, you're a rich guy and I'm just some girl. This will never work out."

"How so?" Grey flashed her his devilish smirk. "Cathy, you know, no one has ever said those words you ever said to me. No one saw the Grey behind his mask. Only you, Cathy, only you." He moved a few inches closer to Catherine. "This is quite the unexpected place to show my true self. Let alone be revealed by the person I least expected. So, I plan on keeping you company."

"Um, ah, Mr. Kingsley. I think you got the wrong person here."

He slyly laughed to himself. "No, I got the right person, Ms. Obelia"

"Do prepare yourself, I'm not the type to hold back to get what I want." Just like from back then, this time there will be no more regrets and hesitation.

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