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Chapter 3: Third Vow: Sweets and Smiles

Grey watched Catherine eat all the food they ordered. She wasn't a messy eater all. He found it satisfying watching her eat it all away. Money well spent indeed. Catherine felt eyes on her every since she starting gobbling down all the food but it didn't faze at all. She was hungry and Grey paid for everything even though she didn't like the notion that he'll pay for everything. Grey insisted that he will.

Grey smiled all the way until Catherine ate everything. He drank his Americano and leaned back. He let out a deep chuckle. "How adorable Cathy. You should see how cute you are eating everything. We should go on dates in places like this more often." Catherine placed the macaroon the half-eaten cookie on the table. She stopped eating for a moment and looked at Grey wide-eyed. 'This is most certainly not a date.'

"We aren't dating Grey." She said in a serious tone. Grey answered sharply. "Not yet, but you'll say yes anyway in the long run, why not make it soon then? We shouldn't waste any more time. And most absolutely, you shouldn't spend any more time with unimportant people." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Wow, you're that sure I'll say yes to you?"

Grey hummed. "I mean, who wouldn't?"


Grey froze for a moment then put down his cup and faced Mirana seriously. It is now his turn to face her seriously but played it out with a playful smirk. "I mean every word Cathy. I hope you understand that. Sure, I have some baggage but don't we all?"

Catherine stared back at Grey with calculating eyes. "I know, but you can't control my life. Look Grey, I think you're just confused yes? I think we're better off as friends. I mean you'll find someone better than me in this lifetime." Catherine tried to reason out with Grey but he only laughed at her.

"Don't get me wrong Cathy. I'm not trying to control your life." 'Yet.' He thought. "I'm just trying to let you see that you're better off with me."

Catherine couldn't contain her laughter anymore. Her laugh baffled Grey. It would seem that Catherine didn't take Grey seriously at all. "I'm sorry, I'm so-" She continued to laugh. Grey could only stare at her. He is rendered speechless. He just couldn't figure out what made her laugh. He meant every word he said. He broke.

Catherine's laughter soon died out and she tried to face Grey. She cleared her throat. "I'm sorry for that. I didn't know you were that confident huh? I know you have it all and I couldn't even match you even if I tried. What made you think that I would be better off with you better yet, can't even try to reject. I did it once. I could do it again."

'I just can't with this man. His head is so full of himself, it's funny. I just can't even. Wait until I tell Grace everything.' Catherine couldn't wait to go home and tell Grace.

It took a few seconds before it the words of rejection registered in Grey's mind. The silence made Catherine feel uncomfortable and made her stomach churn of worry. She lost her appetite to eat. Grey stared at the cup which he put down. He looked up to Catherine with serious eyes with a hint of a little psychotic aura. His smile sent shivers to Catherine's spine. "And what made you think I'd accept your rejection?" He chuckled deeply. "I wouldn't take no for an answer Cathy. You know that very well. Besides, no one can fill my space you know?" He winked at her.

Catherine sighed in relief. For a second there, she thought some shit is about to go down. 'Maybe Grey zoned out because it is his first rejection.' It was wrong. It wasn't his first rejection. He was always been neglected by the people around him when he was young. He hated the feeling of rejection especially if it came from Catherine, the only person who saw who Grey really is or what he is really feeling.

"I guess no matter what I do, you'll do whatever it takes to make me give in." Grey nodded in agreement. No, he couldn't agree more. The seemingly innocent smile from before never left his face. "Why would settle for me when you can find someone better? There's a lot of fish in the sea. Besides, they would say yes to you in a heartbeat. Even throw their clothes along with it." The last comment made Grey chuckle in delight. "Apparently I hate those kind of people. They only want money, fame and everything in between. I'm quite a romantic believe it or not."

"Fortunately for you, I'd settle for you because I genuinely like you."

"A romantic? You? Your face really don't show that." Grey placed a hand on his chest and pretended to be offended, "Of course, I know very much how to please a lady."

"Yeah right lover boy. You know I won't give in easily. Yes, even to you Matthew Grey Kingsley. I'd like to give all of my firsts to the person who actually likes me. Not someone who'll bother me out of sheer boredom."

"First of all, I didn't approach you out of boredom. If anything you came to me."

"How? I mean yes, I sat at the bench you sat on because Grace needed to lie down for a while because the cab would arrive for 30 minutes. Not all of us have a car you know."

Before Grey could answer, one of the employees came to them. "Sorry to disturb but the store will close early today. Manager's orders ma'am and sir." They looked at time. It is 8 PM already. Catherine didn't notice the time nor did Grey. "Of course, we understand. One favor, we would like to order a takeout for two hot chocolate. Large. Also two boxes of chocolate chip cookies and another two boxes of chocolate-filled macaroons."

"Yes sir, right away." The employee took his black card and registered everything. Grey looked at Catherine who is staring at shock. "Yes, I believe I told you I've been craving for something sweet."

"Then why did you order an Americano and let me eat everything?"

"It was satisfying watching you eat."

Catherine held her arm and shrugged awkwardly. 'Yup, this guy is weird.' After a few minutes of waiting, the employee came to them with everything Grey ordered and his flashy black card. They got out of the establishment. Grey got confused for a moment because when he reached his car Catherine headed to the bus waiting area.

"Hey Cathy! Where are you going? I'll give you a ride home. No need to wait for the bus, it's late."

"No need! I always take the bus home."

Grey put down the food he had inside his car and sprinted to Catherine. He held her hand. "Hey, let go. I told you already I'll ride the bus home."

"No, it's late. It's dangerous at this very hour."

Catherine tried to free herself from Grey's grasp but he is just too strong. They got to the car and Grey opened the seat up front. Catherine got inside and sighed. 'I really didn't want to go home with him because he'll know where I live.' Catherine thought darkly. 'There's no helping it then.' Catherine told Grey her address when he got inside the vehicle. He gave the other hot chocolate to Catherine and she gratefully thanked him.

A happy Grey drove Catherine home slowly. He savored his time with her, the cups of hot chocolate were empty. Catherine's eyes began to tire and before she knew it she fell asleep. When they arrived at the apartment building, Grey slowly shook Catherine. He moved closer to her and whispered to her ear.

"We're here Cathy~" His voice echoed inside Catherine's mind and she is instantly awake. She playfully slapped Grey's arm. "What the heck Grey! First the library and now this." Grey only laughed and Catherine got out. He gave her the other box of macaroons and cookies.

Catherine looked at him confused. "What? I thought these were for you?". He answered. "No, the other boxes are mine. I want you to think of me when you eat those." Catherine laughed at him. "Yes sir, whatever you say. I'll be heading inside now. Bye and thanks for the ride and oh, the cookies."

Grey bid farewell to her and watched her get inside. He felt very happy with Catherine despite the banter they had earlier.

At the airport, a prestigious man with strawberry blonde hair paired with beautiful blue eyes smiled at his phone. It was a picture taken two ago when he left for France. It was a picture of him and Catherine hugging. "I can't believe it took so long for me to come back here. Wait for me Rosie. I'm coming."

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