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Good Friends - Forever Yours - Chapter 10 by Lonely_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 10: Good Friends

In their high school days, An Ran had once asked Mu Chen what he wanted to become. At that time she thought that Mu Chen would say he wanted to become a professor and researcher like his father. Not only was his IQ high, but he also had the background. All three of his father's siblings were professors or researchers in different fields. Mu Chen's mother was also a professor in the arts faculty of a prestigious college. But Mu Chen had been quiet for a long time before giving an unexpected answer. "Animation and Special Effects", he said.

Hearing that, An Ran was speechless for a long time. During those years, the industry of special effects and 3D animation had just started taking shape. The technology was expensive and not very developed. So, most students would not choose it as a career.

Not only did Mu Chen make a bold choice back then, but he also managed to achieve what he wanted. An Ran admired him even more now.

Yes! Admire. A person like Mu Chen should just be admired from a distance. Just like how a fan admires her idol. From now on she would be his no. 1 fan! Thinking of this, An Ran felt all the heaviness in her heart disappear. Feeling all the emotions in her heart settle, all the nervousness she felt from before also subsided.

Looking at Mu Chen, she smiled and said, "Congratulations! I really didn't expect you to achieve what you said."

Mu Chen looked at her in confusion. "What did I say?"

"Your career. You really succeeded! I heard how good your company, XingLing is doing."

Mu Chen looked taken aback, but it only lasted for a fraction of a second and then went back to normal. An Ran was so caught up in talking that she didn't notice this small change in Mu Chen's expression. When She finally looked at him, she saw him looking at her. "What?"

Mu Chen picked up his drink and took a sip, then said, "Turns out you are not completely heartless. At least you kept track of news about me."

This time it was Tang An Ran's turn to be taken aback. 'Heartless? Me? Between you and me, who's more heartless, do we still need to discuss?'

Rolling her eyes, she looked at Mu Chen.

"I only knew about this a few weeks ago! Besides, you didn't keep track of me either."

Saying that An Ran also picked up her newly filled glass and gulped it down in a single shot.

Then she leaned back on her seat and massaged her throbbing forehead with her fingers. 'Ahh! I really need to cut down on alcohol!'

A few moments passed but there was no sound from the person sitting beside her. She turned to look at him and found him deep in thought. His eyes were unfocused, lips tightly pursed together and looking down. His whole person radiated heavy loneliness. Tang An Ran was shocked by the ridiculousness of her own thinking. She was definitely hallucinating.

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She reached out her hand and gave Mu Chen a light push on his arm. "Hey! Are you still here?"

Mu Chen broke out of his 'lonely man' state and said, "You are indeed heartless!"


'Are you itching for a beating?', An Ran thought. Then all of a sudden she realized something.

The way they were interacting just now, wasn't it just like how they used to during those years?

She felt a burst of happiness in her heart. This was good! This was good enough! At least they could be good friends again, just like then. All the bitterness she felt in these six years vanished. She loved him, but it didn't mean Mu Chen had to love her back. She had already loved him for so many years. Although he was the perfect person in her heart, he still wasn't worth wasting her whole life for. He already had someone in his heart. It really was time for her to move on. From now on, she would just think of him as a good friend and an idol.

"Have you already started working?", Mu Chen asked.

"No. My studio isn't ready yet. I just started renovating my new home. One of the 3 bedrooms will be made into a studio, but I'm still far from it. I have only just decided on the wallpapers and furnishings. Once the wallpapers done, I will start with the studio. The rest can wait."

"Oh......Did you.... go back home after coming back?"

"Not yet. I didn't have time. I will probably go back next week. Why?"

"I just asked casually....Ahh..right! I might need your help."

'What's with this sudden change in topic?', An Ran thought. Mu Chen was really acting weird tonight.

"My help? doing what?"

Mu Chen seriously explained to her the recent project he had gotten.

"Its a promotional video for a famous battle-arena game. Although this game has it's own theme music, they wanted the music in the video to be completely different from the original. Our company came up with several demos, but none of them seems right. You are a music producer. Although your genre is completely different, you can still tell which is the best and where we can improve, right?"

An Ran took some time to think. The best kind of music that suited gaming was energetic and catchy music, but it must also not overpower the other sound effects. So, it was best to use different types of music in different parts of the game. It was best if the music was not repetitive. She had to first understand the game before thinking of this problem.

"Alright! As your good friend, I will reluctantly help you then!"

As she said this, she had a bright smile on her face and her eyes were sparkling like the starriest night sky.

".....Good friend?"

"Yup! Why? Are we not good friends?", An Ran felt a little down. 'Don't tell me he is unwilling to even be friends?'

"......hmm. Good friends." A faint smile appeared on Mu Chen's lips.

Just then, Meng Jie pulled Tang An Ran away. Nobody noticed Mu Chen's eyes turn desolate as he looked at his phone.

Lonely_Moon Lonely_Moon

A big thank you to everyone for reading my novel. I just finished my exams and couldn't upload earlier. Sorry! Please continue supporting me. God of Inspiration, please bless me!!!!

Please follow my instagram page : @author_lmoon

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