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8% Forging my Legend in One Piece / Chapter 6: A Monkey Got My Arm

A Monkey Got My Arm - Forging my Legend in One Piece - Chapter 6 by Zhouzifeng77 full book limited free

Chapter 6: A Monkey Got My Arm

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" So you haven't died, but did you have to bleed everywhere? Your blood is going to make this room stink. "

As Shalria looked down at me in my ruined state, I sighed to myself, bowing my head to look ashamed I waited until Shalria turned around.

" Come, I have guest over, and you will entertain us for the evening. After that display a week ago, I hope you don't disappoint. "

Nodding, I followed behind Shalria as my mind raced. It had been a week. Was this how monks meditated for days on end.

Back in the arena, I armed myself with another katana while Shalria and her guest watched me from above. ' Saint Rosward, another piece of shit that needs to disappear off the face of the earth.'

-Near the World Nobles-

" Shalria, are you sure about this one? He looks like a stiff breeze will end his miserable life. You could have bought three other humans with the money you spent on him. "

Shalria huffed, " Do not pretend to be worried about my spending, father. I used my own money. And this one seems to have a spine. I might use him to test out new forms of torture. You'll see. "

-Back To Soren-

I gripped my sword tighter, one of the iron doors, opened as a sizeable sword-wielding monkey stepped into the ring. Covered in scars, it wielded two small short swords, but both were larger than my entire body.

I recognized the animal from the anime. They were Humandrills from Kuraigana Island. They were incredibly intelligent, able to learn complete fighting forms just from seeing it once.

There was no chance I was going to leave this pit unharmed, so with katana in hand. I made the first move charging the two humandrills.

Meeting me halfway, the monkey tried to bisect me. Ducking, I could feel the wind from the sword pass over my head.

Rolling away from the humandrills next follow up attack, that was how it went for a while—me using my Haki to dodge all of its attacks with a hair's breadth to spare.

If I didn't win, Shalria would probably have me tortured. That fear fueled me, pushing my Kenbunshoku Haki past its one-meter limit to a whole whopping 1and a half meters.

That extra fifty centimeters gave me some breathing room. I even had time to bring up my sword to block the Humandrill. It was my life on earth all over again. The Humandrill sent me flying into the wall of the arena.

Pulling myself out of the hole, I winced and looked to see my left arm was limp at my side. With one less limb, I had no chance of winning.

Using my sword as a cane, I groaned when I saw the Humandrill galloping towards me, preparing for a last-ditch attack. I flipped my blade, so I was holding it in a reverse grip.

Bending my knees, I was ready to die, but I would go out doing everything I could to take the ape with me.

Steadying my breath, I tensed my legs before kicking the ground, propelling myself at the ape in a straight line.

I could feel my blade pass through flesh, and my momentum carried me past the ape. I smiled as the ape collapsed as blood began to pour from the wound on its chest.

But my celebration was short-lived as I clutched my stump of an arm, my legs gave out from underneath me like rubber.

I wanted to laugh, but I spat up blood instead, ' I'm dying already. I guess I'll see if the old man has any of that ambrosia left. '

Before I could close my eyes for the last time, someone stood over me, blocking the sun. Through the haze, I could see Shalria standing over me with something in her hand.

" Don't take my generosity for kindness. If you choose to live, eat this and thank your ancestor's worm. "

Shalria tossed me a large mango, but it was completely red and covered in blue veins. With the energy I had left, I grabbed the fruit before taking a small bite.

As the small piece of fruit made its way into my stomach, I wanted to die even more, but my disgust was replaced by wonder as I suddenly knew the devil fruit's name and powers.

Like a timelapse, my wounds started to heal, small cuts sealing in a few seconds. My stump also stopped bleeding, and the blood soaking my shirt was absorbed back into my body.

Walking over to my severed arm, I pressed it against my stump, and my muscles bulged to clamp down on the arm and hold it in place.

In a few seconds, my arm was healed. I could move it, but the nerves had yet to heal completely, so it was still numb.

" I hope you realize what I've had to waste on you, take him to the torture room and wait for me. I need to prepare. " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Following her orders, her servants dragged me into a different room inside the mansion. I didn't even recognize all the torture devices inside the room.

The guards chained me to the wall before locking the door behind them. Even though my near future would be full of pain, my luck was insurmountable.

That bitch had made a horrible mistake before I was determined to survive my four years of slavery, but now I had become unkillable.

Or the closets to it, the Niku Niku no Mi, or flesh fruit, gave me the power to manipulate my body as I wish down to the cellular level, turning me into a Cell Human.

As long as one of my cells survived, I could regenerate my entire body, though that could take months.

It wasn't long before Shalria opened the door to the torture chamber dress in her regular bubble outfit, " Today, you cost me a valuable devil fruit, you useless worm. I won't have to hold back. No matter what I do, you'll heal in a few days. So let's begin. "

Zhouzifeng77 Zhouzifeng77


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