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Chapter 13 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 13 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

Over the next several months, Ivo continued to continually increase the size of his core. In addition, he constantly trained with his sister and after a few weeks the first results appeared, which were displayed in the status window of Ivo and Vesta.

During this time, many people in the tribe said that the southerners began to raid the tribes that lived in the meadows, but when the first snow fell, these horsemen did not appear again. These raids did not greatly affect the Raven tribe, as they lived in the forest, and the horsemen operated only in the meadows.

Analyzing all this, Ivo suggested that most likely the inhabitants of the southern lands decided to reduce the threat from the meadow tribes. Since after winter, the tribes in the meadows will have very little food and, according to tradition, every spring, they organized raider campaigns to the southern lands. Ivo believes that whoever came up with this plan is either a genius or a madman, because although some tribes have several conflicts, all 13 tribes may well unite to eliminate such a threat.

But Ivo was not interested in this so far, in contrast to the upcoming ceremony.

When he was 6 years old, his mother and father gave him a spear made from a hundred-year-old silver apple tree, using a bear's tooth as a tip.

It was a good spear, it was comfortable to hold and Ivo really liked this weapon.

In addition, since reaching the age of six, Ivo finally made progress in improving his breathing technique, he reached 15 points, thereby providing himself with better quality energy. His statistics looked like this.


Name: Ivo son of Kato

House: Kato

Age: 6

Race: Human (90%); Lesser Junior Titan (10%)

Strength: 8 (+ 2)

Dexterity: 9 (+ 2)

Stamina: 15 (+3)

Magic Affinity: 20 + (5)

Magic Capacity: 63/63 (+47)

Energy type: Natural Energy

FP (Fantasy Points): 24


Traveler's Weak Breath (Extraordinary)

Weak Breath of Nature (Rare)

Lesser Natural Fire (Rare)

Now his fire has become very stable and can already be used for attack. In addition to training, Ivo also tried to gain as many FPs as possible, for example, because he improved his technique to the level of (Extraordinary), he received 10 FP, and the remaining points he got by helping others. Help your mother prepare food, clean the house, fulfill someone's request, etc.

Although these actions only brought in 0.1 ~ 0.3 FP, there were a lot of such cases, so in a few months, Ivo was able to accumulate 24 points.

And then winter came, a cheerful mood appeared in the tribe, how wonderful it would be if the tribe had something similar to alcohol, but unfortunately, they do not have it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-13_52531295468713457">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-13_52531295468713457</a> for visiting.

Today Ivo was dressed better than usual. At his mother's insistence, instead of his usual leather things, he donned a skirt and a bandage thrown over his right shoulder and torso made of tiger hair. Around his neck was a necklace of several teeth and a small crow's skull in the middle. Well, in his right hand he had a bone bracelet with a beautiful pattern on the bones. Instead of the usual straw sandals, he wore sandals trimmed with pieces of leather. And with this look, Ivo, holding his spear in his hand, along with his parents and sister, went to the clearing, where the ceremony would take place.

Arriving at the clearing, Ivo saw many people who had gathered here to watch the ceremony and support the participants. Ivo noticed in the crowd about 30 boys and girls, who were dressed in the same flashy clothes as he was.

Examining the crowd, Ivo saw a shaman come out in the center of this glade along with the leader. The leader waved his hand and all conversation in the crowd ceased. He spoke up "The day has come when our tribe will be able to welcome new warriors who will ensure the prosperity and protection of our tribe. Candidates, come forward "

Following the instructions of the leader, several children of different ages and sexes, including Ivo, left the crowd and headed to the center.

The shaman looked at each of them, and then distributed each over this field so that there was a distance of at least 2.5 meters between them. After that, he began to speak, "Now you will be given a blood awakening potion, thanks to which the test of ancient blood will begin, then how long you hold out will mean whether you will be able to awaken your blood or not."

After his words, from somewhere out of the crowd, 30 soldiers came out with bowls and various weapons in their hands. Each of these warriors went up to the child and handed them a cup with some kind of dark red potion. Exhaling, Ivo drank the potion and threw the wooden bowl to the floor.

At this time, he heard a system notification.

[Attention the host has been exposed to a potent hallucinogen, does the host want to neutralize the effect for 20 FP?]

[Yes/No ]

Surprised by the capabilities of the system, Ivo mentally pressed the No button

After that, he suddenly felt a slight dizziness, and silence fell around him. Looking around, he saw that all the people were gone, or rather, now there is pitch darkness in the place of people and he does not see anything.

Not understanding what was happening, he heard a noise from his back, when he turned around, he saw the very scene before the real Ivo died.

Several hunters tried to protect the children, but they were dying under the onslaught of horsemen, suddenly he heard the voice of one of the hunters, it was Ticho "Ivo, from behind, beware"

Turning abruptly, Ivo raised his spear and blocked the blow of the sword, which was originally supposed to hit him on the back.

Looking at his opponent, Ivo realized that he could not see his exact details, only a silhouette reminiscent of these people. Surprisingly, instead of using a horse, this southerner stood on his own feet, gripping his sword tightly.

This southerner smiled and said, "Not bad, kid." After that, the opponent Ivo raised his sword again and began to beat the guy with it. Ivo was not taken aback, and began to repulse the blows of his opponent with his spear.

Such a skirmish between them continued to last for several minutes. During this time, Ivo realized that with each new blow, the enemy's sword hits harder and harder, as if he was playing with Ivo. Ivo did not understand this, but under the influence of the potion, his rationality began to slowly decrease, he began to feel angry, as his opponent was playing with him like a small child.

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