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Chapter 25 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 25 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 25: Chapter 25

When the woman and Ivo approached the carriage, a 17-19 year old boy, who was apparently Vevet's personal servant, ran up to them and said, "Lady, why did you need to buy these barbarians in such a remote place? We could buy a good slave of any race you need in Cameria, you would not even need to leave your yard, the slave traders would come running to you themselves " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-25_52640587890883806">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-25_52640587890883806</a> for visiting.

Vevet smiled slightly, and then said, "There are already trained slaves in Cameria, Lucas, and I needed a completely "pure" barbarian, I want to understand if our magical system can be studied by other peoples."

Lucas had no choice but to sigh and help Lady Vevet to get into the carriage, after which he pointed to Ivo and said, "Come on, you stupid barbarian, get into the carriage, just don't break anything here."

Ivo mentally wrote down his name in a fictional notebook with the name "REVENGE", in which, by the way, the leader and shaman of their tribe are listed in the first and second place, and then climbed into the carriage.

Behind him, Lucas climbed into the carriage and sat down next to Lady Vevet, who at the moment lay sideways on soft pillows, propping her head on her hand.

Ivo sat across from her in the same lotus position as Lucas, preparing for another long trip.

Lady Vevet's coachman struck with the reins and the carriage began to move.

A few minutes later, the carriage drove out of the city and headed further south. When the carriage drove out, Ivo again saw small houses and fields, but the south side of the city was different from the north. In the south, unlike the north, there was a paved road, as well as various wooden signs indicating directions.

Ivo wondered if there is a saying in this world "All roads lead to Rome"

After several hours of traveling in silence, Vevet broke down and said " Lucas, take these ugly shackles off him"

Lucas wanted to protest, but Vevet didn't even give him a chance and waved her hand to follow her orders.

Lucas sighed, stood in the swinging carriage, carefully walked over to Ivo and stretched out his hand to the shackles.

A rune lit up in his palm, and after that a small glow on the shackles disappeared, and these iron bracelets fell to the floor of the carriage.

When the shackles were removed, Ivo felt a surge of strength. Deciding to check, he reached out and tensed his muscles, activating the fighting technique on his arm. As expected, the blood began to boil, and air began to distort around the hand.

Lucas, frightened for his life, jumped back to Vevet and began to carefully observe Ivo's further actions.

But fortunately, Ivo did nothing and simply dropped his hand, closed his eyes, and continued to wait for the end of the trip.

Why didn't he break free? Why didn't he run away to fight the Chief of his tribe?

It really doesn't take a genius to figure out why he didn't. Now the tribes are at war with the southerners, even taking into account the words that the cabman said during the sale of the barbarians, the southerners will be there for at least 6 months, so the leader cannot do anything with his family yet, since he still needs them.

And even if he goes back there now, what will he do? Tell the truth that it was the leader who abandoned him? Hypothetically, half of his tribe will believe this, in which case an open confrontation will begin between the two sides and Ivo will have to fight the Leader and the Shaman at least, but Ivo is much weaker than the Leader.

Suppose Ivo convinces the whole tribe that the Leader abandoned him, but even in such a situation the leader will have people loyal to him and again open confrontation.

Another factor why now is not the best time to return is a foreign tribe, which the chief accused of killing Ivo. When the confrontation between the two sides begins, the Leader of a foreign tribe will definitely enter this maelstrom of events in order to avenge the slander of his son.

And now do not forget about the threat of the Southerners, who have already destroyed 1 tribe. At the moment, the alliance of the tribes is relatively strong and they can withstand the threat from the south, but after the return of Ivo, this alliance will naturally begin to fall apart. Who will resist the southerners then?

Therefore, the best option is to get stronger. That is why Ivo does not run away from Lady Vevet. Having learned about her attempts to conduct experiments, he became very interested, because earlier the system said that a person can use any type of energy.

Thus, Ivo got a chance to become a sorcerer who participated in battles with barbarians, here they are called magicians. In addition to this, he can gain knowledge of how the warriors of these weak people can oppose people with Titan bloodlines.

Having finished his inner monologue, Ivo continued to sit with his eyes closed, enjoying the light breeze blowing over his face.

Lucas calmed down a little, sat back down, pretending that he was not afraid of this barbarian, and then said, "Lady Vevet, it will take a long time for this stupid barbarian to learn our language, I heard that slavers take 6 months to a year to train a good slave Barbarian, how long will it take for these idiots to be able to learn at least a part of the magic theory or the theory of the combat aura "

Vevet just chuckled and replied, "I'm in no hur....."

Before she could finish her sentence, Ivo did something that greatly surprised both Vevet and Lucas.

"You overestimate yourself"

Ivo spoke their language with a terrible accent. Why with an accent? Well, this is because he only has theoretical knowledge about Latin, he never spoke it in his life.

But neither Vevet nor Lucas now pay attention to the accent, they are stunned, and Lucas is frightened at the same time, he insulted Ivo all this time, believing that he did not understand anything, but it turns out he understood everything, although in the depths of his soul Lucas wanted to believe that Ivo did not fully understand some of the words.

Coming out of her stupor, Vevet smiled broadly and asked, "You know our language. Where did you learn it? "

Ivo only replied with a grin, and then continued to sit in silence.

Vevet became even more interested in this barbarian, so for the rest of the trip there was no carefree expression on her face, on the contrary, she thoroughly examined Ivo, studying with her eyes every part of his body, every muscle, every hair. Ivo even thought that she was mentally undressing him, but this did not embarrass him at all. Unlike the tribe, where everyone is a distant relative, here Ivo is not held back by moral standards.

It took them about 12 hours to reach their destination. By the time they arrived, the sun had already begun to set into the sunset.

La_Boule La_Boule

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