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34.14% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 28: Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 28 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 28: Chapter 28

Ivo, waking up the next day, found that Eirin had laid her head on his chest and wrapped her legs around his legs, fast asleep.

Using his agility, Ivo carefully crawled out of Eirin's grip without waking her. Finally getting out of bed, Ivo stretched his whole body, feeling a surge of pleasant mood, after a stormy night. Although he had to restrain himself, he was still able to enjoy the female body after 17 years of restraint.

Going to a chair to get dressed, Ivo noticed a basin of water and a rag by the bed. He scratched his head in embarrassment, remembering last night. It turns out that in addition to a large body, titans also excrete a large amount of fertile fluid.

Finally dressed, Ivo left his room. When he was in the corridor, Ivo saw the servant, who at that time looked at him with apprehension. Apparently, this servant was supposed to go into Ivo's room, but he was afraid.

Finally, facing his fears (literally), the servant said, "Master, Lady Vevet, asked me to inform you about the morning meal. She invites you to join. "

Ivo nodded and said with an accent "Lead me"

The servant nodded and led Ivo to the first floor to the dining room, but at the same time constantly fearing for his back, he often looked around as if there was a tiger behind him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-28_52664535823216994">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-28_52664535823216994</a> for visiting.

After a few turns, they finally arrived at a large, spacious courtyard. As in the pool, there was also no roof here, and beautiful marble columns surrounded this courtyard. There are also small statues everywhere, which play the role of small fountains, from which small streams of water pour.

Ivo thought that in such an atmosphere it is very pleasant to eat, here you move away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city, and the light sounds of nature and bubbling water only play out your appetite

Indeed, in the center of this place, there was a long ivory table, at the head of this table was a 40-year-old, not very fat, but not thin man either.

To his right sat Sarah and Lucas. And on the left is Vevet.

Noticing the arrival, the fat man got up from his table, raised a silver glass of wine and said "Ahhh, our guest has arrived, about whom the owner of the house will find out at the very last moment. I would not say that I am glad to see you, but please, join our meal. "When he finished speaking, he drank the wine in one gulp, sat down and continued picking at the porridge with a spoon.

Ivo did not pay attention to his words, as he already understood who was the real owner in this house.

Without hesitation, he sat down next to Vevet, opposite Lucas. When he sat down, he noticed dark circles under Lucas's eyes, and then remembered that Lucas's room was next to the guest room.

Ivo just smiled slightly and began to wait for his food to be served. The servants were not long in coming, they quickly brought a plate of warm porridge with a large piece of meat and a flat cake made of white dough. In addition to this food, there were large trays of various vegetables and fruits on the table.

Smelling the smell of delicious food, Ivo, without hesitation, was about to start eating when he discovered one problem, the wooden spoon for food was very small compared to his hand.

Lucas, noticing Ivo's problems with a spoon to please Sarah's father, said, "Barbarians, don't you even have spoons?"

Ivo did not answer anything, as at that moment he was already enjoying delicious porridge. After eating a little, he wanted to drink something, but there was only watered-down wine on the table. Frowning, Ivo turned to the servants, "Could you please bring a glass of fresh juice?"

The servants who stood nearby began to exchange glances. Lucas, wishing to hurt Ivo's pride once again, said "The barbarians will never understand the beauty of civilization"

Ivo got tired of listening to this nonsense, so he said, "As I said earlier, you overestimate yourself, drinking wine in such large quantities is harmful, especially in the morning." After examining Lucas, Ivo continued with a grin, "Wine can also affect not potency, but also sound sleep. "

Hearing his words, an angry expression appeared on Lucas's face. It was because of this barbarian and stupid slave that he did not sleep last night, constantly hearing screams from his room.

Sarah and her father did not know what they were talking about, so they did not pay attention at all. But Vevet knew. Some of her servants reported a stormy night in the part where the guest rooms were. Therefore, a faint smile appeared on her face.

Remembering Ivo's request, Vevet looked at the servants and said, "Why are you still here? Bring our guest some juice "

The rest of the meal passed in silence, but Ivo was fine with it, because perhaps there was nothing better than a delicious breakfast after a good night with a beautiful girl.

After finishing breakfast, everyone went about their business, and Vevet called Ivo into her private office.

Once inside, Ivo immediately realized that he was in the room of some magician.

The first thing that caught Ivo's eyes was several cabinets, some of them contained a lot of books, while others contained various magic reagents.

In the center of this room was a large magical scheme of many symbols, inside the scheme was a black stone, the size of an ostrich egg. From this large diagram, even stripes are drawn that reach the small magical circuits found on the wall. These are actually magical lamps, these small magical circuits, when given enough mana, release balls of light that illuminate the room.

The room also has a work desk, on which there are currently several open books, as well as several glass vials of potions. Above the table was a large rectangular map showing the territories known to the southerners.

In addition to all magical devices, there is also a klinai, something like a sofa on which people ate, socialized, rested or slept.

After looking around this whole room, Ivo nodded his head and said to Vevet "It's pretty cozy here."

Vevet smiled, walked forward, sat on the klinai and spoke, "I spent a lot of money and time to build this office for myself. Unfortunately Vitus doesn't appreciate this place, but I am still not particularly interested in his opinion. "

Remembering her past, a bitter smile appeared on her face. "Well, let's not talk about it, since this is one of the most important places in this mansion, I cannot allow you to visit this place alone. Of course, I see that you do not have the same aggression as in your fellow tribesmen, but I still do not trust you, so you can be here only when I am with you. "

Ivo didn't have much of an opinion on this, so he just nodded.

Veveta smiled and said, "Fine, then I think it's time for us to start teaching you."

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