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Chapter 31 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 31 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 31: Chapter 31

When Ivo left his inner world and stood up, Vevet handed him a parchment on which 12 points were indicated on the human body, as well as various explanations, Vevet said "This [Breath of a magician's apprentice] that all students of the magic academy receive, use it, to replenish mana "

After that, she went to an oval black stone in the center of the room, Vevet said, "This is Alutrite, its properties are like a magnet, only instead of metal, it attracts mana and magical elements."

After that, she took out from her pouch, a round crystal, small like a hen's egg, which at that time was shimmering with blue and purple.

Showing it to Ivo, she said "This is an inferior magic crystal. Alutrite attracts mana, but does not cleanse it. Crystal is already purified mana. Crystals can be found in various places that are rich in mana, and there are also crystals with other energies than mana, such as a natural crystal. "

Twirling the crystal in her hand, she continued, "But besides mining, mages can also create crystals themselves by concentrating their own purified mana, watch carefully."

As she said that, she brought her palms closer to each other, and then began to concentrate the mana between them. A few seconds later, a tiny speck of dust appeared in the center, which began to slowly grow, as a result, after 5 minutes, the same size as the previous crystal appeared in her hands, but its color was different, instead of purple and blue, Ivo saw a pure cyan color. Also noticing her energy reserve, Ivo noticed that she wasted 200 mana.

Showing the new crystal, Vevet said, "As you noticed, the color is different from the previous crystal, this is due to the purity of mana, as you understand magicians value purer crystals. Unfortunately, this is still an inferior crystal. Magicians divide crystals into inferior, intermediate and supreme crystals. Thus, if my crystal were green, or it would be the size of a goose egg, but at the same time had a cyan color, this crystal would become intermediate. "

"In general, the crystals have the following gradation: The lowest is the size of a chicken egg (purple, blue, cyan). Intermediate - goose egg size (cyan), chicken egg size (green, yellow, orange). supreme - goose egg size (orange), chicken egg size (red) "

Having given the crystal to Ivo, Vevet continued, "About supreme red crystals, I have heard only stories, it is believed that such crystals can only be created by gods. You probably already guessed about the use of these crystals and their value? "

Ivo nodded and said "They help with breathing techniques and can also be used during combat to quickly replenish energy."

Vevet smiled and said "You're right, but besides that, crystals are used in other things, for example, in alchemy, forging, and it is also the main catalyst for awakening warriors, as well as their main cultivation material, since it is more difficult for them to absorb mana from the outside, unlike magicians. "

Ivo wondered, "Wouldn't a rich mage be able to fight until he ran out of crystals, then?"

Vevet just grinned and said, "If he had supreme crystals, it might be, but if you often instantly replenish your core with inferior and intermediate crystals, then your core may collapse, also do not forget about mental fatigue." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-31_52714527095056233">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-31_52714527095056233</a> for visiting.

Clapping her hands, Vevet said, "Enough talking, use the breathing technique and my crystal, replenish your mana."

Ivo nodded, took the crystal in his hands and began to perform the breathing technique that Vevet had given him.

Plunging into his inner world, he activated his core, drawing energy from the crystal, conducting it along the points marked in the diagram. While doing this, Ivo noticed that this blue energy is more malleable. After a few seconds, Ivo finished the meditation, realizing that such a process is much faster and easier than receiving energy from the outside.

Thinking about the process, Ivo asked "What if the magician uses a more advanced breathing technique than the crystal?"

Vevet, thinking about Ivo's desire to get a better technique, replied "Everything will be the same as without crystals, it will just be easier for you to purify already purer mana. But do not think that a good breathing technique is so easy to obtain, all techniques in which there are more than 20 points can only be bought for large sums, or found from various respected families, it is just so difficult to obtain them "

Ivo did not pay attention to her lectures, since he himself could create techniques, but he became interested and asked the system "System, what is the gradation of the quality of technique?"

[Transaction successful -1FP]

[The system ranks all techniques as follows]

[0-5 - Normal; 6-14 - Rare; 15-60 - extraordinary; 61-110 - advanced; 111-130 - epic; 131 -160 - legendary; 161 - 200 - mythical;]

[Further gradation is meaningless since creatures who have created techniques above 200+ points call them divine. Although the system believes that by calling these techniques by that name, they only dishonor themselves]

After reading these words, Ivo thought that his initial conclusion that the technique should not exceed 200 points was wrong. It turns out that you can create techniques that exceed this value, and the maximum is filling all 800 points. Interesting.

If Ivo ever exceeds 200 points, then it turns out that he will be able to give his own names to the ranks of the techniques.

Coming out of his thoughts, which lasted only a few seconds, Ivo took another magic crystal and began to perform his own breathing technique.

Noticing that Ivo began to perform a different breathing technique, Vevet focused her attention on him.

She became curious about the technique the barbarians use, but she didn't expect too much.

But when Ivo finished his technique and concentrated his mana on his hand, Vevet opened her eyes wide, disbelieving what she was seeing.

Ivo's hands are now holding green mana, not as light green as the energy of nature, so Vevet knew for sure that this was not his second element.

It turns out that this young boy has a technique that surpasses her own technique.

Still surprised, she asked, "Does everyone in your tribe use such a powerful technique?"

Ivo smiled and replied "No, I was lucky to create my own breathing technique."

Vevet was even more surprised by Ivo's words, and then she remembered something and said, "Lucky? I remembered! Goddess of Fortune! But in the books I found very little information about her, did she really help you create your breathing technique? "

Ivo smiled shyly, because to some extent, Fortune really helped create a breathing technique for him.

Noticing Ivo's embarrassment, Vevet said, "Ok, forget about it, since you're so good at magic and you don't need time to practice, let's move on to mastering spells."

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