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Chapter 34 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 34 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 34: Chapter 34

While pondering improvements for his new spell, Ivo heard a knock on the door, standing up and opening the door, Ivo saw several servants with trays of food in front of him.

Without hindering their work, Ivo stepped aside, waited for them to arrange a tray of food and leave.

After that, Ivo walked over to his table and looked at the food that was brought to him. It is also a delicious porridge, but instead of meat, there are several pieces of fish, several fruits, and also grape juice. Apparently, the servants remembered his dislike for alcohol during breakfast.

Ivo was not a teetotaler, he simply believed that you need to know the maximum allowed.

After a quick meal, he returned to the practice of his grip, and when his mana ran out, he made crystals from natural energy, after which he performed the breathing technique, thereby increasing his core.

A couple of hours later, a servant knocked on Ivo's door, supper began in the mansion, so he was asked to go to eat.

After a while, Ivo was already sitting at the table with people he knew.

Suddenly Sarah asked, "Ivo, how do barbarians treat women?"

Ivo thought for a while, and then answered "It all depends on which tribe she belongs to. We can say that each tribe is its own kingdom. In the tribe in which I lived, women were treated the same as men, all because they were allowed to become warriors and purify their blood. I also know of some tribes in which women are prohibited from becoming warriors because of this their status is much lower than that of men, but they are still full members of the tribe. "

Sarah nodded, thought, and then asked "Sometimes in the records of magicians, I also heard about the so-called purification of blood, but what is it, no one can give me an exact answer."

Vevet also became interested in this topic, since although magicians love to study a lot, the Hellenistic peoples consider all barbarians unworthy of attention, therefore there are very few books about barbarian tribes in the world.

Noticing the interest of two women in this issue, Lucas decided to get into the conversation to show his knowledge "Purification of blood is just a legend, these barbarians think that thanks to some techniques, they will be able to get the blood of the titans."

Frowning a little, Sarah asked, "Then why are barbarians physically better than ordinary people?"

Lucas thought about it and replied, "Most likely they have the blood of some ogres, so some of them are stronger, some are weaker."

Hearing this stupidity, Ivo laughed slightly, but everyone noticed his grins, especially Lucas "What? Are you saying it is wrong? I do not believe that by performing any imaginary body movements you are able to "purify the blood", these are just your inventions. "

Ivo stopped paying attention to this upstart, turned to Sarah and said "I cannot say with certainty that the barbarians descended from the same titans you think of, it is quite possible that the titans also had their own criteria, some were stronger than others from birth and some are weaker. Most likely the barbarians descended from the latest, but this does not negate the fact that we really purify the blood, making ourselves stronger "

Lucas laughed out loud "Do you really think that we will believe this nonsense"

Ivo didn't say a word, but simply raised his hand and deliberately made his blood boil.

Everyone at the table saw distortions in the air around his arm. Ivo got up from the table, walked over to the thick decorative stone, and then raised only one finger and with a sharp movement stuck it into the stone.

* Crack *

All the spectators opened their eyes wide, they did not believe in what they saw. When Ivo pulled out his finger, a smooth hole with the size of Ivo's index finger remained in this stone.

Sitting down at the table, Ivo just smiled at Lucas and continued to eat. The rest of the supper passed in silence.

After finishing his dinner, Ivo walked briskly to the bathhouse, wanting to enjoy the hot water in the evening.

After plunging into the water and relaxing, Ivo sat in the pool for about 10 minutes, when suddenly Vevet entered the pool.

She also took off all her clothes, the servants quickly washed them and she finally entered the large pool where Ivo was sitting naked.

The guy completely forgot about ethical standards in ancient societies. In Rome and Ancient Greece, there were mixed baths, in which both women and men could be at the same time.

Ivo thought to himself that in the future, if he organizes his own baths, then he will definitely separate the men's and women's baths. Well, he will of course leave the mixed ones for himself.

Entering the water and taking a comfortable place, Vevet began to examine Ivo with her gaze, although she had already seen almost all of Ivo, his wet body still gives some charm.

Ivo also did not play shy boy and began to examine Vevet's body.

Thanks to magic, she looks only 30, although she is actually over 50. She still has firm breasts of about a size C. Still a young beautiful face, but it can be determined that this is not the face of a naive child. Green almond eyes and long blonde hair.

After looking at each other, Ivo finally asked "One of your books talked about the different statuses of the population of the Republic, but I could not find information anywhere about foreigners, how does the Republic treat them?"

Vevet, who at that moment was busy inspecting Ivo's body, heard the question and stopped staring at him, and then answered "Foreigners from states that are in the sphere of influence of the Republic have the same rights as in their states, but not above the demos. Foreigners from other states do not have any status and in order for their existence on the territory of the republic to be legal, they must pay a certain amount in order to obtain a temporary permit. " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-34_52737195664005843">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-34_52737195664005843</a> for visiting.

After some thought, Vevet added, "Since you do not have your own home, nor family in the Republic, it is believed that you are still my slave since I bought you. But I'm not interested in this, tomorrow we will visit the city administration, where you will be given a temporary permit "

Ivo was glad that Vevet didn't care much about being considered a barbarian. Others would not waste much time, but simply put him on a chain and begin to train like a dog. In any case, he has a system and he would never have allowed this, but now he will be able to freely move around the city.

After 10 minutes, Ivo had already enjoyed the hot water enough, getting up from the pool, he went to one of the shelves, took a towel, dried himself dry, wrapped the towels around his waist and went to his room.

While Ivo did all this, Vevet watched all his actions carefully, biting her lip. Although she lived for half a century, she had only one man, who not only was fat and not very handsome, but he also devoted little time to his wife.

And then suddenly a young, strong youth appeared, with an ideal body like some sculptures.

Ivo did not know what Vevet was thinking at that time. With quick steps, he finally came to his room. He spent all day learning new information as well as practicing the spell, so although he was not physically tired, his mental energy was drained.

As he was about to lie down on an empty bed, he heard a knock on the door.

Ivo turned to see Eirin walk through the open door, staring at the floor with embarrassment. Frowning, Ivo asked, "Did Vevet send you to me again?"

These words made Eirin's cheeks even more flushed and she shyly replied "No, this is my initiative."

Hearing this, a wide smile appeared on Ivo's face, he quickly approached her, kissed her on the lips, lifted her and carried her to the bed.

At this time, Lucas, who was sleeping in his room, was abruptly awakened by loud screams from Ivo's room. Angry, he loudly growled, "Damn Barbarian and this slave. I will need to ask for another room."

After saying that, he simply grabbed another pillow and covered her head, trying to hide from loud noises.

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