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Chapter 36 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 36 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 36: Chapter 36

Over the next 4 months, Ivo's daily routine remained the same, every day he continued to train his magic core, purify his blood, train his new sword style, and also practice his spell.

Now he has significantly reduced the mana cost of lifting some items, for example, when he first created a spell, he spent 10 mana to pick up a chair and turn it a little, now he spends only 1 mana on this action.

In addition to [Grip], Ivo also created [Invisibility] and [Disguise]. As the name of the first spell implies, Ivo simply magically distorts the rays of light so that it becomes transparent. The second spell is more difficult, it creates an area around Ivo that sounds and various smells do not leave, so he can hide from various sensitive creatures, such as dogs.

While these spells are not combat spells, their usefulness is immense. It is also important that most magicians and sorcerers have never seen or created non-combat spells, so they do not know how to deal with them.

During his training, Ivo also got acquainted with how warriors increase their strength, everything is really simple here, they strengthen themselves with the help of mana, injecting it into their body, and also increase the strength and sharpness of the weapon by feeding it with mana.

In addition, Ivo learned that some mages prefer melee instead of ranged, these mages create spells for their weapons, like adding the element of wind to make the sword sharper. They also, like Vevet, create weapons entirely from some element, for example, fire sword.

Inspired by the ideas of these two sides, Ivo created the [Saw] spell. Using magic, he covers his weapon with thin, sharp teeth from the air, and then, using ultrasound, makes these teeth vibrate at a high frequency, thus the weapon becomes very dangerous.

But as it turned out, this spell also has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage is a large consumption of mana, which Ivo cannot fix, the second disadvantage is if he uses such weapons against people who cover their weapons with mana, because of this Ivo has to spend much more mana to cope with such an enemy.

During his training, Ivo also did not forget about his relatives, so every fortnight he learned the situation in the north. From the latest news, Ivo learned that the kingdoms, after a long dispute, nevertheless decided to move on, so a general battle between the two sides will take place in the next few days.

After the battle, the leader of his tribe will spend about another month on the implementation of his plan to attack another tribe. And it is during this period, when it happens, that Ivo would be the best to go home. After all, while he is getting there, the Leader will most likely have finished capturing the tribe, after that he will have to deal with other tribes, at this moment Ivo will hit him.

During these 4 months, the relationship between Ivo, Vevet, and Sarah continued to improve, and the relationship with Lucas and Vitus became tenser.

Also recently during his bathing, Sarah has also joined Vevet and Ivo. Ivo was not a stupid person, he understood what the constant glances of these two women at his body could lead to, but he was not against it either.

With Eirin, the relationship has also reached a new level, this young girl has become very insatiable lately, which is why Lucas eventually had to change his room.

By the way, now Ivo has his own sword. How did he get it? Well, actually it was easy, after creating the [Invisibility] spell, Ivo began to rob various patricians, thus accumulating enough in a couple of months, Ivo came to the blacksmiths in the city and made an order for his weapons. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-36_52755937827548443">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-36_52755937827548443</a> for visiting.

Of course, most blacksmiths scoffed at this stupid barbarian in a tunic, since they considered this sword only a waste of such a precious resource as iron, but a bag of gold coins forced them to silently fulfill the order.

Having received his sword, Ivo was not very satisfied, since these masters still did not know how to make high-quality weapons from iron, but now Ivo had something with which he could defend himself.

One fine day, Ivo was training in the garden with his iron sword, as usual, Sarah was on the sidelines, who was watching him at that moment. But suddenly everyone in the garden heard a loud noise at the entrance to the mansion.

Ivo, interested, stopped his training, dried himself a little, and then, together with his sword, went to the entrance to the mansion. Sarah also became curious and went to the entrance.

Approaching the entrance, Ivo and Sarah noticed a very drunk Vitus, who at that moment was pawing one of the maids, and next to them lay the body of another servant with a dagger stuck in his chest.

Drunk Vitus spoke loudly, pawing the crying servant "Hic! Everything will be fine, beloved Hic! Forget about this slave, let's go to my bedroom Hic! "

A few seconds later, Vevet also came out to the noise, noticing her husband in such a state, she looked at him with a cold and murderous look.

The fat man, feeling this look, finally drew attention to Vevet. At first, he was frightened, but then plucking up courage he said "Hic! Aaaah, this is my Hic! beloved wife, who is Hic! smart and adorable like Hic! goddess of beauty and wisdom. Not like her pathetic husband. Congratulations Hic! Now you are officially the most powerful in this damn house. "

Tilting his head and sipping more wine from the glass, the fat man continued, "If you fucking agreed to marry our daughter to Lucas, I wouldn't lose to Doreen, but noooo!"

Raising his index finger, the fat man began to point to Vevet, Ivo, Sarah and others, saying "In this damn house, everything is against me, you, you, you, even my own daughter is against me, and this whore wife brought a fucking barbarian to my house you probably feel good to fuck with him behind my back, huh? "

Vevet got tired of listening to this fat mouth, so she just waved her hand and a wall of ice appeared in front of her, which simultaneously froze her husband, after which she told the guards "Cut him out of the wall and take him into the room, FAST"

The servants, frightened by Vevet's rage, quickly began to obey the order, Sarah just sighed and went back to the garden, Ivo decided to follow Vevet to support her, all the same, during these 4 months they became quite close.

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