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3.65% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 3 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3

Looking through his statistics, Ivo was surprised to see that he is not a purebred human, is it just his family or the whole tribe?

[Now that you are familiar with your stats, it's time to get familiar with Fantasy Points]

[When the Creator created the main worlds in which various creatures live, he also created an other world called the Fantasy World, a world in which everything is created using the energy of Fantasy, any dreams and imaginary creations of all creatures appear in this world from microscopic objects to huge universes with their own ecosystem.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-3_52468826226349541">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-3_52468826226349541</a> for visiting.

[The Creator did not want the connection between the present and the world of Fantasy to be one-sided, so he made it so that if people believed in something, then it will definitely appear someday, the time before the appearance of the object depended on the number of believers and their strength. ]

[For example, if some ancient family of farmers in the 20th generation believed that a simple iron sword of the founder of this family could kill gods, then having accumulated enough Fantasy energy, the founder's sword would become really strong to destroy powerful monsters at the level of Lesser Elder Troll, but the gods - nope, another thing, if at least a few gods believed that this sword could kill them, then it really would be so.]

[The same applies not only to tools, but also to living beings and worlds, for example, if people believe in a non-existent god, after a while he will really become real.]

[The exception is the world of the endless abyss, the world of death. Having collected enough energy of imagination, a new hell, a new paradise or a new world of death is not created, it is simply that what is invented creates a new area in the existing world, while believers in this fall exactly into the area in which they believe]

Listening carefully to the voice of the system, Ivo was about to ask a question, how the system continued.

[You probably want to know what happens to those who completely believe in nothing? In fact, everything is simple, they fall into the original area, which was made by the Creator himself.]

[Please note, you completely have no right to talk about the information that you read above, even the Legendary Supreme Elder Gods of these worlds do not know about such rules of the Fantasy world, they know about the Fantasy world itself, but rarely encounter it, they assume that it all has to do with the power of Faith]

[As for why does the system and Mistress Fortune know about this? It's simple, the Creator created several original gods, roughly speaking, they are his children, and all the other arrogant bastards do not even know about the existence of the Creator]

[Oops, I said too much, in general you had to pay with your points for information about this, but consider this a beginner's package, now let's get down to the Fantasy Points themselves and the system's functions]

[Perhaps you have already noticed that in addition to the status, there is also a store button, having earned a sufficient number of these points, you can exchange them for any information you need, as well as change any objects or create completely new ones. You probably already wanted to create the Infinity Gauntlet? Or add 1 trillion points to your strength? Hehe, You were dreaming. to add at least 1 point to your statistics, you need to spend 100 Fantasy Points, and to make the most primitive iron sword you need 1000 Fantasy Points]

[But don't think that you have to save a lot to spend your points, for example, you can exchange 1 FP for information on how to forge quality weapons, you can get a map of the area in which you are located in your head, find out where to find deposits the material you need, you can even find out what kind of underwear the rider who killed the previous Ivo is wearing, but at the same time, the system cannot give information to the host about the future, only what has already happened.]

Hearing the last words about the rider, Ivo remembered that he was among the corpses and that these riders could still threaten him. Of course he was very lucky with such a good golden finger and now he will definitely become an ardent follower of Lady Fortune, but first he needs to deal with this situation.

Having carefully looked around and listened, Ivo did not notice anything suspicious, therefore, going up to one of the corpses, clasping his hands together and said, "Let your soul go on an eternal hunt with the goddess Flora."

In fact, this is not his personal invention, but just a popular prayer in his tribe, since his fellow tribesmen worship the goddess of the hunt and life Flora.

[You prayed for the salvation of your fellow tribesman's soul, + 0.1 FP]

Suddenly, Ivo received his first glasses, so without hesitation, he went to the other corpses of his comrades and prayed for their souls

[+0.8 FP]

Having dealt with this matter, Ivo did not want to travel empty-handed in such a dangerous world, so he went up to the corpse of his comrade, mentally apologized and picked up his spear

[You have committed an act of looting +0.1 FP]

Suddenly becoming neutral turned out to be the right decision. Now he has only 1 FP, but this is only the beginning, so tightening his grip on the spear, Ivo checked the trail of the horses' hooves and after learning in which direction they left, he headed towards his tribe.

After an hour of travel, Ivo finally saw the outlines of the tribe and, not noticing anything suspicious, he quickly ran.

When he had already run up to a close distance, Ivo was finally able to contemplate with his own eyes various buildings hidden among the trees.

Since his tribe believed in the goddess Flora, they all lived in a dense forest, believing that the spirits of the forest protect them from enemy attacks on their home. That is why, apart from an empty clearing in the middle of the forest and many of the most primitive houses made of straw, mud, trees and skins, there were no defenses here.

As a former military man, Ivo did not appreciate such naivety of his tribe and would feel safer at least behind a simple palisade, but who knows, maybe in this magical world these trees are really capable of protecting them.

When Ivo was running along the path to his home in the hope of finding his father there, almost none of its inhabitants paid attention to this child, since various children were also running here and there. Only a few experienced hunters noticed that this child's back was covered with bloody footprints, and that he was holding a spear that clearly did not belong to him, so some of these warriors frowned slightly and went after this child.

A couple of minutes later, Ivo finally ran to his own house, to his happiness, his father at that moment did not go hunting, but butchered the carcass of a wild boar.

Noticing not the best view of his son, the father frowned, lowered his stone knife, went up to Ivo and began to feel him in all places and carefully examine

"What happened to you Ivo? Why are you covered in blood? Why are you holding Ticho's spear? Where is Ticho himself?

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