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Chapter 41 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 41 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 41: Chapter 41

Ivo saw the chief's face changed into a disgusting expression. Vesta, without hesitation, ran up to her brother and hugged him tightly, constantly saying "I knew, I knew that you were alive, you could not die in the hands of those weaklings"

Ivo smiled, stroked her head, and replied, "You're right rabbit, I'm alive. That tribe really set up an ambush, but we fought back, unfortunately, for the sake of his selfish desires, the chief decided to kill me so that he would have a reason to attack another tribe "

Hearing what Ivo said, all the warriors in the hall turned to the chief, demanding answers from him. Fius said angrily, "This is all a lie, I personally saw how Ivo's heart was pierced by the spear of the enemy. Exactly, look at his clothes, this is clearly the evil sorcery of the southerners, they still want to destroy us "

Still hugging Vesta, Ivo said "Hehehe, Fius, you thought that the arriving southerners would definitely kill me, but instead I was sold into slavery, during my stay in the southern lands, I also learned very interesting information....I found out why the tribes were attacked by such a large number of troops, you are probably also interested to know about this? "

Hearing these words, the chief smiled, and then said with imaginary confidence "Come on, share your false speeches, reveal yourself, show your true nature and desire to destroy our tribes"

Ivo did not think for a long time "As it turned out, the shaman of our tribe tricked the southern kingdoms to attack our tribes."

The chief laughed loudly, and then said, "So you revealed your lie, if you were a real Ivo, you would know that the shaman of the tribe never left the silver forest, the exception was when there was a war with the southerners."

Some of the warriors in the crowd agreed with the chief's arguments and began to support him.

However, Ivo was not at a loss, he said, "This is what you and the shaman say, but I have proof. If we search your room now, we can find a bag with small round objects made of metal, these things the southerners use for trade, they exchange many goods for them. "

After that, Ivo pushed Vesta away from himself and said, "Move aside his bed, there is a hole in the floor under it, which is hidden by a stone, this pouch is in it, go for it."

Hearing this, Veste nodded and quickly ran into the room, in a normal situation all the warriors would have protested against someone searching the room of their leader, but now, when such an important dispute is going on, no one spoke out against it.

On the contrary, the face of the leader has now changed, at first he was surprised, and then he was frightened, but at the same time he wondered all the time, how does Ivo know about his cache?

Unfortunately, there is not even such a word as System in his vocabulary.

Vesta quickly ran back to the hall with a small pouch in her hands, and then, in front of everyone, threw it on the floor and a few silver coins and a couple of gold ones spilled out of it.

Now the Leader's face has become even uglier, but still he came up with something and said "I received these items during the war and they have nothing to do with the shaman."

Ivo answered "Maybe" Then, turning to Vesta, he asked "During the war, have you ever found such things on the bodies of the fallen?"

Vesta thought a little, and then answered "I really found similar things, but they were smaller and had a different color, but there were very few of them, probably 3-4 pieces per 100 enemies"

Ivo nodded and said, "These things are called money. And why do the southerners have so few of them? Well, in fact, everything is simple. The fact is that the warriors of the southerners leave all their savings in their families, before leaving for the war. It is also important to note that the warriors that participated are rather poor, so they only had copper money in their pockets, of the lowest value "

Then pointing his finger at the scattering of the coin, Ivo added "However, this pouch contains coins with the highest denomination and there are many of them, that is, to get them, you must at least kill the commander of the southerners, but I don't think you even saw these commanders. Then can you explain to us how you got these coins? "

The leader could only say "I was lucky and that says it all"

Ivo sighed, and then replied "Enough Fius, I'm tired of these conversations, I came today to take revenge, so I Ivo, son of Kato, challenge you to a duel, where we will determine who is right and who is dead."

Having said this, Ivo pulled his out of the scabbard and left the hall, heading to the clearing, where there would be more space.

A smile appeared on the leader's face when he learned that Ivo had acted so stupidly and decided to fight him, so without hesitation he grabbed his hammer and headed for the exit.

But when he carried his hammer, he noticed that the hammer was heavier than usual, but he did not go into details.

Finally, Ivo stood in the clearing with a sword in his hands, and in front of him was the Leader of the tribe, a crowd of people gathered around them who watched these two with expectation.

The tribes loved to fight and watch others fight, especially now, when two strong warriors are fighting, but still most believe that Ivo overestimated himself, since everyone knew the strength of the leader.

However, there were those who wholeheartedly supported Ivo, among them were: Vesta, Ceres and his family.

Yes, the news that Ivo returned quickly swept through the tribe and now almost everyone who could have gathered here, even the shaman stood aside and watched Ivo with fear on his face.

When Ivo's parents found out that he was alive and was fighting with the Leader, they immediately abandoned all their affairs and rushed here, unfortunately, with all their desire, they could not stop the fight, as this would violate all the traditions of the tribe, which could lead to more the worst consequences for Ivo.

Standing in front of Ivo, the Chief said "I know that you previously studied with a shaman, although I still think that you are not Ivo, but for the fight to be fair, I will let you use your tricks during the fight, otherwise it will be boring"

Ivo just chuckled at his naivety, and then looked at him and his stats.

Apparently, the tribal leader deciding that he is the strongest, then there is no need to develop further, and compared to the statistics when Ivo first entered this world, the current statistics have not increased much.


Name: Fius son of Fido

House: Argus

Age: 185

Race: Human (77%); Lesser Junior Titan (23%)

Strength: 145 (330) +10

Agility: 73 (155) +5

Stamina: 200 (443) +3

Charisma: 132

Intelligence: 54

Wisdom: 73

Magic Affinity: 6


Cultivating Blood of Argus Skullcrusher (Extraordinary)

Argus Hammer Push (Rare)

Argus Earthquake (Rare)

Argus Slam (Rare)

Wild Raven Blood Cultivation (Normal)

Volius Hammer Fencing (Rare)

Lesser Titan Lesser Regeneration (Rare)

Raven Tribe Hammer Fencing (Normal)

Raven Tribe Hand-to-Hand Combat (Normal)


Name: Ivo son of Kato

House: Kato

Age: 17

Race: Human (85%); Lesser Junior Titan (15%)

Strength: 79 (+4)

Dexterity: 62 (+3)

Stamina: 110 (+7)

Magic Affinity: 64 (+3)

Magical capacity: 1357/1357 (Natural Energy) 1845/1845 (Mana) +489

Energy type: Natural Energy; Mana

FP (Fantasy Points): 1379 (-3017)


Traveler's Blood Cultivation (Extraordinary)

Traveler's Fencing. Style 3 Sword (Extraordinary)

Style 3. (Rare) X3

Traveler's Weak Breath (Advanced)

Grip (Advanced)

Saw (Advanced)

Fireball (Rare) +

Fire Arrow (Extraordinary) +

Weak Strength (Rare) +

Invisibility (Rare)

Disguise (Extraordinary) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-41_52835494312075250">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-41_52835494312075250</a> for visiting.

Weak Haste (Rare) +

Lesser Titan Incomplete Lesser Regeneration (Rare)

Lesser Life Search (Rare)

Weak Vine (Rare)

Primitive Alchemy (Common)

Primitive Rune Engraving (Common)

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