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4.87% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 4 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Feeling uncomfortable when this rude, muscular man treats him like a child Ivo just sighed and began to say "Father, when we were about to return to the tribe, we were attacked by some people in white robes on horses, brandishing their strange brown knives they began to haunt us. Of course, our brave warriors fought bravely with them, but these devils on horseback dealt with them by suppressing them with their numbers, then they began to attack the children, Ticho covered me with his body, when he died he fell on me and I lost consciousness, and when I woke up the battle is over and it looks like only me survived. "

After carefully listening to his son, his father's face reflected various emotions, first anxiety, then sadness, and then joy, sighing heavily, he very quickly grabbed his son and hugged him tightly, so that the guy himself did not have time to react.

Kato began to say "It's good that you are all right Ivo, I'm afraid your mother would not stand the fact that you would die"

Having let go of his son, this big man turned sharply, grabbed his ax, and then waving his hand towards Ivo said, "Come on, son, you will now tell the leader everything again, we must warn him about such a danger."

With just a slight nod to his father, Ivo began to follow him while looking at his father's statistics.


Name: Kato son of Ingvar

House: Kato

Age: 43

Race: Human (86%); Lower Junior Titan (14%)

Strength: 62

Dexterity: 47

Stamina: 83

Charisma: 44

Intelligence: 35

Wisdom: 38

Magic Affinity: 3


Incomplete Cultivation of Furious Tyrant's Blood (Normal)

Wild Raven Blood Cultivation (Normal)

Vicious Ax Slash (Normal)

Kato Family Ax Fencing (Rare)

Lesser Titan Incomplete Lesser Regeneration (Rare)

Raven Tribe Ax Fencing (Normal)

Raven Tribe Hand-to-Hand Combat (Normal)

Ivo was surprised by the statistics of his father, he is a living monster, he is as strong as 6 people. Or not ? It doesn't matter, he's pretty damn strong, and breaking stones in his memories is childish pranks for his father.

Examining other hunters, Ivo also paid attention to their statistics, they were also quite strong and tough, but they did not have the cultivation of the Furious Tyrant's blood, apparently because of this, their strength and endurance reached 50-55, but still, it was very cool. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-4_52477098870229640">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-4_52477098870229640</a> for visiting.

Interestingly, if all their warriors have such statistics, then those horsemen most likely had to be very strong too.

While they were walking to the chief's house, Ivo simultaneously examined all objects with the help of the system.

For example, the spear that he held in the system was called pink.

[Spear Ticho]

[Material: Dark Aged Oak, Thunderhawk Bone, Thunderhawk Feather]

[Damage: 25 ~ 50]

[Effect: No]

[Fantastic Effect: has a 25% chance of dealing 10 ~ 20 lightning damage, this damage has a 10% stun for a normal person. The stronger the creature, the lower the chance of being stunned]

Ha, this is how the Fantastic effects work, in fact this spear has no special features at all, but since the whole tribe believes that the remnants of the thunderhawk mean something, this spear has additional lightning damage, cool. But what does that pink name mean?

Once again looking around, Ivo roughly understood what this color means.

For example, several things were marked in red, such as someone else's weapons, clothing, some wooden plates, etc. But other things were just white.

Apparently this color means that the use of these things entails receiving FP, as for evil deeds. A pink color means that the item has already been used.

When the family almost reached the chief's house, Ivo again turned his attention to his present father. As the system shows, he is 43 years old, but in fact Kato looks very young, if not for the system, then Ivo would say that his father is 20-25 years old. I wonder if this is influenced by the clean air here, its race, or the cultivation of blood?

Naturally, Ivo can get all the answers to his questions from the system, but he still has only 1 FP, and the minimum price for a question is 1 FP, he'd better find out himself than spend such a precious resource on it.

When the family entered the leader's house, Ivo saw the leader himself sitting on a stone chair, while he was eating a piece of meat, while listening to what the shaman was saying to him.

As expected from the leader of their tribe, he was also very muscular, but his face was also decorated with 3 large scars, apparently left by some dangerous creature. After checking his statistics, Ivo's eyes almost fell out in surprise.


Name: Fius son of Fido

House: Volius

Age: 173

Race: Human (77%); Lower Junior Titan (23%)

Strength: 320

Dexterity: 150

Stamina: 440

Charisma: 132

Intelligence: 54

Wisdom: 73

Magic Affinity: 6


Cultivation of the Blood of Argus Skull Crasher (Extraordinary)

Argus Hammer Push (Rare)

Argus Earthquake (Rare)

Argus Mighty Strike (Rare)

Wild Raven Blood Cultivation (Normal)

Argus Hammer Fencing (Rare)

Lesser Titan Lesser Regeneration (Rare)

Raven Tribe Hammer Fencing (Normal)

Raven Tribe Hand-to-Hand Combat (Normal)

Fortune's skirt, is he even human? How can such a monster in human form exist?

Having calmed down a little, Ivo began to reassure himself that this is a fantasy world and a lot could happen here.

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