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64.63% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 53: Chapter 53

Chapter 53 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 53 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 53: Chapter 53

[1 year AR October 30]

Until today, everything was fine for the tribe and Ivo was constantly in a good mood watching how his tribe was constantly developing, although visually the tribe did not change much, Ivo was able to see some differences.

For example, the majority began to use numbers and letters to write and count something, although they did not have paper, so they had to use boards and stones, but there were also such craftsmen who tried to repeat Ivo's paper, but unfortunately they did not know what to this is required, so by trial and error, they finally made the first papyrus, which slowly began to spread among the tribe.

The builders stopped indiscriminately running around the tribe and trying to repeat the construction of similar houses to those that Ivo demands. Now they are all busy studying with Atreus, they were very interested in geometry, and now they really began to understand why Ivo called their old houses rubbish.

In addition, Ivo made a ruler specifically for the Atreus, on which centimeters are marked, and now you can see how the builders are constantly measuring something with the help of similar tools.

Now Ivo was sitting in his own room and eating food with Ceres, when suddenly a warrior ran into his house and said with excitement, "Chief, a caravan from the horse tribe has come to the tribe."

Hearing this, Ivo quickly lost his appetite, got up from the table and headed for the exit from the tribe.

Coming out of the tribe, he saw people, several warriors from the people of the tribe, as well as 6 animals that looked like bulls, various sacks and baskets filled with food and other things were loaded on the backs of these animals.

Passing by the warriors of his tribe, Ivo approached the caravan men and said with a smile, "Dear guests from the Horse tribe, we are glad to welcome you to our Crow tribe."

The caravan men frowned, and then one of them asked, "Tribe of crows? Where is the Salamander tribe? "

Ivo replied "The Salamander tribe was captured by us and now we are located in their place."

The people of the horse tribe were on their guard, no one had ever captured other tribes in the valley, and then one of the caravans said "We are not going to conflict with you, earlier we bought salt from the salamander tribe and the wolf tribe, but since you are now here, we will leave you and head to the wolf tribe. "

Ivo smiled broadly, and then replied "The tribe of the wolf also no longer exists and now only our tribe produces salt in the north."

The caravan men were even more surprised, now they have an aggressive tribe at their side that can threaten them, this is not very good.

Ivo said "But don't worry, after these wars, we were exhausted, so we will produce and trade in salt, to recover our losses"

The caravan men have calmed down a bit, they believe that the war with the southerners, as well as the war with the two tribes, should definitely drain this tribe, so a bald man with a scar on his chin, who was apparently the leader of the caravan, came forward and spoke to Ivo "Great news, now we don't have to travel long and we can buy salt directly from your tribe, trade will definitely help each other. We brought a lot of good things, I think you will like them "

Ivo nodded in agreement and replied, "Indeed, we are glad to welcome guests, in honor of this, there will be a feast in a day, but for now, let our brothers rest in our tribe."

Then Ivo told the guards to allocate some places for the caravan men, and then he went back to his hall.

When Ivo left, the tribesmen began to joyfully interact with the guests, because the majority never went further beyond the hunting spheres of the tribe, and now guests from distant places with interesting goods arrived to them.

Ivo went into his room, sat down on a chair and began to think. Now, when the caravan has arrived to them, the rest of the tribes will know for sure about the aggression of the Raven tribe, so they will soon have big problems.

Although Ivo was not afraid to fight with all the tribes, as he was sure that with the help of tactics he could somehow win, but then his tribe will suffer greatly, so this option does not suit him.

While Ivo was thinking, Ceres came into the hall and saw her husband in thought, going up to him, she hugged him and asked, "Are you worried about the horse tribe?"

Ivo pulled out of his thoughts and then replied with a bitter smile, "Not really, I just don't want the tribe to suffer much from the subsequent conflicts."

Ceres gently kissed her husband on the cheek, and then said, "You will definitely come up with something, but for now we still need to decide whether we will sell salt."

Ivo suddenly remembered something "Salt? Exactly salt! Why didn't I think about it first?"

After his words, he passionately kissed his wife, and then said "Make sure the tribe is all right while I'm gone, I will not be there until tomorrow, I will need to go to the mountains to find one thing." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-53_52970164605483695">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-53_52970164605483695</a> for visiting.

Ceres did not have time to answer, as her husband had already rushed out of the hall.

Ivo ran out and turned to the system "Where is the Chilean saltpeter located?"

[Transaction successful -5FP]

After reviewing the information received, Ivo grabbed his sword, a large jug and what looked like a pickaxe made of stone.

After that, he rushed at his full speed towards the mountains. 12 hours later, Ivo finally got to the right place. Looking around, he saw in front of him a cave in which white crystals grew, which can be mistaken for salt, even this crystal tastes like salt.

After resting a little, Ivo began to churn these crystals with his stone pickaxe, filling the jug.

Meanwhile, in the Raven tribe, the caravaneers were in the same house and discussed the current situation.

The leader began to speak: "We must not linger here for a long time, after tomorrow's feast, we will exchange salt and immediately leave this tribe, we must tell the chief about what happened here"

All unanimously agreed with him. One of the caravan men asked, "Have you noticed that the people of this tribe are constantly drawing something?"

Another caravaneer said "Yes, I asked about it, they told me that this is their Esnor language and arithmetic, maybe this is some kind of witchcraft?"

The leader said "It doesn't matter, now we need to get out of here alive as quickly as possible, so stay out of their business."

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