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Chapter 56 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 56 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 56: Chapter 56

Having dealt with all the enemies, Ivo and Kato surrounded the horse tribe around the perimeter so that no one could escape, and then they and several warriors went inside.

Unlike the tribes living in the forest, the tribes on the plains do not build houses, in the usual sense, instead they put up tents and yurts. First, they make a frame from sticks, and later they stretch wool and leather over it, only the shaman's shack is slightly different from all other houses.

Now there was no one left outside, all the inhabitants hid inside the tents in anticipation of their fate, so Ivo gave the order that the soldiers should gather all the inhabitants in the open space.

After 10 minutes, Ivo stood in front of the crowd and examined all these people. according to rough estimates, there are about 7000 people here. Ivo finally said loudly "People of the horse tribe, unfortunately for you, now your tribe no longer exists, it has been taken over by our Raven tribe. Now you have no choice but to obey me, but do not worry, we will treat you with dignity, as long as you do not try to harm the tribe. "

"Now you will be called plebeians and you will not have many privileges, but if for several years you do not have any problems with our tribe or you have any significant achievements, you will become full-fledged people of our tribe and will have the same rights"

At this point, Kato asked Ivo, "What to do with the sick? Some couldn't even get out of bed. "

Ivo replied "Kill everyone who has severe symptoms, don't touch the rest, they can recover later."

Kato nodded and then loudly announced "We have learned about the disease in your tribe, so in order not to spread the disease further, we will kill everyone who has severe symptoms, those who remain can be calm, our shamans will be able to help you."

After his words, Kato gave the order and the warriors began checking every tent and killing anyone who was unconscious or in dire straits.

Upon learning that they were not touched, some in the crowd calmed down, while others, on the contrary, became agitated, because among the sick some have relatives: spouses, parents, children.

But to their regret, these ordinary people could not oppose anything to strong warriors, so they could only weep and beg for mercy.

Ivo did not oppose this, on the contrary, in this way he must temper his legions, because in a war at such a time there can be no question of the rights of people. Ivo can be considered kind anyway, because he did not put all people in shackles and did not make them slaves.

Observing the actions of the legion, Ivo noticed that some young warriors had some doubts, but still they did what was required, on the other hand, already experienced warriors did not worry about it at all, they just followed the order.

It's good that there are some veterans in the legion, so the newcomers will have at least some kind of support that will morally support them during rest.

An hour later, the entire tribe was checked out. Ivo ordered two cohorts to escort all the women and children to the Raven tribe, while the men stayed here to build the stronghold. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-56_52996635025787290">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-56_52996635025787290</a> for visiting.

Again, many wept and prayed in the hope that they would not be divided, but under the threat of the spears they could do nothing.

When the two cohorts left, Ivo ordered to burn all the tents along with food, because no one knows where this tribe added the poisoned salt, so Ivo decided to play it safe.

[1 year AR November 25]

Within 5 days, in the place where the horse tribe used to be, a strong point was being built, in the form of a small wooden fortress.

Ivo took advantage of Roman ideas. A moat was dug around the camp, so that in the event of an attack, it would be more difficult for the enemies. In addition, a wall of logs was built, but since Ivo had not yet introduced metal into use, nails did not yet exist in the tribe, therefore, so that there was a constant patrol on these walls, Ivo ordered to make a mound of earth from the inside, thus allowing the soldiers be on the walls.

There were no houses inside the camp, but tents. This option was quick and convenient, allowing you not to spend a lot of effort on setting up the camp. Now a meeting was being held in Ivo's tent with the participation of Ivo, Kato and Primipilus.

Kato said pointing to the paper "The closest to the horse tribe is the fox tribe, which is located next to the silver forest, on the other side in the Amshar mountains is the armadillo tribe, but there are other tribes next to this tribe. Therefore, I propose to attack the fox tribe, and then head to the White Lion tribe, which is located nearby and the snake tribe in the silver forest. "

Ivo also looked at the sheet of paper on the table. The fact is that on this paper Ivo drew a map of the area from his memory. Thinking a little, Ivo said: Winter is already coming, and fighting in winter is a suicide, so I think it would be better to capture the Fox tribe, and then wait until the snow begins to melt. I think during this time no other tribe will start moving, so we will still have the advantage. "

Kato and Primipilus agreed and then began to discuss trivial matters regarding the legion.

A few days later, the cohorts returned. Leaving one cohort in the camp, Ivo and Kato headed towards the fox tribe.

[1 year AR November 31]

The Legion finally arrived at the enemy tribe and following the standard scenario, Ivo announced its arrival and began to wait. During the campaign, Ivo constantly received notifications that he had poisoned someone, therefore, the salt that got into the horse tribe spread to the nearest tribes. Reading the map in his mind, Ivo guessed that the Fox, White Lion, and Unicorn tribes would suffer the most. Therefore, he was not worried when he openly announced his arrival.

A few minutes later, at the exit from the tribe, a crowd of enemy soldiers crowded, among whom stood out the leader and the shaman.

As in the last battle, they began to flee to the legion, and the warriors of the Raven tribe began to throw spears at them.

Such actions stunned the fox tribe, but they continued their attack anyway. When there was almost a clash between the legion and the barbarians, Ivo saw that the shaman began to dance in place, singing something loudly.

Ivo suddenly felt the energy waves that headed towards the legion. He became alert, approached Kato and covered himself and his father with mana to counter the alien energy.

At first, nothing seemed to happen, but then Ivo noticed that the soldiers of the legion began to attack their own in addition to enemies during the battle. This is unpleasant, now the first losses appeared in the legion, which were received not from the enemy, but from their own soldiers.

Deciding to deal with this old fool on his own, Ivo pulled out his sword and jerked towards the shaman.

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