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69.51% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 57: Chapter 57

Chapter 57 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 57 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 57: Chapter 57

The shaman, who continued to dance, noticed that a young man was breaking through the various warriors in his direction, frowning, he concentrated his energy on this young man, but this had no effect either. Therefore, the old man changed his dance and song to others.

Ivo, who was running to the shaman, suddenly saw that various snakes appeared around him and began to pounce on him. Ivo reacted quickly, so he dodged and cut one of the snakes in half with a sharp blow.

Initially, Ivo thought it was just an optical illusion, but now smoke began to emanate from his sword, looking closely, he realized that his iron sword began to corrode with the poison of a snake.

Now he has accurately determined that this is not just an optical illusion, but something better. Therefore, Ivo finally looked at the statistics of the shaman, it turned out that in the new interface, his profession is Priest, and instead of spells, he had prayers.

This shaman belonged to the pantheon of Apate, the goddess of illusion and deception. Looking at the snake, Ivo saw the following.

[Insidious Manasnake]

[A clot of mana that transformed into a snake made entirely of corrosive poison. Favorite pets of the Goddess Apate]

After reading the description, Ivo activated his [Elemental Shield] and then tried to touch the sword where the poison was now. As he expected, the poison stopped working and simply disappeared.

Having dealt with this obstacle, Ivo simply ran past the snakes that constantly tried to bite him, but when they touched him, the snakes simply disappeared.

The shaman was frightened, usually, the snakes of the goddess always dealt with his opponent, but now they simply disappeared into thin air. Luckily he had a backup plan, he changed his dance again.

But Ivo didn't give him a chance, stretching his hand forward, he launched [Fire Arrow] at the old man. Horror appeared on the shaman's face, stopping his dance, he tried to focus all the energy he had in front of him to block the arrow.

When the energy collided, the arrow exploded and the flame enveloped the old man from all directions. This [Fire Arrow] is different from the one Vevet taught him. The old arrow just kept drilling a hole in the enemy until the energy ran out. But Ivo's new arrow produces a small explosion at the moment it hits.

After being hit by an arrow, Ivo did not stop running towards his opponent, as he was able to see with the help of [Searching of life] that the shaman was still alive.

When Ivo approached the shaman, the smoke and dirt from the explosion still did not disappear, so the old man did not even see how Ivo cut through the smoke with his sword, instantly chopping off his head.

After the death of the shaman, the spell fell from the warriors of the legion and when they woke up they were at first confused, but then quickly came to their senses and in a coordinated manner began to kill their enemies.

Finally, after half an hour, all the enemies were killed, and at that moment Ivo was listening to Kato's report "In this battle, due to the curse of the shaman, we lost 46 people, another 131 were wounded, fortunately, we had no seriously wounded."

Sighing heavily, Ivo said, "Well, we should expect casualties among the warriors, but not in this way"

After a little pause, he added "Even the most bitter experience, though, is still an experience. We will need to train several mages so that mages will always be in the legion. "

Kato nodded in agreement and then asked "What to do with the dead?"

Ivo thought for a moment, and then replied, "Conduct a farewell ceremony, remind the soldier of the need for unity at all times, and then burn the fallen and send the ashes to their relatives."

Kato nodded and went to obey the order. Ivo continued to stand and stare into the distance. He reminisced about his past when he was in the military. Because of his profession, he saw many fallen comrades, and later when he became an officer and he began to command his own detachment, he realized that the most difficult thing is not the death of his subordinates, but the fact that he has to talk with the relatives of the deceased

Remembering all this, sometimes you wonder how fleeting your life is and how a simple child with a gun can kill you. And no matter how strong your allies are, they will not always be able to help you.

Ivo turned his gaze to the system builder, where a beautiful and juicy peach was shown on the screen, and the cost was indicated at the top [10000 FP]

Yes, Ivo had previously thought about creating something that could increase his strength, but when he lived in the tribe, he did not see any need for this, because then he independently improved his techniques, in addition, such a sum was too large for him.

Now, having re-experienced the unpleasant feeling when you cannot instantly do something to overcome the obstacle, Ivo decided to use the system, because now he has many ways to get FP.

Ivo named this peach [Peach of the Titans]

[Increases the purity of Titan Blood by 5%, has a seed inside that allows to grow weaker versions of this peach]

[Blood Purification 1% 5000 FP]

[Blood purification 4% 2000FP]

[Possibility of planting 3000 FP plants]

To create the peach itself, the system will need 5000 FP, so Ivo previously considered it a waste of time, it is better to spend time on your own development.

While Ivo was thinking, the Centurion approached him and said "Archon, we checked the tribe and it turned out that there were about 100 warriors and 3 shaman's Apprentice who did not participate in the battle, the warriors surrendered, but the shaman's Apprentice resisted, it's good that no one was hurt ... What will you order us to do? "

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It's good that Ivo's things are different and he is simply accompanied by Miss Fortune.

So Ivo turned to Centurion and said "Some warriors want to avenge their fallen comrades. I think this will also be a great lesson for the fox tribe to understand what their resistance can lead to. Build a small platform, we will carry out a public execution.

The centurion nodded and ran to obey the order.

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