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78.04% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 64: Chapter 64

Chapter 64 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 64 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 64: Chapter 64

Ivo stood to the side, and a carrier made of logs was tied to his back, on which lay a dead phoenix.

But Ivo now did not think about the phoenix at all, he carefully watched the battle, so that if something happened to intervene and save his sister.

Meanwhile, Vesta fought against a fiery leopard, there were several injuries on her body, and she herself was breathing heavily, but the leopard also did not remain unharmed, there are many deep wounds and cuts on his body.


Name: Vesta daughter of Kato

House: Kato

Age: 17 +1

Race: Human (85%); Lesser junior Titan (15%) + 2

Strength: 76 (+40)

Agility: 75 (+48)

Stamina: 105 (+49)

Charisma: 215

Intelligence: 119

Wisdom: 240

Magic Affinity: 33

Magic Capacity: 140/560

Energy type: Mana Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-64_53088494175712121">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-64_53088494175712121</a> for visiting.

Profession: Mage of 2 circle


Valkyrie Breath (Epic)

[Magic of 1 circle]

Strengthening bones

Firming the skin

Strengthening weapons

[Magic of 2 circle]




Valkyrie Blood Cultivation (Epic)


Valkyrie Fencing (Epic)

Valkyrie Impale (Advanced)

Valkyrie Shield Bash (Advanced)

Valkyrie Sweep (Advanced)

Valkyrie Spear Throw (Extraordinary)

Valkyrie Accuracy (Extraordinary)

Valkyrie Head Strike (Extraordinary)


Lesser Titan Incomplete Lesser Regeneration (Rare)

Finally, the leopard got tired of waiting, so he rushed to Vesta with a roar, but she reacted quickly and dodged to the side, then she made a quick sweep with her spear.

The leopard did not expect this, so he fell to the ground. Unfortunately, when he tried to get up, Vesta had already thrown a spear at him, piercing him through. Bleeding, the leopard could no longer move, so slowly his consciousness plunged into darkness.

Ivo finally relaxed and walked over to the panting Vesta. Patting her on the shoulder, he said "That was great, maybe if you knew more spells, you could catch up with me when I was 17"

Vesta snorted and replied, "These spells are so boring. But I must admit, some of them are quite useful, maybe I will take some time to learn something new. "

Ivo smiled and then walked over to the leopard to butcher it and take out the core.

A few minutes later, he was already holding a small ball in his hands, which was sparkling with a fierce red flame.

[Fire Leopard Core]

[Core Rank 3]

[Energy Reserve 315/1400 (Fire)]

After sealing the core and tying up the prey, Ivo and Vesta set off back to the tribe.

[2nd year AR January 22]

Ivo is currently working in a workshop. He struck well-aimed blows with a hammer, on a red-hot piece of iron, giving it the desired shape. After several blows, he brought this piece of iron under the device, which repeatedly hit the same point with the hammer.

It would be a blacksmith's hammer that worked automatically with a wheel that moves due to the flow of water. Ivo ordered that the workshops always have this device. This speeds up the forging process.

Finally, when the piece took the desired shape, Ivo put this piece in the fire until it was heated to the desired temperature. Pulling the hot iron out of the fire, Ivo began to fold the piece in half to form a sandwich.

Ivo repeated this process several times until he was satisfied and began to shape the piece into a sword. Thus, Ivo created Damascus steel in this world.

The essence of this steel is that the blacksmith creates a sandwich from several plates with different steel contents. The final product always has a distinctive and beautiful design.

Having hardened and sharpened his sword, Ivo looked at his new sword. This weapon, like the old one, had the same length, but the pattern that shimmered in the light made this weapon different from others.

Unlike his old weapon, Ivo was pleased with this sword as it was well balanced and had a better structure, although still not ideal, Ivo achieved an unprecedented result for this time.

But the work is not yet complete. Ivo took a chisel and a hammer, and began to carefully knock out magic words and runes on the sword, naturally in his own language, so that no one could understand the structure of this sword.

Finally, when the runes were in tune, Ivo inserted a hilt made of phoenix bone, wrapped in the blue skin of this phoenix, into the sword. And then, in the place where the guard connects and the handle, he carefully inserted the core of a thunderous phoenix. Having firmly secured the core, Ivo raised his sword and began to wave it several times.

Satisfied, he mentally connected with the core of the phoenix and suddenly small sparks began to emanate from the sword. Of course, Ivo is now using only a small power of this sword, if it activates the thunderstorm energy at full, the workshop may suffer.

Stopping the flow of energy, Ivo smiled broadly, carefully put his sword into a sheath, also made of phoenix skin, and after humming a song he set to work on Vesta's spear.

[2nd year AR January 23]

Vesta, who was training with her spear, suddenly noticed how her brother approached the house, with a sword on his hip, and also with a beautiful spear and shield in his hands.

Seeing this, Vesta rushed straight to Ivo, and then, approaching, began to happily ask "Is this a beautiful spear for me?"

Ivo smiled broadly and replied "Not only a spear, but also a shield"

After his words, Ivo held out his spear and shield to Vesta.

Without hesitation, she grabbed these two things and began to examine the new toys.

The shaft was made of [Centennial Tranquility Tree], the wood itself was dark in color, but the shaft was covered with fiery leopard skin, and where Vesta usually held on to the spear, embossed hilts were made of leopard bones.

The tip of the spear was, like Ivo's sword, made of Damascus steel. On the very tips, various runes were also drawn, and just below the core of a fiery leopard was embedded. A fluffy leopard tail is tied to the top of the shaft.

After examining the spear, Vesta went over to the shield. Unlike the weapon, the shield was not made of Damascus steel, but small scales were engraved on it, in the center of the shield was engraved a pattern of two cubes superimposed on each other obliquely. There was also a pattern of intersecting lines inside these cubes.

From this pattern, 12 steel strips were drawn to the edge of the shield, which strengthened the shield, interesting patterns of lines were drawn on these stripes, resembling waves.

Then Vesta looked at the inside of the shield, and saw that here, in addition to the handle, there were magical runes. Not understanding why this was, Vesta looked inquiringly at Ivo.

Her brother grinned and said, "I know you don't like to study magic, so I made this spell for you, try to inject mana into your shield"

Vesta nodded, and then holding the shield in her hand, began injecting mana. Suddenly she saw that an aura began to spread from the shield, which began to cover her entire. It was interesting that this aura was constantly shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

Suddenly Vesta saw Ivo throw [Fire Arrow] at her

Unable to dodge, she covered herself with a shield. When the arrow hit the shield, as expected, the flames consumed Vesta, but she didn't even feel the wind.

Ivo suddenly said "This spell creates an impenetrable shield around you that will protect you from any energy until you run out of mana."

Having said this, Ivo suddenly saw how Vesta's eyes began to shine with joy.

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