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84.14% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 69: Chapter 69

Chapter 69 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 69 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 69: Chapter 69

[2 AR March 17]

Ivo was now at the outpost. This time base has changed a lot for several months. The walls were reinforced and widened, and the tents were replaced with houses. In addition, a settlement of the people of some of the conquered tribes appeared outside the walls.

But these people don't stay here for long. This base is used as a transshipment point. Here people from the conquered tribes get used to the life and foundations of the Raven tribe, and then they go to the tribe itself.

Previously, there was no extra space in the tribe, but now, when various iron tools and knowledge appeared, wobbly and frail log houses began to be replaced by sturdy two-storеy houses, in which more people could live.

Suddenly a bugle sounded, hearing this sound, the whole legion lined up in even ranks. But this legion was not the first legion, it was already the second fully trained and manned legion.

In the second legion, there are 4,000 legionnaires, as well as 2 magicians, whom Ivo hardly received from his wife. Unfortunately, now there are only 4 magicians left in the academy, but Ivo believes that they will definitely cope.

Ivo turned to Kato and said, "The Second Legion is completely ready, these warriors have not yet mastered the new style of combat, so I am placing them under your command. I think the white lion tribe would be an easy target, so head over there and capture their tribe. " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-69_53158638507837982">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-69_53158638507837982</a> for visiting.

Kato asked, "Where will you lead your legion? The Unicorn tribe or the armadillo tribe? "

Ivo thought and then replied, "I think the best target would be the armadillo tribe. When we capture two tribes, there will be 4 tribes left, the strongest of which will be the unicorn tribe. "

Then Ivo drew a map on the ground using a stick "But when we capture these two tribes and deal with the captured people, these 4 tribes will already know about everything. Most likely they will unite around the unicorn tribe to oppose us. "

"If we fight them directly, it could lead to big losses, so I think it's best to wait for their troops to come together and then go through the mountains from the armadillo tribe."

"After that, we can quickly capture the tribe of the eagle and the hedgehog, as there will be very few warriors. If we're lucky, we can also capture the bear tribe. Without the help of their tribes, we can wait for a while and the combined forces will start starving. In addition, we will be able to use the captives for pressure, forcing their ranks to falter. "

Although Kato did not agree that they would have to use the captives, he nevertheless agreed with his son's plan, as he understood that in this way they would have fewer losses.

Finally, we will discuss all the plans, the two legions set out on their way.

[2 AR March 31st]

Unicorn tribe

It was very noisy in the great hall of the leader now, everyone was discussing the current situation that had arisen in the valley. Now absolutely everyone knew about the Raven tribe and their deeds.

Among many voices, someone said, "We cannot sit back any longer, we have to fight back this tribe. And after we capture them we will be able to divide everything that they have plundered between our 7 tribes "

Another warrior said "Yes, we will kill all their soldiers, and we will use women as slaves, they should know that such insolence will be severely punished."

The old warrior laughed out loud, "I just found out that their leader is a young jerk who just looked up from his mother's boobs. And these idiots are following this brat. "

Many warriors started laughing with them.

Suddenly the door flew open, and a warrior with a restless face rushed in. He quickly ran to the place where the 5 leaders were sitting. Gasping for breath, he said in fear, "Leaders, reports from the scouts."

The chief of the unicorn tribe frowned and then waved his hand to indicate that the warrior would continue to speak.

After catching his breath a little, the warrior swallowed and said, "Leaders, trouble has happened. The Tribe of the Snake, the White Lion and the Armadillo were captured "

One of the leaders who was sitting on a chair jumped up and growled loudly "Do you dare to deceive us?"

The messenger was very frightened and answered with fear, "I dare not, the snake tribe was apparently captured a long time ago, but the scouts saw with their own eyes how the warriors of the Raven tribe left the destroyed tribes of the lion and armadillo, taking the people of these tribes with them."

The leader who jumped up earlier was the leader of the armadillo tribe, so gritting his teeth, he said, "These bastards, for each of my warriors, I will kill 5 no 10 of their people."

Then he turned to the chief, who was sitting in the center and said, "Chief of the Unicorn, we must gather troops and send them to my tribe. After the battle, they should get tired and they could not go far, we can still catch up with them "

The Chief of the Unicorn Tribe shook his head "We must not split our army, judging by what the scouts say, they have enough warriors to take over two tribes at the same time. If we split up, they can destroy our troops separately. We must wait until their warriors come to us, and then give them battle with everything that we have "

The leader of the armadillo tribe was unhappy and angry, but he could not do anything about it, unlike other tribes, all his warriors remained in his tribe, and now only 100 warriors are with him. Therefore, he has no power in this decision, now he can only obey.

The Chief of the Unicorn Tribe stopped paying attention to him, instead he turned to the scout "Do the scouts have anything about the Raven tribe and their warriors?"

The scout nodded and said, "Yes, we saw their troops in the lion and armadillo tribe. Although we haven't seen them fight, we can tell you a little about them. "

"All their warriors are equally equipped, they are dressed in some strange clothes made of leather, and they use a shield and a sword as a weapon. By the way, their weapons are similar to those of the southerners, only instead of brown, it has a silver color. Also, all of their warriors always stand next to each other in a straight line. "

One of the chiefs asked, "Could it be the southerners, not the raven tribe?"

The scout shook his head "No, although there are tall and strong people among the southerners, it is very difficult to find them in such numbers. In addition, we saw how some of the warriors lifted weights with their bare hands, which the southerners cannot handle "

The leader of the unicorn tribe finally said, "Now we just have to wait for their warriors to gather together and attack us."

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