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Chapter 71 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 71 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 71: Chapter 71

[2 AR April 14]

The leader of the hedgehog tribe, walked in front and led the horde, two more leaders walked next to him, he said "Along this passage, we can quickly reach my tribe, if we hurry, then we will be in time before the enemy arrives."

The other two chiefs nodded silently and began to scan the pass. The road is not well-trodden, but traces of frequent use are visible, apparently small groups of people sometimes pass here. Along the edges of the road, there are high mountains on which various plants grow.

The chief of the armadillo tribe said, "For some reason, I feel uncomfortable in this place."

The leader of the hedgehog tribe laughed, "Calm down, my people often come here, there is absolutely no danger here. Small animals are afraid of people, but creatures have nothing to do here "

But the armadillo still hasn't calmed down "What if the Raven tribe decides to ambush us, because this is an ideal place, we are like animals in a trap here, just as defenseless and vulnerable"

The hedgehog just snorted, "Impossible, my people searched the whole area, but they never found a place where they could climb the nearest mountains. The only option is that the people of the Raven tribe are either able to fly or they can move the earth. "

The armadillo agreed with the explanation of his ally, but he still did not calm down, his intuition told him about the danger and this intuition never let him down.

Meanwhile, Ivo stood on these very mountains and carefully watched the movement of the enemy. There were 4 primipilus next to him, one of them said "I must admit that I am delighted with your idea, use magic to deceive the enemy, and then destroy him without giving them a chance"

Ivo chuckled and replied, "Legion is not just a kind word, but a very quick thing. While the enemy is drawing and planning the battlefield, we change the landscape. When the time comes for the attack, the enemy is lost in unfamiliar terrain, and becomes completely incapacitated. This is the meaning, this is our strategy "

Then Ivo said "The enemy has arrived at position, it's time to attack"

After 5 minutes, the leaders also walked through the pass, at last, the hedgehog said "We almost reached, now we will climb that hill and we are already close to my tribe."

Everyone nodded and quickened their pace. But the armadillo felt an even greater threat, so he decided to lag behind his allies, then he hid behind his soldiers and grabbed his ax in his hands.

Suddenly, a loud and lingering sound of a bugle sounded over the heads of the barbarians. All the barbarians quickly took a fighting stance, constantly looking around. Then, all of a sudden, everyone saw how even lines of soldiers, with shields and spears, began to appear from the side of the hill.

Then something whistled over their heads, before they had time to look up, when suddenly arrows began to hit them, killing many of the warriors.

The chief of the Eagle tribe was unlucky, several arrows hit him and he fell to the ground, and the crowd in the commotion simply crushed him. Many soldiers in this battle also died not from arrows, but from a crush.

The armadillo was lucky, the arrows did not hit him, as he was hiding behind his soldiers, he fiercely shouted towards the hedgehog "You said it was safe here"

The leader of the hedgehog tribe looked in bewilderment "I-I-I don't understand how they got there"

The armadillo growled "We'll deal with this later, we need to retreat immediately, if we start a fight with them, the archers will kill us faster than we can blink."

The hedgehog came out of his trance, and then nodded in agreement and ordered his people to go in the opposite direction, but then suddenly more screams were heard from the other side.

Looking there, the two leaders saw that even lines of opponents appeared on the other side, who did not allow the barbarians with their spears. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-71_53164749189335195">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-71_53164749189335195</a> for visiting.

Out of despair, the leaders growled and ordered their men to try to breakthrough. Some warriors desperately rushed towards the legionnaires, breaking spears against their bodies, but unfortunately, this did not help much, because the legionaries quickly replaced spears with their swords.

From above, arrows were constantly falling, and on the sides, the legionnaires squeezed the barbarians, not giving them a minute of rest. The constant crush and blows of swords killed the warriors every second.

Finally, after 10 minutes, only 300 people remained in the pass, suddenly the armadillo shouted loudly "WE GIVE UP, STOP ATTACK"

Legionnaires and archers did not stop attacking, because for several months they had already learned that during the battle, you only need to listen to orders.

300 Warriors, 250 Warriors, 200 Warriors. Finally, the sound of a bugle sounded and the legionnaires halted their attack.

A loud voice sounded from the ranks of the legion "Drop your weapon"

The chief of the hedgehog tribe got angry and shouted "Never"

But he had just finished, when suddenly a sharp blow from the back with an ax chopped off his head. The chief of the armadillo tribe spat and then said, "Drop your weapons, we don't need to die foolishly here."

The warriors still doubted a little, but still they listened to the order and threw down their weapons, but some, those who were from the hedgehog tribe, on the contrary got angry "Bastard, you cowardly killed our leader, do you really think that we will listen to you"

While this crowd argued, loud bangs were heard in the passes. Everyone turned their attention to the ranks of the legion, whence the tall youth emerged.

Smiling like the devil, Ivo said "Bravo, betrayal and anger, I thought everyone in the tribes was friendly, but apparently I was wrong, because this is the second time I have encountered betrayal."

Stopping clapping, he said, "I must say that your soldiers behaved with dignity and if this coward had not killed the other leader, you would have died with honor. Even if we set up this ambush, my warriors were very tired and I am sure that now they would like a soft bed, their wives and fun. "

"I cannot give them the first and second, but I can provide them with fun. Our tribe does not need non-loyal warriors, so only one of you will not be touched by my people. Who could be the lucky one? "

Ivo then started pointing his finger at random people, saying "Maybe you? No, you're too ugly. Or maybe you? You are too weak ... "

Thinkingly, Ivo replied, "It's very difficult for me to decide who will be the lucky one, so I came up with a game. You yourself will determine which of you will live. "

Then Ivo stopped smiling and looked at everyone with a serious look. "Raise your weapons and fight. I promise that my warriors will not touch whoever survives this carnage. If this tree burns out, but you don't start fighting, all of you will die "

Ivo cast a [Fireball] spell at a small tree that was growing nearby. And then he returned to the ranks of the legion.

Many of the legionnaires looked at each other and then put their shields on the ground and leaned on them. Although the fight was not long, the onslaught of the enemies was constant, so they really were very exhausted, so they gladly took advantage of this little respite.

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