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90.24% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 74: Chapter 74

Chapter 74 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 74 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 74: Chapter 74

[2 AR April 22]

Ivo kept his promise and his legionaries did not touch anyone during these 5 days. Of course, the tribal leader does not agree that his people will run away from him, so he ordered all his warriors to arrange constant checks.

But unfortunately for him, even among his warriors and the warriors of the bear tribe there were those who wanted to escape.

On the first day, only a few people decided to try to escape, and when the rest saw that the legionnaires were not touching them, they also wanted to escape.

On the fifth day, the population of the unicorn tribe was reduced by 50%. As mentioned earlier, the warriors also fled, so Ivo had to work with them a little differently.

All warriors were sent for forced retraining, where they learned new rules in the legions. It was there that their behavior was assessed, if everything was good, then they became free, but if everything is bad, then we all know how it ends.

Standing on an earthen embankment, Ivo took a deep breath, and then shouted loudly, "5 days have passed, so I warn you that when the sunset begins, we will attack the tribe, everyone who wants to surrender has very little time left."

When he finished shouting, Ivo sat down on the ground and waited for the sunset.

Meanwhile, the unicorn tribe was not so calm. Many doubters, after Ivo's statement, nevertheless decided to take a chance and rushed to the legionnaires. The leader, on the contrary, was angry more and more, everything around him collapsed and this jerk was to blame for everything.

Therefore, plucking up courage, he decided to take desperate measures "Tell the soldiers to get ready, let them take shields and spears in their hands, and then mingle with the fugitives. Let's see how our enemies deal with it. "

An hour later, Ivo, who was watching everything, noticed with his keen eyes among ordinary people, warriors with weapons. He would not have paid much attention to this if these were isolated cases, but there were many such warriors.

Frowning, he stood up and then blew the bugle. The legionnaires, who did not tensely control the flow of refugees, heard the sound, at the same time drew their swords from their scabbards and with quick movements lined up in an even line, preparing for battle.

The crowds of fugitives were agitated, are they really late and this tribe wants to kill them all? Also, the people of the tribal leader threw firewood into the fire, who began to shout "These bastards have deceived us all, the sunset has not yet begun, and they are ready to kill us, we must not trust them, we need to fight them."

The crowds began to worry even more, but then Ivo loudly shouted, "Everyone, calm down, cowardly warriors hid among you, who want to take advantage of you to attack us."

But as soon as he finished, there were shouts among the crowd. Looking in that direction, Ivo found that several people fell to the ground and began to bleed, screams and crying were again heard from the crowd.

"They've already started killing us." "They killed Lucas" "He used his evil sorcery to deceive us and kill us all" "That's right, stop believing them, let's all attack them together"

The crowd could no longer hold back and under the agitation, all these people decided to break through with a fight. Ivo, however, frowned strongly, but did not lose his head, he again shouted loudly, "I repeat, we will not kill you just like that, everyone will stand still, anyone who comes closer to us than 10 meters will be killed"

Unfortunately, all these people were already desperate, so all they could do was run ahead. Kato, who was on the sidelines watching it all, sighed sadly, and then gave the order for everyone to cook their bows.

Ivo also felt sorry for these common people, but he would rather lose them than his trained warriors. Hypocritical generosity? Maybe. But Ivo was never generous. Therefore, when people reached the border of what was allowed, he did not flinch.

Arrows with a whistle began to fly at their targets, defenseless people could not protect themselves from this in any way. The corpses of adults and children, women and men, someone's blood, intestines and other bodily fluids ended up on this bloody line.

All this sight instilled deep fear in the hearts of ordinary people, because they had never seen so many deaths before. Noticing that the crowd had stopped, Ivo breathed a sigh of relief, and then shouted again, "Nobody to move, everyone who wants to live, lie on the ground face down, and put your hands behind your back, those who do not will face death."

The crowd began to doubt, they no longer have a clue who is telling the truth and who is lying, but Ivo's repeated shout still made them dutifully lie on the ground.

A few seconds later, all ordinary people were already lying on the ground and only soldiers with weapons remained standing, some of the soldiers still threw down their weapons and pretended to be fugitives. Ivo smiled slyly and said, "There you are, cowards who decided to use their own tribesmen."

Then he turned to his legionnaires and said "Kill them guys"

The legionnaires stepped forward slowly, stepping over the common people and engaging in battle with their enemies. Their well-honed movements made it possible to quickly and efficiently kill these untrained barbarians. Therefore, after 15 minutes on the battlefield, only a few opponents remained.

Among these opponents, Ivo also noticed the leader of the tribe, so without hesitation, he reached out his hand and used [Grip] on the leader

Everyone on the battlefield suddenly noticed how the tribal leader slowly rose into the air, and then he began to scream in pain. His entire body began to twitch unnaturally, as if something was trying to break out of him.

Ivo felt resistance, but he has a lot of energy, so he put even more mana into the spell, and the chief began to scream even more. His skin began to move, as if waves of ebb and flow of blood were splashing through his veins.

After a few more seconds of such unbearable torment, the leader exploded, and the battlefield was stained with a bloody rain of the leader's blood and parts of his body. It was mainly the warriors of the unicorn tribe who suffered, since they were closest to the leader. The legionnaires were able to hide from all this with their shield.

After such a terrible incident, the enemies began to experience indescribable horror, so they no longer resisted and finally died under the onslaught of the legionnaires.

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[Your actions have caused your enemies to tell scary stories about you to their children]

[Enemies now feel fear when they are near you, and strangers feel uncomfortable around you]

[You have captured a large tribe +7500 FP]

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