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Chapter 7 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 7 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

The old man clenched his fist with a smile, and then slowly unclenched it, and a small light green flame appeared in his palm.

The shaman said "This is a gift, with the help of the blessing of the goddess you can learn to interact with the energy of nature."

Noticing Ivo's interested glance at this flame in his hand, the old man continued, "Ivo, do you want to become my fifth student?"

Ivo would be lying if he said that he was not interested in this, in the past reading various books, he always imagined what it would be like to be a cool magician. But he still had some doubts, so he asked, "What about the initiation ceremony?"

The old man laughed kindly, and then said "Don't worry, not only can the option of becoming a shaman be your second option if you don't succeed during the ceremony, you can also advance along two paths at the same time. My two students are doing just that, unfortunately it will slow down your progress, so I would not advise doing this, but it is still your choice. "

Having analyzed the possible development options again, Ivo still did not find many disadvantages and believed that even if progress slowed down, he had a system for this. So nodding to Ivo, he said, "I really want to become a shaman, master."

An ear to ear smile appeared on the old man's face "Great, the more shamans we have, the stronger our tribe will be. Before we begin your training, you need to feel this energy. "

Taking Ivo by the hand, the old man led him to the very altar at the entrance to the shaman's shack, going up to it, the shaman bowed to the statue, and then made Ivo himself bow.

Having prepared, the shaman began to say "Although the Goddess blessed you, and you can see the energy of nature, you still cannot feel it, for this we must turn to the gods and ask the goddess to finish what we have begun, so you will become a faithful and devout follower of the goddess Flora."

Hearing the latter, Ivo frowned, he did not want to be bound by any vows at the beginning of his journey, so without hesitation he spent his FP to find out more about this case.

"System, is it really what the old man said? Will I have to serve the goddess? "

[Transaction confirmed -1FP]

[No, the Old Man is mistaken, there are various professions in this world, the user of ancient blood, the shaman of the energy of nature, this is just a small part of the whole set of professions. What the Shaman is talking about is just a process of awakening the energy of nature / life in your body so that you can use it. In fact, this can be done without the help of the gods, with the help of another user of a certain type of energy. This requires a predisposition to a certain type of energy + activator (creature, human, god, etc.).]

[But unfortunately the local tribes do not know how to activate energy in other people's bodies, they just tried to roughly transfer energy from their bodies to others and they did not succeed, so they turn to the gods]

[Most gods do not require any vows for common types of energy, only occasionally ask for offerings. And about loyalty to the gods, these are already inventions of the shaman, you have the right to refuse this and you will still receive the seed of life, the shaman will still not be able to check whether you have an oath or not]

After listening to the voice of the system, Ivo relaxed, and then, thinking, asked "Predisposition? How to check if you have a predisposition? " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-7_52488617972515881">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-7_52488617972515881</a> for visiting.

[Transaction confirmed -1FP]

[All of humanity has a predisposition to all attributes and theoretically a skilled user can collect all types of energy in the world in his body, but with more of them, more serious control is required over this, also do not forget about the difficulty of controlling opposing types of energy, such as fire and ice , life and death, etc.]

[But some families are predisposed to some types of energy better than others, for example, if there are users of fiery energy in a family of the 20th generation, then it is easier for them to work with fiery energy]

[All these factors are determined by such statistics as Intelligence, Wisdom, Magic Affinity]

[Magic Affinity determines - your ability to see any energy in the world, for example, you saw only small green particles in your hand, but the shaman saw thin light green threads because his magical proximity at the moment is better than yours]

[Intelligence - is responsible not only for standard human qualities, but also for the capacity of the energy pool and the rate of passive recovery of the creature's energy]

[Wisdom - is responsible for the quality and control of energy]

[The last two statistics do not affect you in any way, all these factors will be related to the statistics of Magic Affinity]

Only 2 points and Ivo received very detailed information, which, most likely, the shaman himself did not even suspect. He did not really feel sorry for these glasses, because such a resource is fully renewable and most likely in a few days, he will receive them back with interest.

Returning from his inner world to reality, Ivo continued to worship the Goddess. And when the shaman finished reading the prayer, Ivo saw that small particles gathered in large quantities around the statue, and then these particles flew sharply into Ivo's chest.

Instead of the expected pain, a slight pleasure came, like a light warm breeze, but this period of pleasure was interrupted by system messages.

[The host absorbs the energy of nature]

[Absorption successful]

[Goddess Flora offers to join her pantheon]


Without hesitation, Ivo mentally pressed the No button.

And suddenly nothing happened. When Ivo looked around, thinking if he did something wrong, the old man came up to him from behind and patted him on the shoulder "Congratulations Ivo, now you are also a faithful follower of the Goddess, now I will teach you how to use this gift."

After clearing his throat, the old man continued to say, "First of all, close your eyes."

Following the instructions of the shaman, Ivo did just that.

The old man said, "Now relax and try to feel the changes in yourself, mentally examine every part of your body, when you find changes, focus on it and try to control it as if it were your hand."

For 10 minutes Ivo tried to feel these changes that happened to him. During this time, he went into a meditative state, completely oblivious to the world around him. As a result, he groped for a very small light green seed in his chest, delighted, he tried in every way, but it was very difficult for him, and after another 10 minutes, he finally succeeded. He stretched a very thin channel from this seed to his hand, but when this stream reached its end, the small seed dramatically emptied, and Ivo began to feel very tired.

At this time, the Old Man, who was closely watching Ivo, noticed how a small amount of natural energy came out of the child's hand. It surprised the old man "Stop, you did everything perfectly, I'm even surprised, apparently the goddess rewarded you with talent, because even the student who took the least amount of time to learn how to control the energy spent about 10 days on it."

Having rummaged in his woolen cape, the shaman took out a leather bundle, and then handed it to Ivo. "But without practice, even the most talented cannot keep up with others. What I gave you is the breathing technique, my ancestor was lucky and for his merits he received this technique from the goddess, all my students own it, if you carefully follow the instructions in this parchment, then you can replenish the spent energy, and you can also increase its capacity "

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