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Chapter 80 - Guests in our camp - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 80 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 80: Chapter 80 - Guests in our camp

Finally, one of the scouts began to speak Latin with a terrible accent, "We are the ambassadors of the Esnor Empire, which of you is in command of this camp?"

All people began to sort out the names of various empires in their memory, but they could not find the Esnor Empire in their memory. The old man also does not know about any Esnor empire, however, he nevertheless said as politely as possible "Dear ambassadors, I have been appointed commander of this camp."

The scout nodded and then took a paper roll from his bag. Opening it, he began to read in Latin "I am Tsar Ivo Esnor, Son of Kato Esnor, Ruler of the Esnor Empire, as well as the ruler of the Itria Valley, I invite the commander of this camp to discuss the current situation and establish diplomatic relations with your states. The meeting will take place in 2 days, 5 miles north of your camp. "

After his words, the scout rolled up the scroll and then held out his hand, expecting someone to take the scroll. The old man pushed the warrior closest to him, and this lucky man ran to the scout and took the scroll.

When the scroll fell into the hands of the old man, the scouts turned their horses around and galloped back.

Watching these guests disappear over the horizon, the old man loudly announced, "Commanders, immediate gathering in my tent."

After 20 minutes, all the representatives of their troops gathered in the old man's tent, each representing their own kingdom. But unfortunately for the old man, these were mostly spoiled children who do not understand how this world works. Therefore, while this second generation is arguing among themselves, the old man carefully examined the scroll he received from the scouts.

He had never seen such papyrus or parchment before. Unlike papyrus, this thing is stronger, but it is also different from parchment. Examining the words in the scroll, the old man noticed that in addition to his usual language, some other words were also written there, but he did not know their meaning. And at the very bottom of this scroll was the black seal of a two-headed raven.

Finally, tired of the arguments of these jerks, the old man barked "Silence!"

"Didn't you notice what these warriors were wearing? They all had good clothes and iron equipment, "said the old man.

One of the commanders said, "But they were wearing 'trousers'. Such clothes are worn only by barbarians. They invite us to visit them, that's audacity! We must punish them for this and destroy them, and then find out where they got their iron from "

Many young commanders also supported this opinion, but the old man said, "Maybe you did not know about this, but overseas, on the continent of Cavrix, there are also states that dress in" trousers ", so it is foolish to judge them only by these clothes."

"We need to take advantage of this invitation and learn more about this Empire. And only after that, we will draw conclusions. "

One of the commanders said, "Why would we listen to them? If we share some loot with the second camp, we can collect at least 10,000 warriors, do you really think that the enemy can have more warriors? "

The old man shook his head and replied, "Therefore, we will go to them to learn everything about their Empire. They have horses, which means they can definitely watch us and theoretically can know about our numbers. Do you really think that they are stupid or brave, that they do not care about our army? "

The commander shook his head in embarrassment, for some reason he did not think about it.

Then the old man said, "In 2 days, representatives of the big kingdoms will go with me."

Some protested, "Why only big kingdoms? Are you underestimating us? "

The old man sighed at this stupidity and said, "The fewer of us, the better. Thus, in a dangerous situation, the enemy will not be able to deprive the troops of command, in addition, it is a bad idea if there are many envoys in the diplomatic delegation "

[2 AR October 16]

The old man and 5 more commanders, and with them a detachment of 200 soldiers, had already approached the Ivo camp. The first thing they noticed was that on the other hand, familiar faces from the second camp were approaching this place.

The old man said, "As I expected, these people are also aware of the existence of the second camp."

After 10 minutes, the two delegations merged. Although there is some tension between the two camps, they are now the only allies, so the two leaders decided to move together.

Finally, a delegation of 2 leaders, 10 commanders, and 400 soldiers appeared in front of the Ivo camp. All members of this group looked around the camp and the people in it with a serious face.

Unlike their usual style, this camp is surrounded by a palisade and a mound of earth. Which are constantly patrolled by warriors. Examining these warriors, the old man noticed that they wore black shields with the symbol of a raven, as well as iron spears and swords.

They were dressed in trousers and shirts, and over this garment, they wear chain mail, iron knee pads, greaves. And on their heads are spherical helmets, with plates covering their cheeks. Among these warriors, the old man also saw that some helmets had a plume of black feathers. Apparently, these are the commanders in this army.

Examining these people, the old man missed the moment when several soldiers ran out of this fortified camp and then lined up in an even formation. And after that, a young strong man with a plume and a dark cloak came forward and said in Latin, "My Tsar is already waiting for your arrival, so let me accompany you to him, but you can only take a few guards with you, the rest of the warriors must stay outside the camp "

The two leaders frowned, although they don't think that with 400 warriors they will be able to fend off enemies if they are suddenly attacked, they still don't want to leave their people aside.

Suddenly one of the young commanders shouted with contempt, "Who do you think your Tsar is? I am the third heir to the Kingdom of Miar, even the Republicans do not allow themselves to talk to me like that! "

Primipilus narrowed his eyes and then said, "I advise you to watch your tongue kid, you are not in your kingdom right now and your mommy will not wipe your ass."

Then the legionary turned to the old man and said, "My Tsar promises that as long as you do not provoke us, we will not touch you and your warriors. Even if negotiations are unsuccessful, you can still leave this camp alive. So stop wasting time "

The two leaders didn't really believe the man's words, but still, they had no choice, so they took several warriors with them and then went inside the camp. The guy who tried to insult Ivo after being reminded by the legionnaire stopped trying to insult them, as now he was consumed by fear.

He does not know why this happened, but when Primipilus began to threaten them and let them know about their Tsar, he felt unexpected tension and anxiety, so now all he was thinking about was not to show others that he was afraid.

As the team of these men advanced through this camp, the two leaders scrutinized the site, noticing every detail. The most important thing that catches their eye is order and cleanliness in this place.

All the warriors are busy only with the necessary work, there is no smell of excrement or alcohol anywhere here. Even the tents in which the legionaries sleep are arranged in a strict order. As if this is not a temporary camp, but a city.

Finally, the delegation found itself in front of a large tent. Going inside, they saw a long table, on which were various sheets of paper and several books. There was a passageway to the side of the table that seemed to lead to a separate room. Standing beside the table was a tall young man with brown hair and purple eyes, whose gaze makes you feel like a small rabbit in front of a proud eagle.

But what really set Ivo apart from the crowd was his enormous height. When the Latins passed through the camp, they already felt low in comparison with the warriors of the legion, but when faced with such a giant, even the old man felt uncomfortable.

Noticing the arrival of the Latins, Ivo smiled broadly and then said, "Guests from the Latin kingdoms, glad to see you. Do not stand at the entrance, walk in and sit down at the table "

The two leaders exchanged glances and nodded to each other, then chose a good seat and sat down on chairs. Although this furniture did not look elegant, the smell of wood suggested that this table and chairs were made recently. Apparently, the creators of this furniture were only concerned with practicality, not beauty. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-80---guests-in-our-camp_53297033645182087">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-80---guests-in-our-camp_53297033645182087</a> for visiting.

The aristocrats also did not stand at the entrance for a long time, and finally, they all sat down.

Ivo, still smiling, began to say, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Ivo Esnor, the founder of the Esnor dynasty and the Esnor Empire, and also the ruler of this Empire "

Listening to Ivo's words, the old man had even more questions about this empire. If this young man is the founder of this Empire, then where does the young empire get such a trained army and high-quality equipment, or is it all a performance?

The old man respectfully said "Your Majesty Ivo, we are glad that you invited us, but unfortunately we still do not understand what the Esnor Empire is and what you are doing here."

Ivo replied, "To the point? I like it. Well, the Esnor Empire is located in the valley of Ithria, earlier in this valley there were barbarians who, as far as I know, often attacked you. Now all these barbarian tribes were destroyed by the Empire. "

One of the young men tactfully asked "Your Majesty, our kingdoms knew little about the barbarians, we always believed that there were only 3-4 tribes of barbarians, but according to you, there should be more of them?"

Ivo nodded "Indeed, there were 12 tribes and an Empire in the valley, but now only the Empire remains. The reason I brought you here is related to our relationship. As you well know, barbarians often raided your kingdoms, but the Empire is not the heir to these traditions, so I decided to arrange this meeting. "

La_Boule La_Boule

Wow, now chapters will always have 1600+ words. I was also motivated by the last reviews, so I decided from time to time to expand the past chapters and fix plot holes that I had not noticed before. Chapters that have been changed will be named.

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