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100% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 82: Chapter 82 - Bullying is also part of the negotiation

Chapter 82 - Bullying is also part of the negotiation - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 82 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 82: Chapter 82 - Bullying is also part of the negotiation

[2 AR 13 November]

Within a month, there was no response from the Latins, but the scouts reported that constant changes were taking place in the two camps. Most likely, the kingdoms decided to remove their children from this place and send more qualified people here. Ivo was not very worried about this, because any normal ruler would have done this when an unknown threat appeared at their side. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-82---bullying-is-also-part-of-the-negotiation_53322211548779251">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-82---bullying-is-also-part-of-the-negotiation_53322211548779251</a> for visiting.

Therefore, he spent all his free time in training, developing his body. Unfortunately the peaches are not yet ripe, so he can only use the standard method.

During such training, a legionnaire suddenly ran up to Ivo's tent, and then announced "Tsar, the scouts noticed that the Latins sent people in our direction."

Ivo quickly got out of his training process and asked, "How many are there? Is it the army or the ambassadors? "

The legionary replied, "There are not many, only about 600 people, but among them, only about 350 people look like warriors."

Ivo nodded and said, "So these are the ambassadors, then prepare the camp for the arrival of the guests."

The legionnaire saluted and went to obey the order.

After a couple of hours, Ivo stood on the wall and watched the approach of these ambassadors with their bodyguards. Unlike past guests, these people no longer looked young, each of them was over 40 years old.

Seeing this, Ivo said, "Look at their age, it looks like the Latins took us seriously."

Kato replied "Indeed, but do not forget that even among old people there are fools and idiots."

Ivo nodded in agreement and then said, "I will return to my tent, meet them and escort them to me."

Kato looked at Ivo strangely. "Why don't you meet them yourself?"

Ivo replied "This is to show them that we will not grovel for them. Their status is not high enough for the ruler to personally meet them. They will perceive it as a weakness if I am here. "

After his words, Ivo turned around and went to his tent. Kato just sighed and then began to descend from the wall, heading for the exit from the camp.

After a while, the horsemen finally reached the camp. For the first time, they saw those whom the people of their kingdom described to them. As tall and strong as barbarians, but dressed in interesting clothes.

Noticing a man among the legionnaires who stood out for his plume and cloak, one of the messengers got down from his horse, and then came forward and said, "Young man, we are messengers from the Hellenistic kingdoms, where is your Tsar, why does he not meet us?"

Kato was surprised at this treatment, he pointed a finger at himself and asked, "Young man? I'm 55 years old, kid. "

The messenger clearly did not expect such a turn of events, he really thought that this warrior was about 20 years old, because he looks so young. Another ambassador came to his rescue. "I beg your pardon, you just look very young. But it doesn't matter, we are still waiting for your Tsar to arrive here "

Remembering the words of his son, he replied "You still do not have such a status that our ruler would meet you. So stop putting on a show here, you've either come to negotiate peaceful coexistence, or you've come to declare war. "

None of the ambassadors expected such a harsh and categorical answer, but nevertheless, some of them had extensive experience, so another ambassador came forward and said "I apologize for the rudeness of my colleagues, this is just a tradition in our kingdoms, but since your Empire is different, then we will do as you say "

Kato nodded and said, "We didn't know about your traditions, well, the next time our ambassadors visit your kingdoms, they will demand that they be met by your rulers. Thank you for warning us against ignorance "

The ambassadors looked at each other oddly, they did not expect that their attempts to humiliate these barbarians would turn into what happened.

But Kato did not carry on this meaningless conversation and said, "Your warriors must stay outside the camp. Ambassadors follow me, I will lead you to our Tsar "

The ambassadors did not object and they followed Kato.

In the meantime, Ivo was talking in his tent with the system "System, I want to receive information about the current goals of other kingdoms, regarding these negotiations."

[Transaction successful -100 FP]

Checking the information received, Ivo said aloud, "So this is how things stand, I see."

A few minutes later, the legionnaires entered the tent, followed by various ambassadors. Noticing their arrival, Ivo stood up from his "throne" and said with a smile "Ah, respected ambassadors from distant kingdoms have come to us. True, we expected your arrival a little earlier, but better late than never. Sit down at the table, because there is nothing better than discussing business during a pleasant meal. "

One of the ambassadors said with a smile, "Unfortunately, some incidents delayed our arrival, but as you said, better late than never. We are also interested to know what dishes exist in your Empire"

Ivo also sat down at the table and clapped his hands several times. The legionnaires entered the tent with trays closed, placing the trays in front of everyone, they simultaneously opened them.

A bright and pleasant aroma got into the noses of these ambassadors, while they were enjoying the smells and the sight of food, the legionnaires put glass glasses next to them and filled these glasses with wine, and then they left the tent.

Ivo said "Unfortunately, we are not in Esnpolis right now, so I cannot provide you with the best conditions."

One of the ambassadors, who was very hungry after a long journey, could hardly restrain himself, asked "We understand you, it is rare to get something so wonderful in a military camp, but what is it?"

Ivo replied, "This is Thunder Phoenix Breast in sweet and sour sauce and mashed potatoes. In addition, there are 3 types of cheeses as an appetizer, and wine of the Imperial Court is used as a drink. This wine is made by me personally, so I hope you enjoy it. "

Ivo said "I won't keep you waiting anymore, so let's get down to the dishes."

After Ivo's words, the ambassadors were already reaching their hands for food, when suddenly Ivo interrupted them "Wait, in the Empire we rarely eat with our hands, for this we use cutlery wrapped in cloth to the right of your plates."

The ambassadors sighed and then began to unwrap small rags. They expected to see almost anything, but they were greeted by the silver glitter of two objects.

They looked inquiringly at Ivo, he just smiled, and then took the fork in his left hand, and the knife in his right.

And then he said, "With a fork, you pierce a little piece, and then with a knife, that piece is cut off. And now you can enjoy your food with pleasure without getting your hands dirty "

One of the ambassadors asked, "Isn't it easier to eat food with your hands?"

Ivo shook his head. "Your hands are not always clean, and on top of that, you can stain something after eating. Another benefit of cutlery is that with the help of silver it is possible to determine whether there is poison in food or not "

The enlightened ambassadors nodded in understanding and began to try to eat with cutlery. Although it was uncomfortable for them at first, after a few bites, they finally got used to it.

Eating meat with cheese and washing it down with wine, they enjoyed the food that was prepared for them. After 20 minutes, everyone was already full enough, so Ivo decided to start a dialogue.

He said "Well, I am grateful that your kingdoms, albeit with a delay, still arrived, so I would like to know what the goals of your states are."

One of the ambassadors replied "My name is Victor and I am leading a delegation from 12 large kingdoms. After long discussions, the rulers of these states came to the decision that they are ready to accept your existence, however, since you occupied territories that historically belonged to the ancestors of their rulers, and also because you want to trade in their zone of influence, you are required to pay 40% of the profits from trading, and you should also start selling some metals to these countries "

The legionnaires who were inside the tent and acted as guards gripped the hilts of their swords tightly. Ivo, who was now sitting relaxed on a chair, holding a glass of wine in one hand, waved the other hand, signaling for his legionnaires to relax.

Swinging the wine in the glass, Ivo said, "This is the opinion of the 12 kingdoms, but do other countries agree with this opinion?"

No one answered in the tent, then Ivo smiled and said, "I will regard this silence as your consent to this disgusting statement. However, even if my Empire has to fight all the kingdoms, I will never accept these conditions. "

Putting the glass on the table, Ivo said, "I'm not going to pay you anything, and there can be no question of selling iron either. As far as I know, there are only 2 medium kingdoms and many small ones near the valley. If a war breaks out, then I will fight with these countries and not some distant giants "

"Since these 12 kingdoms are too far from us, I believe that your opinion does not bother me too much. You are allowed to be here, only out of my courtesy to you, but your rulers decided to hit me in the face, why don't I do the same? "

Turning to the legionnaires, Ivo said "Centurion, escort 12 ambassadors from our camp, they are no longer qualified to conduct this dialogue with us."

The centurion nodded and then gave the order to his men and the legionnaires began to force the men out. Victor shouted out loudly "How dare you? Your pathetic, barbaric Empire is worthless, do you really think that my rulers will leave it so easily? "

Ivo chuckled "I dare! Tell your rulers that if they want to work with us, then let them offer something in return, and not throw threats in my direction"

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