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Chapter 3: A Calm Fujioshi

Copyrights by JaehaJack

This is my original work. All rights reserved. No parts of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems - except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews - without permission in writing from its author.

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.




In dramas and historical books, alas even in games, rulers were usually the most ruthless, partly rationale yet the remainder was the firm and cold heart of steel.

'Coocooness? What in the world are you saying, Xia RI!'

The transmigrator just made her first mistake because Wei Xia Ri let her guard down!

Who would have known that the 'concerned' emperor was so heart-broken upon the news of her fallen army? Using such advantageous situation, an imperial edict was made on the spot. Something that should have been at least discussed on a further and more private court rather than when ministers and some new graduates from the royal academy for scholars have just been invited to court!

"Zhen has watched you grow up Xia-er, ever since you have joined the battlefield at such a tender age which should have been a youthful spring for girls. You have greatly contributed and sacrificed for the empire that my empress and I have decided after so much contemplation at the chance that you return from the war.

"General Wei Xia RI of the Wei Clan, I, Zhen command you to heed to an imperial edict. For your meritorious deeds and valiance, Zhen bestows to you the title of Royal Princess Ruge. From now, you are part of the royal family. Your rewards shall be delivered right to your doorstep by the time the sun has peeked through the darkness."

" A princess? Your majesty, this lowly subject--" Wei Xia Ri felt her heart sink. She had returned on her own without a single survivor from her three thousand men by her side. It was a national scandal that should send her to jail but becoming a princess? For the past three days, she had been planning on how to atone for her men, in turn of taking over the general's body and identity. But to suddenly become a princess? It would earn her more enemies than glory! What is the emperor scheming? The tyrant was already undesirable, how much more is that title?!

" Princess Ruge, this is an edict. You are to adhere to your future responsibilities from now," the emperor cut her off as quick as she breathed.

Wei Xia Ri could not help but sneakily observe there expressions while remaining on a 45 degree bow. It was not hard to see the small smile in the royal couples' faces as if they had thought of something that could definitely make the fearsome general surrender to their wills. As if her private army did not exist nor did the underground organizations she owned. Normally they should feel threatened by the presence of the tyrant.

Just what happened?

The predecessor, her, has now revived the dead Wei Xia Ri. Was their any detail skipped? She suddenly returned and fell into a simple trap the moment she returned? If only the situation was as simple as betrayal by a lousy lover or fighting against a step sister!

"Duties?" she heard herself murmur.

But everything ended as quickly as the emperor felt satisfied with himself. In the blink of an eye, Wei Xia Ri found herself in the Wei Manor.

It was a sight to see for a new comer who grew up underneath skyscrapers and around busy streets of downtown. Despite the weekend and summer nature adventure, staying and knowing one was living in a nature surrounded mansion filled with servants felt amazing. She gaped every time she wanted to speak. In the memories provided, the old Wei Xia RI was just a rambunctious and rich tyrant who goes around. Wherever she goes came a disastrous event tailing behind.

The troublemaker who no longer exists deeply troubled the new one. The new her just really did not like to do anything unnecessary and attention was the least of her worries. She plopped herself down a four poster bed imported from the western world. From the red silk sheets, elegant wooden carving and soft pillows, anyone could tell it was expensive. That, Wei Xia Ri grinned.

Then a thought popped into mind, those alphas probably has this type of bed that helps seduce those adorable betas.

She sighed, an ominous smile following after. 'Why not?' The fujioushi had an idea! She can stir trouble in the shadows! 'Ah! So I don't have to go out, I can write gossips! Ah! What gossips, how about introduction of the beautiful rotten art! Kyaah!'

'I can start by simply patrolling around, what if I see some good inspiration. Bromance? Lol! That' s considered affection!'

The moment the sworn fujioushi in body, heart and mind almost lost herself to her imaginations, a servant' s voice announced himself behind her door. As if a reminder that Wei Xia Ri cannot live as freely as before. Her brows furrow. "General-your highness, his majesty's representative is at the door. What does this subject have to do to solve the matter?"

A flash of the royal couple's foxy faces popped in her head. With the arrogant yet calculating voice of the old tyrant, she easily answered without so much of a hesitation. "Is this the continuation of today's edict? Suppose it is, summon my maids to help me dress the part. Make the representative wait. Don't bother going back and train instead."

"Yes Master."


Underneath a row of imported wysteria trees lined on either side of the road was such a handsome creature strutting down while surrounded by a valiant and dominant demeanor. Green silk of high-quality robe embroidered with modest silver threads and a long, curly yet silky pony tail flowed with the wind as she moved. In poetic terms, a flawless counter. Especially with her relaxed expression while those peach blossom eyes looked forward with an empty yet frank gaze. Her head was held high and her hands rested behind her lower back.

Something about her made the emperor's official feel threatened. His elderly gaze squinted to double check if it really was the same Wei general who walks like a barbarian. Right now, that same child just came forward like a real, decent soldier. Same face, same arrogance but different way of walking. He shrugged the thoughts away thinking that it was just his age coming up to ruin his intelligence once more. And then he cleared his throat to make a quick announcement.

"Kneel down, Princess Ruge for you are in the presence of his majesty as long as this document is with us."

Wei Xia Ri watched a couple historical dramas, enough to allow her understand the importance of an emperor equivalent to an earthly idol worshipped by pagans. Inwardly, the modern girl did not like the idea but reality might strike at any minute and deliver her clean-cut neck on a silver platter.

The official could not help but widen his beady eyes when the tyrant obeyed! 'She must have really liked the new title,' he thought and then added in a high-pitched voice, "As another reward of your title, your highness, Princess Ruge is allowed to choose whomever she sets her eyes onto for marriage."

Since even the official was not allowed to read the order before hand, even he felt confused. "However, your highness may only choose until the sunset the week after today."

Wei Xia Ri wanted to yell in (JaehaJack) defiance. "What the hell do you mean by that? How utterly random, inconsiderate, fraudilistic and ambiguous! Bullcrap!"

Is that why they were happy? More than the loss of my men--- or am I overthinking it? How long was it since the death of the Sun Dao Division General and her 3,000 men had been known? Could they have taken care of it already? I need to know more about this, it's too dangerous.

While the new general was already a world away in her mind, the old imperial eunuch fell silent. 'His majesty truly dared to pull the tail of this demoness?'

Fortunately, it did not take long before reality pulled her back to her situation.

"Heh!" Wei Xia Ri scoffed with a smirk. She spoke automatically, perfectly mimicking the former. "Keep reading old man. That's not all of it, isn't it?"

The official felt stiff but nodded. "If your highness, princess Ruge fails to do so, a political marriage will be set."

"Political marriage? Are they planning to send me out to an enemy kingdom as a royal daughter in name? Who-" does that old fox think he is? Before her mouth finished talking, Wei Xia Ri had clenched her hands into fists. "I am losing nothing. What makes you think this general will agree to such unfair treatment? Go tell your mighty-"

"Upon marriage, your highness princess Ruge and your future husband will be allowed to access the imperial library as you have requested before."

Wei Xia Ris felt taken aback. 'The general read books? Was I too prejudiced?' The new one shook her head. "I am no longer interested."

"This is a command by his majesty, your highness, Princess Ruge, you are not allowed to decline it. I beg your cooperation your highness."

JaehaJack JaehaJack

Hezekiah is someone that i hope would be kind of relatable.

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