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95.36% Friend System: An Implosion on This Wonderful World / Chapter 144: Chapter 141: Picnic Part 2

Chapter 141: Picnic Part 2 - Friend System: An Implosion on This Wonderful World - Chapter 144 by Geraint124x full book limited free

Chapter 144: Chapter 141: Picnic Part 2

Chapter 141: Picnic Part 2(with Fan Services)

Fanfic by: Geraint124x

(A/N: This fanfic is free to be dissed by anyone. I might make some mistakes but I'll edit it soon or later. Please review this Fanfic and write anything on the comment section for support. Thanks.)

Update: I fix a lot on the part 1. You may read it again if you want.


(Harukin's POV)

- Akame ga Kill World -

In the end, Akane told me what's happening at their home and how the sweet atmosphere between the Salty boy and Mikaela affect their family.


She also told me that Chihiro got a new hobby after watching the two of them together many times.


I'm afraid that its too late for her because she already turned into a Fujoshi or rotten girl after observing those two.

I have to save Fumie and Ako before they get infected by them.

While I'm talking with Akane,. someone tapped my shoulder,


Glancing behind, my cheek was poked.

"Hello, Husband! How are you feeling today. You just sleep like a slug this morning after you woke up. What happened to you?"

It was Krul who poked my cheek with her index finger.

She was wearing a frilly black swimsuit with white border. There's a ribbon on the center her top and in the side on her bottom. She's wearing a sandal and summer hat to cover herself from the strong sunlight.

She was precocious alluring.


"Well... I accidentally used a new ability of mine but it has a side effect which is dizziness and blindness for few hours. That's why I have to rest."

"Oh... Another cheat of yours. You're getting more powerful and stronger for no reason at all."

"It's fine since they said it was my personal ability. I'll just use it to protect you and everyone."

Krul slightly blushed then she smiled.

"Husband, I have something to tell you."

"What is it, Krul?"

"I can't tell you if you don't come closer to me. Also hold back your sunshine magic or I might get burn."



I leaned forward towards her, lending my ears.

She suddenly grabbed my face.


She pulled my face, kissing me on my lips.

I was surprised.

"Gyaaaah!?" Akane freaked out.

"Krul! That's unfair!" Erza yelled.

Mirajane was completely shock.

Ieyasu's cheek twitched, watching us.

Krul's tongue entered my mouth, playing with my tongue together.

It felt really good and I can't deny that I was enjoying what we're doing.

Letting go of me as she licked her lips.

"Thanks for the food, husband. I'm looking forward to the next one in the future."

I just stood there, completely stunned by her beauty.

"Krul, what happened to what you furiously said to me in the past more than three years ago 'I'll kill you if I found a chance, you insolent brat!'."

"Hmmm... Did I really said that? I can't remember."

"Yes, you are! Don't forget, it was the time when we first met in vampire city called Sanguinem. We fought with each other then I turned you into a half-vampire."

"Oh, that... You really have a sharp memory, Husband. But I'm not interested anymore in doing that. What I want now is to spend my time with you and live a normal life. And also, I'm interested more in what you're going to accomplish in the future."


She went close, whispering to me.

"I'll tell you this... I love you now, Husband. Even though you have some few screw loose in your head."

"I love you too, Krul. Even though you're such a slobby half-vampire."

"Lolicon!" said by a more than 1200 years old preteen girl half-vampire.

"Shut up, Shotacon!" said by 12 years old boy with mentality of a highschool boy.


"Pffffft! Hahahaha~" we just laughed together.



"What is it, Husband?"

"You look attractive in that swimsuit. It suits you well."

"Hehe. Thank you. But, you're getting turned on by me, right? Husband?"

Waving my index finger,

"Tsk! Tsk! Yes, I am!" I said in exaggerated way.

Krul looked at me with squinted eyes,

"You should just answer me normally, husband."

She turned around and said,

"I'm going now, I have to watch over those two mischievous daughter of yours."

"Thanks as always, Krul."

She just waved her hand at me as she walked away. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I noticed Akane fidgeting around.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Ummm... Umm... It's..."

She looked very nervous.

"It's... Kiss..."

"Kiss? Do you want me to kiss you?"

She became flustered.

"No! Actually... It's just..."

I went towards her, kissing her forehead.


"Don't force yourself if you're not ready. Krul is a thousand years old girl so she already prepared for a very very long time."

"Okay..." she timidly nodded at me.


Turning around, I saw my Fiancee Lalatina covering herself with a towel.

When she opened, taking off her towel and showing to me her swimsuit.

Her swimsuit has a yellow color same as her blonde hair with white border.

It's a little revealing that it barely covered her breast because of its huge size.


As expected of Eroness, she looked really erotic.

But, I'm a bit disappointed of her because of her hard masochism.

"What do you think, Harukin?"

How will I complement if what she likes to hear is the opposite.


Nothing comes into my mind.

No, I just become honest with her.

"You look so hot and beautiful in that swimsuit, Lalatina."


She looked a little bit disappointed to me.


Pointing my palm towards her,

"Create Water!" I casted a spell and a water gushed out from my hand, hitting her and getting her wet.


"Harukin, what are you doing to her?" Akane asked me, being confuse.

"Please don't ask me." I responded.

After that, my Fiancee was heavily breathing.

"Mmmmmh!!" she moaned.

I casted another spell towards her,

"Freeze!" I used a freezing magic, making her chill in shear cold.

"Kyaaaaaah!!" she screamed in cold.

After that,

"Mmmmmh!!" she moaned again.

Lalatina was enjoying it.

"Hehe! As I expected of my Fiance, you're merciless just the way I like it. I really glad that my mom has chosen you to become my lover." she said while being turned on.

Akane's face went paled, watching the two of us.

"I'm not finish yet."

I immediately went towards her and lifted her up, carrying her like a princess.

"What are you do to me next?" my fiancee asked me with excited tone.

I just gave her a very kind smile then said,

"Guess what it is!"



I threw her very high towards the deepest part of the river.




"Please don't ask me."

When my fiancee rose up from the river, she looks very satisfied, breathing heavily while hugging herself.


I really never felt this tired.



When I heard my daughters calling for me, I glanced at them.

I saw Nana and Kurē walking together with Wiz and Nee-san, holding their hands.

Krul and Yunyun are walking together with them.

Nana and Kurē ran towards me,

"Papa, let's swim!"

"Daddy, let me ride on your shoulders in the river."

Nana was wearing a purple swimsuit with frill skirt while Kurē has red color.


"Wait, Nana. Harukin hasn't change his clothes yet. Let's wait for him to finish." Wiz stopped Nana and took her.

Wiz was also wearing a purple swimsuit with beach towel tied on her waist. There's a flower pin on her hair, placed on the side of her head.


She looks stunningly beautiful.

"Wiz, you look beautiful in that swimsuit." I complemented her.

She slightly blushed, carrying Nana on her arms.

"Thank you." she shyly said.

"Harukin, Harukin!" Nee-san called me.

"Yes, I'm Harukin."

She went towards me together with Yunyun.

"Ku ku ku. Look, Harukin! Am I look cool?" Nee-san presented herself in swimsuit, doing pose.

"Harukin, what do you think?" Yunyun asked timidly.

Both of them are wearing crimson red swimsuit but Nee-san has frills and skirt which suited for her small body.


"Yes, Nee-san! You look very cute right now."

Glancing at Yunyun,

"And Yunyun, it looks good on you."

Sugoi Dekai!

I'm really happy to see her in swimsuit.

"Harukin, your eyes are glued on her chest. In the end, you love big breast, right?"

"What are you talking about, Nee-san? Of course, I love yours too. Big or small, I like both of them."

"Now, your eyes are staring at my thighs now."


"Can't help it, I love them too."

"This perverted twin brother of mine... I wonder what really to happened to him when he left our village three years ago."

A lot of mental suffering that I don't want to remember.


I saw Maple running towards me happily while waving her right hand.

"Huh? Maple!?"

She was wearing a orange swimwear dress with white border on top.


She looks adorable in her swimwear.

"Sun-kun--Kyah!" She suddenly slipped, stumbling towards me.

I immediately caught her.

"Hey, Maple! You should be careful. That was really close."

"Sorry, Sun-kun. Thank you very much."

"Just because your defense is ridiculously high doesn't mean that you'll clumsily let yourself fall just like that."

"Hehehe... I'll be careful." she laughed, scratching the back of her head.

"Maple-chan! Yunyun-chan! Komi-chan and I are finished changing!"


I saw a normal looking girl with dark brown hair with slightly side-swept bangs, pink eyes and a commonly worn pink cherry blossom hairpin on the left of her face which forms a small ponytail on the left side of her head.

She was wearing a school swimsuit while running towards us.


She looks familiar.

I wonder who is she?

Behind her, I saw a beautiful girl with glossy dark purple hair that flows to her lower back, a slender body and an incredibly beautiful face.

She was wearing a white swimsuit with purple string and turquoise beach towel tied on her waist. She a red flower pinned on her hair.

I was stunned on beautiful she is, just like a real goddess.


"Bocchi! Komi!"

"With everyone here, let's play now!" Maple raised her arm.


They did the same and yelled.

Bocchi? Komi? Wait! Those two are not from this world. What are they doing here?

Yunyun proudly looked at me,

"Harukin, these two are my real friends I'm talking about. They are Komi and Bocchi."

The two of them was looking at me anxiously.

"How!? They shouldn't be here." I can't believe what I'm seeing.

"With the help of Paimon, I was able to summon them with my magic and become friends with them."


"What is it?"

"Call Paimon here... She has a lot of explaining to do to me."


(To be continued.)

(A/N: I'll fix my mistakes tomorrow.)

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