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New Functions - Gacha Sovereign - Chapter 67 by Fixten full book limited free

Chapter 67: New Functions


[Good-Luck Gacha System V.3 Commenced]

"Oh... here it comes."

[Hello, Host]

"What is the new function after this update, System?"

[System has a few new functions. The first one is Premium Gacha]

"Oh..." Alex recalled, a game often had two types of gacha. The first type was a common gacha which you could buy with game points such as friendship points or the like. The other one was a premium gacha which needed a rare gem/ruby or you could also buy them with money.

[Yes. It is like what Host has expected]

Yep, the system heard his thoughts again. He was tired already of arguing with her(?). Hmm... he referred to the 'system' as 'her' now.

[The premium gacha has a rating system. All the items you get from this premium gacha are classified by a rating. The ratings are common(C), uncommon(UC), Rare(R), Super Rare (SR), and Ultra Rare(UR)]

"Hmm... the problem is how hard it is to get the ticket."

[There are a few ways to get the premium ticket. The one you have unlocked this time is the second new function, Mission Function]

"Oh! Let me see it!"

Soon, there was a panel of mission functions opened and a few listed missions there. But, Alex's face darkened.

"System, all of them are hidden, aren't they?"

Alex's face turned gloomy because what he was seeing.

[Mission 1

Objective: Hidden

Reward: Premium Ticket x5]

[Mission 2

Objective: Hidden

Reward: Premium Ticket x5]

[Mission 3

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Objective: Hidden

Reward: Premium Ticket x10]

"What is the point of having missions if I don't even know how to complete them?" Alex was frustrated.

[Host only unlocked the mission function, not the mission itself]

Alex's face became unbearable, but before Alex snapped, the system continued.

[I'm just joking. The one you see is the special mission. This is the repeatable mission that you can finish to get premium tickets]

Alex was soon relieved, he saw a few missions listed there.

[Mission 1 #repeatable

Objective: Kill 2000 rank 4 monsters and donate all the cores to the system

Reward: Premium Ticket x1]

[Mission 2 #repeatable

Objective: Kill 500 rank 5 monsters and donate all the cores to the system

Reward: Premium Ticket x1]

[Mission 3 #repeatable

Objective: Kill 100 rank 6 monsters and donate all the cores to the system

Reward: Premium Ticket x2]

Alex's face became pale, "System, what do you mean by killing 2000 of rank 4? Killing 500 of rank 5? It took at least half a month's continuous killing even when I've explored the dungeon! And that is just for one ticket? Are you torturing me? And what is this rank 6? I haven't even killed any of them yet!"

[That is just how the mission is, but don't worry, Host. The possible reward on this premium gacha is worth the effort. There are also hidden ways to acquire the ticket, but If I tell you now, then it won't be hidden anymore]

"Oh... how can they compare with my current Sanguin Sword Art and Spear Throwing Art?" Alex decided to ignore the system's last sentence as it was useless, so he asked about the reward.

[Sanguin Sword Art and Spear Throwing Art are classified as SR and R, and also the common gacha will not contain any UR item.]

"Can't you let me see the premium gacha first?"

Soon, he saw a panel for premium gacha. The panel had a picture of a box containing a gacha ball. Below the picture, there were two options panels.

"So, I can choose whether I want to use each of my tickets or use them together?"

[Yes Host. There are two options. You can use one ticket draw or you can use five of them together]

The two options that Alex saw just now was like this.

[Draw x1 (1 Premium Ticket)]

[Draw x5 (5 Premium Ticket)]

[But, if you use the Five Draw option, there will be at least one Rare grade item you can get. It is guaranteed]

"Hmm... the same rank item to my Spear Throwing Technique."

But, Alex felt something was wrong or missing. He tried to observe all the systems and noticed something.

"System, why are there no options for choosing what gacha type I want? Like before, you had three types of gacha such as Techniques, Tools, and Materials."

[This is a normal Premium Gacha, Host. If you want, there will be other gacha functions in the future. Of course, all those functions will be in the next system update... probably]

"... you don't even know it for sure... sigh," Alex could only complain this time. He wanted to criticize the system but didn't have the energy to do so.

[Don't worry, Host. For this update, System has a freebie for you]


[5 Premium Tickets Acquired]

[Since this update is introducing Host for two new functions, System gives you these five premium tickets]

"If that's the case," Alex then used his hand to tap the 'Draw x5.'

This time was different from the usual bland animation gacha that would only give him a list of material he got. Using the 'Draw x5', the panel was surrounded by light and was shaped like a box. The box wasn't big, its size was similar to the box that was used to cover a usual laptop.


The light disappeared and left a white-colored box in front of Alex.

He carefully opened the box and inside it he saw five white and yellow colored gacha balls with the 'G' letter in the middle, which was releasing a red and blue aura. The ball size was similar to a tennis ball and the five balls were arranged like the number '5' in a dice.

"System, how do I use them?" Alex asked the system, he was unsure of how to open them.

[Host just need to touch the 'G' letter on the ball]

After hearing the system, Alex tried to touch the first ball on the top left corner. He wanted to look at how this new function would run.

When Alex touched the 'G' letter, the ball shone and it floated a bit above the box. The ball opened up slowly. When it opened, a herb appeared from within the ball. The ball soon disappeared into the thin air and the system notification rang.

[Ley Herb (UC) Acquired]

Alex was surprised, "System, your update... it is an amazing animation if I should say."

[Of course, it was premium after all]

"But, I wonder how exactly this herb can fit inside the ball."

[Don't mind the small detail, Host. It is not important]

"..." Alex observed the ball again, "Well, okay then. Let's continue."

Alex then opened the second ball on the bottom of the first one. The ball opened and disappeared into the thin air again.

[Mithril Sword (C) Acquired]

This time, it was a Mithril Sword. He took out the Mithril Sword. This was a good normal sword that was stronger than the one Cornel used back then. Alex had gotten a Mithril Sword when he used the normal gacha, but it was still weaker than this one. However, the point was that he only got one Mithril Sword when he used normal gacha. So, he thought it was rare. But this premium gacha gave it easily and it was ranked as a common rank item.

The system's word had proven to be true, the reward was worth the effort if you looked at how this kind of Mithril Sword was only classified as a common rank item. This made him excited about what he would get next. He then opened the gacha ball on the right top. He planned to open the middle ball the last. Looking at how it was positioned, the ball seemed to be special.

The third ball was opened and a book appeared from within the ball.

[Mesanti Herb (UC) Acquired]


Alex was surprised with what he got because the herb was one of the ingredients for Quenching Fire Pill. The Quenching Fire Pill was classified as a rank 2 pill and with this pill, Alex might breakthrough to rank 6. As the name implied, this pill quenched the fire element in the user's body and helped the user to break through using a fire element.

Alex then contemplated, "This is only one of the ingredients I need. Maybe I should ask the teacher for the other ingredients?" Alex decided to leave it at that.

He then proceeded to the next ball. This time, a spear came from inside the ball.

Alex was surprised by this. "System, can I open them manually? I want to feel how the small gacha ball brought out a long spear. I am really curious about this."

[Host... please don't mind the detail. You can classify it as the System's specialties]

"..." Alex was speechless, "I recall you mentioned something about a special space for the gacha? Something like that?"

[Yes, Host. It is exactly like that. So, Host doesn't need to mind this small detail]

If the system was in a humanoid body, he/she would nod furiously and tried to convince Alex not to be curious about this.

Alex then shook his head as he sighed. He could only discover the secret later, he then looked at the announcement.

[Piercing Sky Spear (R) Acquired]

"Rare Piercing Sky Spear?" Alex was shocked by this new spear as he frowned. What kind of thing was this Rare rank item from the System? 

"System, If you compared this to my Rank 5 sword, which one is stronger?"

[Host, please inspect the spear first]

Alex frowned, then he took out the spear from the system's inventory. It was not convenient since the system's inventory could only store what he had obtained from the system.

A silver-colored spear appeared between him. The spear was really beautiful and eye-catching. The shaft was surrounded by a white aura. His eyes widened upon seeing this. Not because he was surprised with the spear's beauty but from its aura instead. 

Alexander noticed that the spear's aura was even stronger than his sword. If his teacher was right there with him, he would be shocked too because the spear's aura was even stronger than his rank 7 weapons. This spear was a rank 8 spear based on this world's classification.

Alex inspected the spear's shaft and he thought it was worth the current price. He recalled the time-consuming and repeatable missions. At first, he thought that a time-consuming mission was not worth doing and was only a scam or trick from the system. But now, he thought that if he had another opportunity to open the premium gacha like this again, then that mission was normal.

He focused his attention back at the box, there was still a ball left that was still unopened. He turned to look at the ball, 'What will I get from this last ball?' He thought to himself.

As he stood deep in his thought, his hand unconsciously moved to the 'G' character on the ball. As his finger touched the character, the ball opened and an item popped out from the ball.

Fixten Fixten

After careful consideration, I update the system as such as to make the MC didn't suddenly become too OP. Thank you for all your ideas, If you have more wonderful ideas feel free to said it in the comment, I always read them. Thank you.

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