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Chapter 6: Chapter 6: The Cursed Town

    "Is it our wants that makes us go forward, or is it our needs. Is it the hands that give us warmth, or is it the hands that cause more pain and suffering, human's hands, the ones that cause the population to decrease? They create wars, suicides, and murders, even though most of the time, this could be avoided if people would notice the slight change in a person's personality. But people don't want to acknowledge change, even though change is inevitable," I thought, as we approached a rather peculiar town.

We had walked for about a week, we ran out of food and water a couple of days ago, and a few of us passed out from dehydration. By a few, I mean everyone besides me, Wendy, and the cat.  Wendy was alright because she was an RPG, the dumb cat was okay because he was a sword attached to me, and I had made a potion to fill up my fuels anytime they were low. Like I mentioned before, we approached a rather peculiar town. The place looked like a ghost town, the gate falling apart, and the streets empty. When we finally got past the almost demolished gate, we headed to a more lifelike bar.  Though we weren't quite old enough to enter, we thought we might get answers, so we did anyway. The bar seemed to draw in quite the name for itself, The Dead Land Ghost Bar. The sign's hinges were broken on one side, and the glass was shattered. When we finally built the courage to walk in, an almost friendly face greeted us. We still had trust issues from the last place we were at, but we decided to give them a chance. Bad idea! If only we had known what was about to happen, maybe then we wouldn't have taken that first step

"Hello, how may I be of some assistance to you?" The young women asked.

"We have some questions," Wendy said.

The women's eyes wandered to our sleeping friends and then wandered back up at us.

"You guys want some food or something?" She said.

"No," I grumbled as my stomach rumbled. 

Wendy and the women started laughing.

"You sure?" They both said.

"Maybe a little bit," I said, embarrassed.

"Be right up. You should take a seat, somewhere," The woman said, " Also, the names Nataly if you wanted to know.

As we took a seat, a man began yelling, lying this and murder that.

"I find liars to be revolting. Yeah, I get it, lying can be good, sometimes.  Does that mean I have to like it? The same could be said about murder, "It's okay. They're defending our country."Yeah, heard that line before. What's the difference, honestly, murder is to take away one's life, but lying can also take away someone's life both physically, and emotionally. I'd rather have someone hurt me with the truth than to comfort me with a lie. How can a liar take advantage of someone who believes in them, and feel no guilt? People call the ones being used by a liar, naïve. The definition of naïve is to lack knowledge or experience, are they lacking knowledge when they've probably been hurt more than you, but they still try to give people chances. If you can mistreat and hurt the ones who care about you, then you're worse trash, and I can't call you an equal. If you still want to call people naïve, then I'd rather be naïve than a scum." The man screamed.

"What an interesting fellow," I said, laughing.

Wendy started smiling.

"It's the first time," Wendy said, smiling," I heard you laugh, I mean."

I started blushing from embarrassment.

" It's not a big deal," I said, looking away.

"So, you got any money?" Wendy said in a more serious tone.

"No, why?" I asked.

"I guess,  use your hero magic. It'll be good practice," She said.

" I'll give it a try," I said, " Never made money before."

" You're doing magic, how fun. I only know genre spells, but they're pretty powerful. I can control cells and do anything a cell can. It's pretty fun, but it's dangerous." She said.

Wendy started glaring at this new girl.

" He's trying to concentrate," Wendy said, annoyed.

" It's cool, Wendy. Whom might you be? " I asked.

The girl started laughing.

" Hi," Shelby yelled, " I'm SHELBY!"

" Huh, good to meet you, I guess," I said.

The girl gave a slight smile and ran off.

" Don't get too close to her. She isn't as nice as she seems," Wendy said.

" Got it, boss," I said in a mocking tone. 

" Back to the point, go on, make at least a dollar," Wendy said.

" Come on, loser, make a dollar. You've made illusions. How hard could it be?" Someone said.

" I'm not a loser," I muttered.

Takemikazuchi jumped on the table and yelled, "YOU SURE!"

"Be quiet loudmouth," I said.

Shelby came over and sat down next to use and grinned at Takemikazuchi.

" You're new. What's your name?" She said.

" Takemikazuchi, what about you?" Takemikazuchi said.

"It's Shelby, but sorry I have to go. See you soon, Carlos‌," She said, walking off.

" Yeah..." I said.

" Did you ever introduce yourself?" Wendy asked, with a stare of pure fear. 

" No!" I said.

I was a bit scared myself now.   

" You okay though, I mean, I don't care, but it's weird to have a teary-eyed teenager looking at you. If you know what I mean,"  Takemikazuchi said.

" Sorry, I had never murdered anyone before. I was scared," I said.

" Yeah, I picked that up from the constant, " I killed them," and, " I don't want to do this anymore, I can't kill anymore," It's very annoying,"  Takemikazuchi said.

" Sorry, I'm a decent human being," I said, " I'm going to the bathroom."

I walked into a narrow, completely white room. Though it was quite empty, I mean there was a bathroom sign, but no bathroom. Though, on the left-hand side, there was a mirror.

" I look like a snowman," I said, groaning.

My skin was pale. My hair had turned completely white, and on my forehead, there was a red uppercase H. Out of curiosity, I put a little bit of magic into my finger and touched the H.

The H started moving until the H was in two different parts, cut down the middle. The two halves came off my forehead and started to get longer and wrap around me.  Then the two pieces began flying in the sky. Then they flew into my eyes, piercing them.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed in pain.

I felt something warm run down my face, and when I looked into the mirror once again, blood was streaming from my eyes. My irises were the same color as the H that once laid on my forehead. It burned, and after a single glance of my eyes, I passed out.

" Please, wake up. I'm begging you. How could you do that?" Wendy screamed, crying.

I sat up. The pain was gone. I took my phone out of my pocket and turned the camera on.

" It's gone, they're gone," I said, laughing.

I then moved my hair to see the H resting on my forehead again.

" You jerk, that's all you've got to say for yourself," Wendy said.

My mouth started moving on its own, " Yeah, whatcha gonna do about it, you were and are useless."

Amaterasu slapped me, and I won't lie, it hurt, mostly emotional.

I was in pure confusion at this moment.

"Where's Amaya anyway?" I asked.

Their glares become sadness.

" This isn't some joke! I knew you were dumb but heartless. You are a complete freak show," Suijin said, hugging Amaterasu, " Don't ever come near me, Amaterasu, or any of us ever again."

They all walked out the door, other than Takemikazuchi. He was in my hand, covered in blood. He was in knife form. Did I murder someone?

" You are one unusual person. We placed a camera on you if you want to know what happened," Shelby said.

"YOU DID WHAT!" I screamed.

" Eh, that was in the past," She said.

" I'll see it, I guess," I said.

We walked into a room filled with TVs and other stuff.

"Welcome to the secretary room, my dear friend," Shelby said.

I kept seeing Shelby trying to hold in the laughter.

" Turn it on!" I yelled, scared.

" Alrighty, my dear prince," Shelby said.

She started clicking buttons, and then she placed some weird headset on my head. I started feeling drowsy and finally fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in the bathroom next to my sleeping body. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a ghost.  Anyhow my body started standing up and walking out of the white room. He then started walking back to our seat, smiling at everyone in sight, weird. He sat down and started talking to Wendy about the new potion I had created, and he wanted to see if he could make that instead of eating. Though unbelievable, Wendy said no. At that moment, my new happy side turned dark, almost. Though seconds later, he had calmed down.

" You good there?" Takemikazuchi asked, laughing.

" Yeah, just tired," Weird me said.

" Wanna get some food and book a hotel? If you want a nice one, you'll have to work on your magic," Wendy said jokingly.

Weird me started making piles on piles of money.

" Is that enough?" Weird me asked.

" More than enough," Wendy said.

" Hello, there sir, what's your opinion on liars?" The yelling man from earlier asked.

" I believe that lying helps the economy.  Now leave me alone," Weird me said.

" You are scum!" The man yelled.

" Coming from you, I think I'll be fine. The man who doesn't believe in the army, and all the good they do, honestly, do you even know how much they've done for you and your freedom. The only reason you can speak such harsh words and not be executed for it, that's because of the army. So before you judge other's opinion, think about your own, and if it sounds stupid or not," Weird me said.

The man stormed off, as weird me glared at Wendy. The food was finally served. It looked so good. The others woke up, probably because of the smell the food was giving out. We all gobbled our food down and then left. We started heading towards a 5-star hotel, and weird me started dragging my feet and looking around.

" It's normal-looking, what a strange town," Weird me said, pulling on strands in the front of my hair.

" And?" Suijin said, confused.

" The city was a ghost town before," Wendy explained.

"We could always ask her," Weird me said.

" Good idea," Suijin said sarcastically.

" If you want to say something, say it to my face," Weird me said, pinning Suijin to a wall.

Then something black flashed in between weird me and Suijin. It looked like a raven. I'm also starting to think I should name weird me cause saying weird me is getting kinda, weird. I guess I'll name you, Daemonium.

"Herzlich willkommen (Welcome)," Someone called out, "

Entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten ( Sorry for the inconveniences)."

" Es ist in Ordnung, mach dir keine Sorgen (It's ok, don't worry), " Daemonium said, smiling. 

" Wer bist du ( Who are you)?" The person asked.

"Ich bin Carlos ( I am Carlos)," Daemonium said.

" No, you are not. You are Daemonium," I muttered.

" Oh hallo, ich bin Lady Lucy ( Oh hello, I am Lady Lucy)," Said Lucy.

" Sprichst du Englisch ( Do you speak English)?" Daemonium asked.

"Ja (yes)," Lucy said

" That's good," Daemonium said.

" I was born in England, but the German language is quite pretty. Don't you agree?" Lucy said.

" I'd have to agree, though Latin is my favorite," Daemonium said, looking at me.

" Wait, can he see me? That's impossible, right?" I thought.

" Some of my people have referred to me as Daemonium," Daemonium said, looking up at me again.

" Yup, he can see me and hear me," I thought.

" Though I came here to inform you that there is a new mage around here, so be careful," Lucy said.

" Got it," Daemonium said, smiling.

Lucy ended up just walking off after a while of total awkward silence. Then another girl ran up to us. It was just Nataly, though.

     " Hello again, you seem lost, want some help, I can be your guide," Nataly said.

" Um, sure," Amaterasu said.

" Awesome! I have some snacks. Do you want some?" Nataly said.

"Can you prove they aren't poisoned?" Takemikazuchi asked.

" What cute cat!" Nataly screamed.

" I'm not a cat, but whatever," Takemikazuchi muttered.

" Yes, you are," We all said.

When we finished, a magic glowing golden cloud wrapped around Takemikazuchi. We could barely see inside. When the cloud vanished, an extremely attractive man sat there.

" Okay, that's surprising," I thought.

" I guess you weren't lying," Daemonium said.

" Can I borrow some clothes?" Takemikazuchi asked.

Daemonium threw some of my spare clothes Wendy had made me. When he finally got dressed, we started following Nataly, who kept looking at Takemikazuchi instead of the rode and kept falling back onto Daemonium.

" Be careful. This the seventh time you've fallen on me," Daemonium said in a calming voice.

" Yeah, sorry about that," Nataly said.

Takemikazuchi had black hair with a white stripe on the side hanging from his bangs, he still had his tired anime character face, his eyes were a dark blood red, and his skin paler than snow. He looked about 6'2, but he was slouching, so I can't make a very good reading. He had a pretty skinny frame, and my clothes looked pretty big on him. He did end up using Nataly's help to make pants, so he got stuck with leggings. So he was wearing an oversized hoodie and leggings.

"Just need to put his mess of hair in a bun and get him a hydro flask," I said, laughing.

Daemonium started quietly, laughing at my remark as well. Amaya was running to catch up with Daemonium. When she finally did, she dragged him by the ear to the back.

" You aren't Carlos! Carlos wouldn't give away his intelligence so easily just to talk to some women," Amaya said.

Daemonium started laughing, and his eyes shifted to a bright red light coming his way. Then he grabbed Suijin and used her as a shield from the red light, and it hit Suijin instead of him.

" You think so, huh," Daemonium said.

" Why did you do that!" Everyone yelled.

" I don't know. Cause I can, maybe," Daemonium said, smirking.

Suijin then got up and smiled," It's okay," she said.

Daemonium's face seemed to get darker, and his smirk and devious expression turned into a frown of sorts.  His once warm and caring eyes turned cold and heartless. He almost had a murderous feel to him. His head turned slowly to look at my pale and fearful expression. I wanted to go down there and keep him away from the others and maybe beat him up, but I wasn't there. This is just a recording of what had already happened. I couldn't do anything.

Luckily for some strange reason, he snapped out of this weird emotional state.

"Sorry about that, I just had an unusual human reaction," Daemonium said.

" It's all cool. You know what, you're super cute," Suijin said, blushing.

" You okay," A girl yelled.

" I believe so," Daemonium said.

" Oh, that's good. My name is Ari'" Ari said.

" Sorry about her," Another girl said.

" This is my girlfriend, Crystal," Ari said in a cheery voice.

" Oh, hello there, I'm Daemonium, so what spell did you use exactly," Daemonium said.

" Um, a truth spell, I think," Ari stuttered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" Yes, but she isn't the best at those, so who knows," Crystal said.

" Interesting, you might want to meet Shelby later. She's a magic freak. She might be able to help," Nataly said.

" I'll do that," Ari said.

The girls walked away. I could barely hear their footsteps on the rocky ground. They might be assassins, though that's unlikely.  Did they do something to Amaya?

" I wonder why the town looked like a ghost town before but so lively now?" Daemonium said, looking up at Nataly.

" It's because of the curse," Nataly whispered.

" Can you tell us more?" Takemikazuchi asked while lying his head on her shoulder.

" That's a secret. It's against the law to tell outsiders our secret," Nataly said, confused by Takemikazuchi.

Takemikazuchi hugged Nataly from behind and started whispering in her ear, " You sure you can't tell me?"

Nataly's eyes widened out of confusion. Her brown hair flowed as she brushed him off and continued to walk. Her brown eyes glimmered like gold in the sun, and her hostess outfit flowed with every step. She seemed to have a scent of cuteness at this moment but compared to my darling Amaterasu. She looked like a dying worm. I think Takemikazuchi and Daemonium had very different opinions on the matter. Daemonium kept using magic to make her fall into his arms, and Takemikazuchi kept flirting with her. How dare they ignore my darling for this woman. I mean, if they even looked at Amaterasu, I'd kill them, but still, they haven't even tried. How rude to my darling Amaterasu. Then again,  Daemonium is still me in a way, and I can't kill myself. But I'd kill anyone else, well, not actually, I'm not toxic, but I'd be enraged. Then again, I guess Daemonium could be tripping her as a sick prank, and karma is making sure she falls back on him. The irony, though. Maybe not put the trippy thingy in the middle of the road. Should've just used magic and pulled on her leg.  That or he actually likes the worm. What strange taste. It's probably just charity work. I bet she doesn't get compliments that often. Whatever. She probably needs attention. What am I doing? They all end up leaving me. It doesn't even matter.

" I don't want to see it anymore!" I screamed.

Daemonium's eyes shifted towards me, and a thin and sly grin grew on his face.

" You can't quit now," Daemonium said.

" Leave me alone," I muttered.

" Watch closely,"  Daemonium said.

He had that murderous feel again, but it was scarier than last time.  His eyes scanned the group, almost like a beast hunting his prey. His hand had grabbed Amaya's hand and pulled her into an alley.

" I'm Daemonium. That's what Carlos named me," Daemonium said.

" What exactly are you?" Amaya asked.

"Ego sum daemonium, (I am a demon)" Daemonium said," Et re vera putavit essem heros. (You really thought I was a hero.)"

" Huh?" Amaya said, " Speak English."

" Carlos wasn't born on Earth. He's the monster king of this world's son. His parents were murdered by the current king of this world. After the king killed the monster king, he sent the son to Earth with two RPGs that used to be his team members," Daemonium explained.

" So, his sisters were only RPGs?" Amaya asked.

" Exactly, he's not human," Daemonium said," But before he sent him to Earth, he sealed away his demon half, and it would activate when he came to this world, and it would activate more as he came closer to the monster king's castle."

" So, you are our boss?" Amaya asked as she transformed into her monster form.

" Interesting," Daemonium said.

Amaya nodded and bowed to Daemonium.

" She betrayed us! I'll kill her," I screamed in complete anger.

" Well, looks, like I've gotta kill you now," Daemonium said.

"Wait what!?" Amaya screamed.

I could feel us merge into one entity. I grinned slightly as my humanity started disappearing. I grabbed Amaya's wrist as she tried to escape me. I then pulled her in and the used fire magic, and drilled it through her stomach.

" You stupid monster," I said, stomping my foot on her head.

I ended up walking off, leaving her decomposing body there. I ended up catching up with the others after an hour or two.

" Where were you?" Wendy asked.

" Dealing with trash," I said, licking blood off my face.

"Monster?" Wendy asked.

" Yup," I replied.

" Want to be filled in?" Wendy asked.

"Yeah," I said.

" Suijin and the others are looking for a cure for this truth spell. Takemikazuchi keeps flirting with Nately but hasn't got any reaction yet. That pretty well wraps it up," Wendy said.

" The poor worm," I said, laughing.

" I heard that! Also, worms are cool," Nataly said.

" You sure?" I said, laughing.

" I'm sure," Nataly said, laughing.

" Hey, you talked to him, but you haven't spoken to me for the last hour," Takemikazuchi said, whining.

Nataly's eyes glanced at him and glanced away again.

"Come on, talk to me," Takemikazuchi said.

"No!" Nataly yelled," You are incredibly nosy."

" Awwww, don't say that," Takemikazuchi whispered.

We continued walking in and out of different potion places, though none of them had what we were looking for.

"I say we should head to the hotel soon," Wendy said.

" Agreed," I said half-asleep.

" Fine, but where's Amaya?" Suijin asked.

" Probably got there ahead of us," Wendy said.

" Good possibility," I said.

" Yeah, I guess," Amaterasu said.

I decided to use a little bit of magic and made an illusion of Amaya that at midnight would jump off the balcony.

" Hey guys, had to check out the hotel, sorry if I worried you," Amaya said.

" Oh, okay," Amaterasu said.

"Let's head over. Girls get one room, boys the other," I said.

" Can I come?" Nataly asked.

"YES!" All the girls screamed.

The girls started dragging Nataly to the hotel. Though Takemikazuchi kept giving me the, I know that's a magic look. He's smart, might be a problem later. Then again, he was the only one who didn't walk out on me. What a very confusing circumstance. Should I get rid of Takemikazuchi or keep him? I mean, by the fact he was covered in blood, I'm assuming I keep him alive.  I guess he can live, but he better not become a problem. I can't kill a comrade after I just killed someone to protect them. If I did, my last kill would become pointless, can't have that. Well, we best catch up. I don't wanna look suspicious.

"You, coming, you dumb cat," I said.

" Yeah, yeah," He said, groaning.

"Then hurry up. The girls are ditching us," I said, running to catch up.

I wonder if my red hair was where the spell was earlier. I mean, when I got here, that's when my hair started changing colors. Like the binding spell used to be on my forehead, but it's broken for now. What if my hair was where it was before?  Though I have no clue how that'd work. Though maybe that means this period was when it was at its strongest, and that's why it covered more than just my forehead. Though by logic, it should shrink as I get closer to my old house. I'm guessing the red-eye thing is also a spell to keep, maybe like an eye power, under control. Though if that's the case, how come I haven't gotten these eyes until I released the main spell? I should study more on barrier spells later.

    As I finally ended my thought process, we approached the hotel. We were on the top floor, but Suijin was too scared to take the elevator, so the girls took the stairs. Poor Amaterasu has to walk 150 flights of stairs. Though me and Takemikazuchi weren't about to deal with that crap, and we ended up using the elevator. Considering our luck, the elevator broke on the 149th floor. Honestly, this was a whole bunch of crap. I mean, if he was cute, I'd be totally fine, but he's definitely not cute or even close to my type. Why couldn't I have been paired with Amaterasu?

I guess I'll deal with it, but now is a great time to get information.

"So, you figured it out?" I asked.

" That Amaya is an illusion?" He asked.

" Yeah..." I replied.

"Yeah, I'm an expert at sensing magic. It's how I knew you were the hero. Did you kill her?" He asked.

"Yeah, she was a monster. She was planning on betraying us," I said, laying down on the floor.

"Oh, well, thanks then," He said.

" Yeah, whatever," I said.

" Do you think the others will listen when they find out?" He asked.

" No," I said.

" Oh..." He said.

"It's whatever," I said.

" You sure?" He asked.

" You're concerned," I said, laughing.

"No, just don't want to deal with your crying again," He said.

" Well, thanks for not leaving," I said, closing my eyes.

" It's cool, " He said, leaning against the wall.

I ended up falling asleep, but I don't know how long.

" WAKE UP!" Takemikazuchi screamed in my ear.

"Ow! I'm up, I'm up," I said, annoyed.

" Good, there is something wrong with the elevator," Takemikazuchi said, worried.

" No, duh, that's why we wait till the people show up," I said, annoyed.

"It's been 12 hours. It's 1 a.m," Takemikazuchi said.

I jumped up.

" What time?!?" I screamed.

" 1 a.m," Takemikazuchi repeated.

"  I missed it!" I yelled.

" Missed what?" Takemikazuchi asked.

"The illusion was supposed to die at midnight," I said, " I wanted to be there to comfort  Amaterasu."

" Are you kidding me right now! I thought it was something serious," Takemikazuchi said.

"I'll try magic to get us out," I said.

" Good idea! Would've been nice hours ago," Takemikazuchi said, still annoyed.

"Sorry, I was tired and wasn't thinking," I said.

I'll try a magic tracking spell. It should be able to find out if this stupid elevator is broken or cursed. Concentrate on my surroundings, and feel the mana and energy flow. The girls need to calm down though their energy is clouding my mind. Though I can sense an energy source right above us, might be their work.

"Someone is above us," I whispered.

Takemikazuchi nodded at me. Then he turned into a knife, and I picked him up and chucked him up at the enemy. I believe it didn't miss because he fell back down covered in blood. At that moment, the elevator started moving again and finally got us to our floor. I walked out and started heading for a door lined with magic crystals. It was quite beautiful. I then started knocking on the door and finally got an answer.

"Hey..." Amaterasu answered, crying.

"What's wrong," I said, acting concerned.

" She died..." Amaterasu sobbed.

I grabbed her and pulled her close into a hug.

" Who died?" I asked.

" Amaya," Amaterasu whimpered.

" What happened?" I asked in a calm voice.

" She jumped... from the balcony," She stuttered.

"I'm sorry," I said.

" How are you so calm? Our friend just died," Amaterasu asked.

"I have to be calm for you," I said.

"Why? We aren't dating or even family," She said.

My emotion started shifting, and I couldn't control it. I pushed Amaterasu to the floor and walked off.

" Honestly, she can be such a pain sometimes. Can't just be there for her. Do I need a reason to help? I'll tell her sorry later," I said to myself.

I dragged my feet to my room. When I finally got there, I ended up lying down on the bed and looking up at the popcorn ceiling.

"This is one sucky 5-star hotel," I whispered.

"You're right," Takemikazuchi said.

"When'd you get in here?" I asked.

"Just now," Takemikazuchi said, " You should tell your girlfriend, sorry."

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" I screamed, " She made that pretty clear."

"Sorry, man, but you both aren't right in the head right now," Takemikazuchi said.

" Whatever, I'm going to sleep," I said, rolling over.

"Night," Takemikazuchi said.

" Yeah, night," I replied annoyed.

I went to sleep dreading the next day.

"Morning," Takemikazuchi said, "Get up! I'm trying to get breakfast."

" Yeah, whatever, just get off me," I said.

" Got it, boss," Takemikazuchi said, laughing.

Me and Takemikazuchi ended up meeting the girls and heading down for breakfast, but the entire thing was awkward.

"Sorry," Me and Amaterasu said at the same time.

" Yeah, it's cool," I said.

" That's good," She said.

" Hey, lovebirds, I still need a potion, so eat quicker," Suijin said, annoyed.

Me and Amaterasu started blushing and looking at each other and then quickly turning our heads. 

" Yeah," Amaterasu said.

"You aren't my boss, but I'm almost done," I said.

When all finished, we left and started looking for the potion to cure her again.

" Hey, I'm gonna take Nataly out for a bit," I said, smiling.

" Don't you even try," Takemikazuchi said.

" Oh, shut up, I'm not taking your girl. I have some unanswered questions," I said.

We started separating up me and Nataly, Takemikazuchi and Amaterasu, and Suijin with Wendy.  After the others left, I grabbed Nataly and dragged her into the alley, and then casted a truth spell on her.

" Who started the curse?" I asked.

" Ari," She said.

" Good girl," I said, patting her head.

I then turned around and made a quick cure for the truth potion and handed it to Nataly.  She finally drank it after giving me weird looks.

" Thanks, but if you could do that, why didn't you give one Suijin?" Nataly asked.

" I will, later. This is hilarious. I can't ruin it yet," I replied.

" You have some interesting sense of humor," She said.

" But I'll have to give her cure now, so I can deal with this stupid curse, and then leave," I said.

"Interesting," Nataly said, laughing.

I created another cure for the truth spell and then connected it to my belt, and then we left.

" HEY!!!!! We found one," I yelled at the others.

" Sweet, I love you so much," Suijin said.

" Sure, but I love someone else," I said, handing her the cure.

She ended up drinking the entire bottle and started choking.

" Thanks," She said, still coughing.

"It's cool," I said, " Also, Ari is the one who made the curse."

" How did you find out?" Wendy asked.

" I have ways," I whispered.

We ended up having Wendy track Ari down with magic and teleporting us to her.

"Hey again," Ari said, shocked.

" Release the curse," I said.

" What curse?" She asked.

" This is taking too long," I said, annoyed.

" It's not a curse," Ari said.

" Not what your friend said," I said.

" Can you guys do magic?" She asked.

" Duh, what do you want?" I asked.

" Go in a circle and release as much magic as you can at the gate," Ari said.

Wendy and Takemikazuchi looked at me and nodded.

" Got it," I said.

We started releasing our energy, but I made sure most of my power mixed with Suijins.

" You're strong," Ari said.

" Thanks," Suijins said.

" Not you, I meant Carlos," Ari said.

" Yeah, she's the hero, not me," I said.

" Then how come you keep making her magic look stronger," Ari said," I can see magic, and hers is purple, and yours is black."

"It's probably a mistake," I said, glaring at her.

"Yeah, maybe," She said.

When we finally broke the gate, the town was released from the curse, but they started disappearing.

" I guess I forgot to tell you, we are dead," Nataly and Ari said, smiling.

" Wait, don't go," Takemikazuchi screamed, crying, " I love you!"

" I love you too," Nataly said, disappearing.

A couple of minutes later, they had all vanished.

" Bring her back, Carlos, please," Takemikazuchi whimpered.

" I can't do that," I said, walking off.

" You liar," Takemikazuchi said, crying.

" It's impossible," I said.

" If you don't bring her back, I'll tell them everything," Takemikazuchi said.

" This isn't like you are all. Are you okay?" I asked.

" I just lost the first person I've ever liked," Takemikazuchi said, " How am I supposed to act?"

" You need to calm down. If you go crazy, we all will die," I said.

" How?" Wendy asked.

"Just trust me, follow me now," I said, running toward the bar.

They ended up following me to the bar, but they probably wouldn't have if they knew what was about to happen.

"Were here," I said, "Follow me."

We ran inside the building.

" I need to tell you all something. I am the monster king, and I never wanna see you guys ever again," I said, " Or I'll kill you."

" I'll seal it," Wendy said, as she started sealing the monster side of me.

" It's useless," I said," Only people I care about can seal it."

I lied.

" You don't care," Wendy stuttered, "You were my first real friend.

" I hate you all so much! I even killed Amaya and then made an illusion and made her kill herself to make myself look innocent, and she was good to us," I said, ' She was a generous person." 

I lied again.

" Why..." Amaterasu whimpered.

" I hate you, and I never wanna see you again, now leave," I said, " Takemikazuchi turn into a knife."

Takemikazuchi listened to me and turned into a knife. I ended up cutting my hand and pouring the blood on my eyes, and then healed the knife wound . Though the pain was so intense, I passed out. When I woke up again, I was in Shelby's security room again minutes before past me woke up.

" Like my time machine?" Shelby asked.

" Yeah, but you better go help me," I said, teleporting out.

" Bye guys," I said, " Ready for another mission, Takemikazuchi."

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