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100% Game Of Seduction / Chapter 8: Chapter 7

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Chapter 8: Chapter 7

Jonarlene Zafra

I woke up feeling something hard pressing on my ass, my forehead ceased when I felt someone massaging my breast,escaping a soft moan from me. I slowly opened my eyes and glared at the bastard.

I rolled my eyes when I saw his sleeping face, Seeing his face first thing in the morning ruins my day instantly. I think seeing his face alone could irritate anyone, is that his talent?

I did my morning rituals and the damn duke is still sleeping! I looked at him sharply and kicked him out of my bed, I made sure I kicked him hard.

He groaned and sat while his hand is trying to support his back.

"The heck is your problem woman?"

He said with his forehead creased, I just glared at him.

"You should go home, don't you have any other things to do?"

I said irritatedly, Nickolas just glared at me, I looked at him blankly.

"I prepared an extra tooth brush and towel in the bathroom, clean yourself up and then go home."

I added then walked out of my room, it's ate Beth's day off today, she texted me and said she had to rush home for an emergency, so I'll have to cook my own breakfast.

I went to the kitchen and look for something to eat, I don't really care about that man. He could just eat when he went back to his home.

"Cooking our breakfast?"

Speaking of the devil, I hissed.

"Cooking my breakfast, Go home and eat your own."

I shrugged.

"That's rude, I'm your visitor and I'm starving."

He said, I rolled my eyes on him.

"an unwanted one and I don't care even if you die from hunger. If you're hungry, go cook your own."

I uttered while preparing the cold rice while heating the pan.

"I don't know how to cook, they don't allow me to cook."

He responded making me shook my head on him.

"And you want Reyanne, an obviously perfect woman, when can't even cook?"

I said, his brows furrowed while looking at me preparing the eggs.

"Does it matter? we'll have maids anyways, I have money, they need it, so they'll cook for us."

He said, I just looked at him blankly then put some ingredients in the pan.

"It's a sweet gesture your highness, I would be really happy if the man I love would put effort into cooking a meal for me."

I shrugged.


He asked, my mouth formed an 'o' then smiled.

"Hmm..yes! Anyways it's not always on luxurious things on how to make your woman happy. Reyanne has been hella rich since she was born, she's used to expensive things already, try to atleast show some sweetness that could melt her cold heart! A simple gesture like this is really nice and heart fulfilling."

I uttered then smiled as I cook our meal, he didn't say anything but remained staring at me, making me raise my brow on him.


I asked, Nickolas just blinked then shook his head.


He answered then pouted, I just hissed. When I finished cooking our breakfast, I put the food I made on the table.

"Now get some utensils, I'm not your maid."

I shrugged then sat on the vacant chair.

"I thought you're not gonna cook for me?"

He asked, I rolled my eyes on him.

"You won't go home unless I feed you fucker, now eat."

I said after he put a plate, spoon and fork infront of me. I got some food I cooked and then started eating.

"Why do you hate me so much anyways?"

He said breaking the silence, I glanced at him while raising an eyebrow.

"Reyanne is like my sister, you're her asshole ex who hurted her, isn't it obvious why I don't like you?"

I said, Nickolas just hissed at me.

"Weird, no matter how people hates me, they would never talk to me with a sharp tongue like you did."

He shrugged, my face crumpled.

"Because of your position? Well you're not my boss and the hell I care about your position? I will say whatever is on my mind and you're not an exemption."

I answered, Nickos just shook his head on me.

"I see, you're the type of person who would rub salt on someone's wound while doing an evil laugh. Well there is called manners and respect woman, you should atleast act accordingly."

He said, I just frowned.

"Wow! coming from you? I will respect those who deserves it, you can't tell me what to do."

I said, we continued eating our food without having a peaceful and decent conversation. We always end up arguing, it's making my blood boil.

Geez, what did Reyanne got herself into? Imagine how annoying it is to be chased by this man who thinks so high of himself.

"Hey, wash the dishes, I'm not your maid."

I said as I stood up, his brows furrowed as he look at my direction.

"What? I cooked our breakfast, you should wash the dishes, don't tell me you can't even do that?"

I grinned at him looking down at him, the man just glared at me.

"Oh poor Nickolas, must be hard without your nannys pampering you."

I giggled, he just glared at me then stood up as he gathered the plate on the sink.

"Ofcourse I can! This is easy!"

He said making me just chuckle. The high and mighty self centered duke is washing my dishes, I giggled on that thought while watching him. He looks like a scientist studying a specimen carefully as he wash the dishes trying so hard not to break them.

Since he's taking so long on washing few dishes, I went to the living room and decided to just watch some morning shows.

A few moments passed and he is finally done. Thank goodness he didn't break any or else I'd have to break his damn face.

"You seriously made me do things you're suppose to do when I am your visitor? You're unbelievable."

He said then sat beside me, I rolled my eyes on him.

"Well you can just go home, but you still did it anyways."

I shrugged while I'm focused on the telivision. There's a lot of space in the couch but the damn duke chose to sit beside me, leaving no space between us.

"Let's go somewhere."

He said while glancing at me.

"Don't wanna."

I said simply.


He smiled, I was taken back for a moment but still manage to look at him sharply.


Nickolas Frescobaldi

"Oh damn you."

She said irritatedly, She still looks attractive with her outfit though, she still looks stunningly beautiful without her make up on. But the fact that mens are still drooling over her is making me have this urge to kill them one by one.

I carried her to my car and drove here in my port, I have to go visit my private Island to see how is the renovation is going. But I'm not comfortable with her being alone in her house so without thinking, I took her.

I was suddenly out of my reverie when someone pulled my ears, it was jonarlene. I groaned painfully, the hell is her problem?!

"Are you deaf?!"

She said while looking at me shaply, I feel like she wants to point a gun on me and then shoot me on the head.

"U-uhmm you were saying?"

I asked, she again just glared at me.

"Bring me back."

She said while crossing her arms.

"Don't want to."

I shrugged, the woman punched me, but I am able to catch it.

"Chill baby."

I chuckled, I feel like she's gonna burn me alive at any moment.

"Just look at my outfit! I look like a mess and you're gonna bring me here! What if there's paparazzi's around? not only that I am with you but I am also a complete mess! I want to atleast look really really beautiful if ever someone would take a picture of me!"

She frowned in annoyance, I stopped myself from smiling, she look so adorable.

"Silly, you still look really beautiful."

I said, well I'm lying if I said she is not. I saw her stop for a moment and then again rolled her eyes on me.

"I know, and I don't want to hear that from you."

She said, I just hissed at her.

"I'm not going with you."

She said then turned her back on me. I groaned, if she don't want to, then so be it. It would be a waste of time being with her after all.

I let out a harsjh breath and followed her. Before she could go further I grabbed her arms and pulled her closer.

"Fine,what do you want, except that? I managed to get inside your house easily last night and you're alone in your home today, what if someone would sneak inside and hurt you?"

I asked, she again rolled her eyes on me.

"Our subdivision has one of the most tight security in this city Nickolas, Can I go now? I want to stay at home, lay on my bed enjoying the internet, do nothing, while eating all day."

She said grumpily, I sighed.

"How about this, you can do all of that in my place, atleast I have more securities in my home."

I suggested, she shook her head on me.

"I'm allergic to the likes of you, I might get some allergic reaction in your place."

She shrugged, I just look at her restless.

"You're hatred towards me---"

I groaned, she just grinned at me.

"How about this? Since you've already ruined my day, might as well pay for it."

She uttered while looking at me blankly.

"Take me to the places I want to go to since I feel like roamking around now, I don't have money with me, so you'll pay for it."

She lifted her eyebrow,I frowned then nod my head on her. But then I feel like my heart suddenly skipped beat when she intertwined our hands as we went back to my car.

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