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64.28% Game of Thrones: Alisa Mormont / Chapter 9: Wedding and Trade alliances

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Chapter 9: Wedding and Trade alliances

Bear Island, 290 AC, Alisa Mormont POV.

A big feast happened in Darknorth, Alisa has prided herself of serving beef stew with wild onions as the main meal, roasted pig and duck for other meat foods, wild vegetables for sides. Her most prided food, is the steamed lobster and crabs, garnish with butter scallions. And finally came the desert, winter rose ice cream from goat's milk and winter roses.

Hightowers was surprised from the feast, not expecting the high extravagance from the former poorest House in the poorest Kingdom of Westeros. They liked the meal in the feast, particularly the ice cream. It was something new, a good new, for their taste buds. Alisa will be expecting to questioned on the recipe.

Alisa made some small talk with Lord Hightower, "As respect for both Houses, Lord Jorah and Lady Lynesse can have wedding in the Heart tree, with a Septon officiating the event. Are we in agreement." Lord Leyton hesitated but did not found anything wrong with her suggest, so he nodded.

"Can we expect a serious talk after all the festivities?" Lord Leyton asked, cutting a big chunk of meat to his mouth. "After all, our Houses will join together."

Alisa nodded, "On the morrow, after we're all well rested. We can further push the wedding on the night of the morrow, while we discuss business on the morning come. Will that be appropriate for you, Lord Hightower?"

Leyton nodded.

The feast ended, Alisa escorted Lord and Lady Hightower to the guest room, while Jorah escorted Lynesse to hers. Alisa and Jorah agreed to talk to his solar, once they are finish with their guest.

"How did mother died?" Alisa asked at once, not wasting time.

Jorah let out a sad sigh, "We... we separated."

"Why would you separate? It's a foolish move, even a halfwit cannot separate with the troops during siege." Alisa was getting her anger out, small sparks of ice filled the room. "Tell me."

Jorah gave a moments breath, before finally replied, "Once we're aboard the Royal Fleet and Redwyne Fleet, Aunt Maege took one long ship, along with handful Mormont soldiers. I... I was focused on the fight, I did not notice Aunt Maege was gone." He stopped, and took a wineskin, along a chest, a long chest. "Aunt Maege made to Harlaw, joining the Valemen and Riverland troops. She marched head on. First taking the Harlaw of Harlaw Hall, then Harlaw of Grey Garden, and last was the main house, Harlaw of Ten Towers. There, she fought Lord Harlaw... and she killed him, but with a price."

Jorah opened the chest, a blue sheathed long sword was brought out. Night Fall, House Harlaw's Ancestral Valyrian sword.

"She remembered your words. Another Valyrian sword with increase our House's reputation for owning two Valyrian swords." Jorah handed the long sword to Alisa, who rook it with shaking hands. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"So it was my words that drove my mother to harm's way." Alisa muttered, her hands shaking from grief.

Jorah shook his head, "Everything the She-bear did, she did it with honor... and with purpose. she may have died, but do not sully her memory by living in grief alone." He came to Alisa's side, putting a hand to her small shoulder, "Now, you must teach little Lyanna of She-bear's lesson. Clearly, she has her mother's temper, teach her how to use it. She's your responsibility now."

Alisa sighed, not wanting to discuss this talk but she did anyway, "And, will you manage the Bear Island while I busy myself with Lyanna?"

Jorah stopped for a moment, before laughing awkwardly, the atmosphere quickly dispersing, "Ah...? Well... I don't really know how be the Lord of Bear Island, other than teach swordsmanship in place for Erik. I... I was hoping you'll continue being in command, as you've been doing this past year." He cleared his throat, "So, will you do it?"

Alisa clenched her hands on Night's fall, before nodding, "I will. You'll probably put the Island in jeopardy the moment you take charge." She gave a low chuckle, "Mother will raise from the grave the moment you do that."


The wedding was short, and the feast came after. Alisa, along with Lord and Lady Hightower, were seated on the high table, and of course, the newlyweds. Mormont men and women cheer and sang all evening. In the moment, Lord and Lady Hightower is having a interesting conversation with the ten name days, Alisa. "You've done a lot of big things in your land, Lady Alisa. It's a feat that no one had made."

"Please, just call me Alisa. We're now family, Lady Rhea." Alisa smiled, drinking from her glass of wine.

"Then, call me Aunty or Aunt Rhea." Rhea giggled, clearly influence by the wine. Leyton judt sighed, but he did not mind his wife.

Leyton looked at Alisa, "I hope to know the recipe for ice cream. It should prove to be a delicacy in the South."

"It's easy to make, really, but you direly need the ice. It's the vital part in making the desert, as it is the reason it's called 'ice cream'." Alisa said. Leyton contemplated for a moment before saying,

"Then, let the bedding ceremony commence." Leyton declared, the people begun banging the table, as ladies started to strip and drag Jorah, as well as Lynesse, to their bed chamber. Leyton nodded, before turning his focus to Alisa, "Then, let's discuss trade alliance, shall we?"

Alisa downed her cups, and stood up, leading Lord and Lady Hightower to her personal solar. "Shall we?"


"We'll bring you the ice trade, fourth of its original price, only for Old Town. Therefore, the Old town will be the only region in the South of the Neck that sell ice, monopolizing the ice business. Our Seafood trade will also be halved in price. Are we in agreement?" Alisa said, straight to the point.

Leyton smiled, clearly satisfied with the offer, "Then, as per your request, the Hightower will send Master Blacksmith who can teach their trade, experience sailors from the Redwynes, and again, who can teach their trade. That's it? You'll request men?"

"If you are so courteous, then, I shall request more. Seeds, I want seeds. Fruit seeds, grain seed, include all of them, and root crops, especially potato. And, put them in a large bag... each. Will that be alright? or should I request more?" Alisa said.

Leyton felt his eyes twitch, but the request is still on the appropriate, "Then, I shall deliver once I gather all of them."

"Then, pleasure doing business with you, Lord Leyton."

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