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Chapter 2: Ten years Events - Game Of Thrones: Baratheon The Schemer - Chapter 2 by GNaNA full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Ten years Events

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Two years passed quickly. During these two years, Edward spent most of his time planning on his actions in the future. He spent some time with his parents to decide his next course of action.

Edward really liked his mother and took her as his second mother. He also spent some time with his father to judge him. His father was a good father and a good lord.

Edward, now, was in a dilemma. He couldn't set his new course of action. The death of his parents was one of the triggers of the Rebellion. He thought to himself but decided that he would decide in the future. Although he liked them, that did not mean he would prevent their death if that was to his advantage.

He also spent some time with Robert, but he judged him as a failed product. Edward wanted to experience the situation where brothers fought for power so he was not going to amend his relationship with Robert. Edward decided to neglect him.

For those two years, Steffon and Cassana took notice of the intelligence shown by their child and would discuss it at night.

Now, Cassana was pregnant with a child. She was carrying the third child or the Baratheons. He would be delivered soon.

A month later, Stannis was born. Edward decided to wait for him to grow up to judge if he was really a good commander and strategist as he was shown in the books, not the idiot shown in the series that burned his daughter for a blessing. He didn't say that anything was wrong to seek the blessing of any God. But after all this shit and all the sacrifice you had offered and still worshiped the same god, then you are truly an idiot.

Not only that, but Stannis ignored the common knowledge and attacked Winterfell with his exhausted men during the fucking winter. He should have waited in Castle Black and used his ships to move back south with his men and use the help of House Manderly.

Eight years passed since Stannis was born. Edward had passed his tenth name day. He was a tall and huge young man for his age with black hair and somehow good looking not like his brother Robert. Well, he was a bit arrogant there. As how much could a twin be different from each other. Plus his hate towards Robert made Edward not accept him in any way.

During those years, Edward started his studies with Maester Jones, the maester sent by the citadel in the old town to serve Lord Baratheon. He first studied history, politics, and war arts. Edward found the war arts here were too weak. Even the politics was so much corrupted in this place. Every effort was for one's house, not for the Smallfolk. Edward decided to improve finances and mathematics in his lands when he became the lord.

He made some deductions, and one of them is that the citadel only taught backward knowledge to remain in control when it came to knowledge. So he decided to continue his studies while improving with his father.

During that time, he kept discussing with his parents about this problem. And seeing their son's intelligence, they allowed him to train as a page with his father for now.

He also started his sword training with the master-at-arms, his uncle Heldon Estermont. He dedicated a lot of time to his sword training. He also trained his body using routines from the military in his past life. He also didn't forget spear arts nor his archery.

His brother Robert couldn't even hold his sword, not to mention performing any sword training. He could only hold his hammer and swing it left and right, depending on his large size.

During those years, seeing his brother's excellence, Robert developed a feeling of jealousy towards his brother. He was not smart like Edward, nor he was able to defeat him in a fight.

His feeling of inferiority led him to hate all his brothers and saw them as an eyesore. Since he couldn't bully Edward, he moved the bullying to his brother Stannis.

During one of their hunting, he mocked Stannis's hawk by changing his name from Proudling to the Weakling. But looking at Edward gyrfalcon, Stormsking, his jealousy increased.

While Robert was like shit, Stannis was meh, not bad. Although he wasn't bad as Robert, he was weak in front of Robert and couldn't stand against him. If only he could stand against Robert, Edward wouldn't mind adding him to his collection. But that might change his personality from the show, but Edward did not care much. Edward decided to alter Stannis's character a little and try to reduce his feeling of inferiority towards Robert.

Well, Stannis was smart, at the least. Although he was younger than Robert, his studies were much better than the fucker. Although he wasn't a strong fighter like Edward or Robert. A least he was a good fighter for his age.

Edward wasn't close to his brothers, maybe a little closer to Stannis, but he couldn't stand Robert. Even when he was nine, Robert started trying to mimic the guards by stealing some drinks and drinking them, in secret. Not to mention his habit of bullying the other kids and his own brothers. He was a real fucker that Edward hated. Edward couldn't bring himself to accept him nor try to correct his character. Like he cared about him in the first place.

In this family, he only cared a little about Cassana, and maybe Stannis if Edward saw he could benefit from him. But if they were to be used against him, Edward didn't mind sacrificing them, not to mention the others.

Five years after Stannis's birth, Renly was born. Without even waiting for him to grow up, Edward deemed him an idiot as he didn't like Renly's character from the show either. He was going to kill Renly himself in the future so why would he care about him or befriend him in the first place.

When Edward was nine, he entered his father's study and had a conversation with him.

"Good morning, father." Greeted Edward as he entered the room.

"Son." Steffon didn't take his eyes from the letter he was reading.

"I need your help with something." Explained Edward.

Steffon looked up at his son's eyes and ushered him to sit down.

"What do you want?" asked Steffon with his goofy voice. It was the first time his son, Edward, asked for his help, unlike his other brat like a son that gave him trouble.

"Well, I need your help in recruiting two hundred and fifty guards that will train with me and will be under my direct order. Can you help with that? I know it is hard but that would help me greatly." Requested, Edward.

Steffon looked at his son weirdly. What could possibly make a nine old year's child need two hundred and fifty guards? Not to mention that number, even a hundred would still be too much.

"And why the fuck do you need so many men? Are you looking for trouble?" asked Steffon with doubt in his eyes.

"First, I need to learn how to lead troops to battles, so I decided to build my own unit. I want to familiarize myself with leading a unit also time generates loyalty the more time they spent with me, the more loyal they are in the future." Explained Edward while trying to hide his ambitions.

Steffon looked strangely at his son. How could he be so mature for his age? Steffon and Cassana were always paying special attention to their sons. Among them, Edward got the greatest attention from his parents as they wanted to groom him to be the next Lord of Storm's End.

Steffon was about to refuse for multiple reasons.

First, How could any man accept to obey the commands of a nine-year-old child.

Second, the other Lords of Storm's Land would oppose this decision. Third, What if Edward got himself in a bad situation.

Fourth, his wife would kill him if he allowed that. As although she knew his excellence, she would not allow him to hurt himself.

But before he told him his decision, he had a great idea. Since he wanted to groom him, it was an excellent opportunity. So he decided to give in with some conditions.

"Well, I'll allow only a hundred for now, but I will add some of my men as your advisor. If they thought your decisions are not correct, they had the authority to stop you. If I did not receive any complaints, I would do increase them to the number you asked." Answered Steffon after giving the matter some thought.

Steffon decided to issue a notice in Stormsland in the next few days when he noticed that Edward was still there in his study.

"Anything else?" asked Steffon while raising his brows.

"Well, that was half of my request. I still need you to recruit seven hundred and fifty children between the age of eight and twelve. All I want is for them to train with me and grow loyal to me. Those could wait. No need to recruit them at once." Explained Edward.

Steffon put his hands under his chin and started thinking about his son's request. It didn't matter much. As he could recruit them for the next three years. Although the unit would be large for a small child, Edward was still in his test period. If he fucked up, he would stop recruiting.

"Fine, You knew your brothers will request some things like you when they see this." Inquired, Steffon.

"Well, you are the Lord here. If you deem them fit for such responsibility, it is your decision. I just need you to inform me when the recruitment is done." Said, Edward. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


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