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Chapter 7 - Game Of Thrones: The Bear - Chapter 7 by Sincere_cs full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 7

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Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you


I rushed through the halls cutting down any of the Lannister or Baratheons that stood in my way

"Ned!" I walked in on Ned whose guards laid on the floor dead, he was basically surrounded.

I glanced around the room clutching my sword tightly, Joffrey sat on the iron throne, Cersei closest to him with her Tommen standing behind her, the kings guard excluding Ser Trant stood at the bottom of the Dais. the watch all lined up against the pillars and had turned their heads to me

The man who stood directly behind Ned turned and started walking toward me, He had a pointed beard, dark hair and wore a mischievous grin

"The greatest swordsman in Westeros, I can make you rich you know? all the women you want, all the coins the fame and what can he give you *he looked over to Ned*? nothing he hasn't even spared you a coin from the tourney." Peter had stood in front of me and circled me while speaking and stopped speaking when reaching back at my front

The anger on my face turned into a confused look and from Peter's perspective he thought I was considering what he said

The grin on his face widened but he felt a sudden pain at his stomach, he looked down to see that my sword was now inside of him stomach

Peter would had fallen if it wasn't for me holding him up, he looked back up at me with a shocked look on his face, I smiled back at Peter "P-pl-eas-e." Peter kept grabbing my shoulders, behind him the watch were already forming a small square after Cersei screamed orders toward them

I released my grip from Peter and watched him slowly fall to my side "He talks to much." I pulled my blade out his stomach and pointed it toward Joffrey,

I walked over his body and looked to small wall of spears

I'm unsure on whether or not I could take all of them considering I'll also run into more of them when escaping.... *sigh* hmm my priority is just get to Ned and run as fast as I can with him I suppose

I looked to the mountain of spears and let out a loud war cry and ran foward

When coming close to the wall I lowered my center of gravity and took a giant leap falling into the direct center and slashing and cutting through what was closest to me

Fighting my way through a square formation had its downsides, I felt the contact of multiple spears and one lucky spear impaled my shoulder, If it wasn't for a my healing factor I'd most likely be dead by now.

~Pov~ Joffrey

"YOUR KING COMMANDS YOU TO STOP FIGHTING!" I screamed at the Ned's champion who had just pulled a spear out of his shoulder and continued marching forward

"No...No No!" I started panicking now no way in hell was I staying here to end up dying by this mad man who just does not die even with all those spears thrusting at him

I looked over to my mother and began rushing down the side of the dais

"Your majesty what should where should we take Lord Stark?" Ser Barristan asked Joffrey from a distance

"Kill the treasonous fool!" Joffrey scoffed and walked off followed by his mother who started arguing about Joffrey's dump decision and Tommen followed with a horrified expression, a child of his age shouldn't witness so much death

Ser Barristan had no interest in killing Lord Stark, he contemplated for a while, but was stopped short by Ser Jamie bumping his shoulder and walking over to Ned stood with a great deal of awe on his face after seeing how Bjin fought even after being wounded multiple times

~Pov~ Mc

Most of the watch was either dead or to injured only five more who were untouched stood in my way

In the far back where Ned stood in awe while watching me fight, Ser Jamie Lannister who stood nearby Ned walked towards him and placed his sword over Ned's shoulder

This was an instant no for me and I rushed forward taking a leap over the few men that immediately rose there spears into the air, but before I could clear the jump a spear impaled my waist or thigh from below

I could do nothing but watch Ned smile before having his throat slit by Ser Jamie "Noo....!" I couldn't help but shout to Ned whose body dropped to the floor and laid slump

I gripped the head of the spear that was in my leg and snapped it causing me to fall atop the few men below me

~Hours Later~

I ran through alley ways in Kings landing with multiple cuts and bruises and one deep wound that were all visibly healing at a fast rate

I was able to fight my way all the way through the streets of Kings Landing but at a sever cost.... heh, heh in my past days I had a similar situation to this, I led the front lines of an attack from directly inside a castle it was at that point I started making a name for myself and started picking up Jobs rapidly.

The end of the alley way had a Merchant's covered wagon that started rolling slowly, I dashed as fast as I could toward the back of the wagon although my wounds held me back a great deal, in the end I was able to jump into the back of the wagon filled with multiple barrels and boxes which I used to hide myself into a corner, I was unsure of whether or not the merchant heard me but I suppose he didn't since the wagon hadn't stopped since I gotten in

I used the time I had in the wagon to inspect the deep wound that was mostly sealed by now, oh how great is being a superhuman? ah if only that wizard was here I, he'd probably be able reforge my weapon… maybe he'd even know the solution to me using magic again, I may be able to forge my tomahawk but I'm pretty sure the magical properties required are non-existent here... although I should be able to make my claymore with the right chemicals and materials...

Hmm I'll think about that later right now its time to plan the downfall of the Lannisters and the brutal death that Ser Jamie will suffer to my hands


~Pov~ Arya

I stared stood on the deck of the ship looking at my reflection in the dark water, 'I do hope father and Bjin escaped, I worry for father a great deal.... oh, and Bjin but not as much as my father'


Time to go back to listening to Sansa's constant cries

~Chapter End~

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