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76.39% Game of Thrones: The Prideful One. / Chapter 122: Chapter 117

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Chapter 122: Chapter 117

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Fire was a tool of destruction and life… it was a double edged sword, one that I had to learn to control if I wanted to win the real war… and the key to do so was to control my emotions perfectly, at least on a human point of view.

Anger was the original fuel I had used to lit my fire for the first time, but anger was unreliable, I needed to find another focus one as strong but more malleable, something that didn't blind me.

And my son, Neltharion, had helped me to find that, the one thing was triumph above everything, my overwhelming need to protect my children, something almost every parent has.

*Focus on that thought… feel it burning inside of you… let that burning sensation spread over your body… your lungs… and then… breath,* Neltharion instructed.

Warmth spread through my body, I had faith not in the asshole that had decided to throw me into his godly chest game, but in my son and his teachings, I had faith that I would succeed, and with that in mind, with that sole thought in mind alongside my burning desire to protected, I breathed out, and a spark of flames big enough to light a cigarette came.

*Well… that's a beginning,* Neltharion tilted his head, he was probably expecting more than a human sized cigarette lighter.

But I couldn't care less, I had actually breathed fire, could the same process work with other parts of my body? "Ha!" I threw a punch to the air repeating what Neltharion had instructed me, and once again a tiny fire erupted from my fist.

*Huh, using your claws… well that's new… I suppose even I can learn about fire,* Neltharion said, somewhat impressed.

"I totally thought it would take more than one class," I smiled, I was happy with my progress, but even though I had actually managed to create fire… I was far from being deadly, unless my enemies were mosquitos my fire powers were useless.

*Well, the first fire it easy,* Neltharion nodded, *Increasing your fire power… that's the hard part,*

"Fair enough," Nothing was ever entirely free, and I wasn't against training a bit.

*You also need to learn to summon your fire without so much focus… otherwise it's pretty useless… I mean… it took you fifty five minutes to focus… once you are out of that focus… you won't be able to summon the fire within at all,* Neltharion added.

Once again, he was right, a weapon that needs two hours of preparation before battle just to burn someone's eyebrows off… was useless, "Focus, Firepower and Technique… I have a lot of homework cut out for me,"

*Don't worry dad, I heard you learned how to use every weapon with ease, I'm sure this will be the same,* Neltharion said with clear pride, on the fact that I had mastered every weapon in the known world.

An accomplishment that was linked to the fact I had the left hand of god… but fire wasn't considered a weapon, which meant.. I had for the first time in ages the need to learn from scratch, but I wasn't worried… I had a good start and a good teacher, "Expectations I plan to surpass,"

*I know you will! We are awesome, our family is awesome!* Neltharion hissed happily.

*Caw! We Ravens are also awesome… totally unrelated to this but caw!* A random Raven added.

"Of course, the Raven clan is definitely among the best," I chuckled.

*Caw! If I wasn't all black I would be blushing caw!* the Raven replied, making me laugh even harder.


[Daenerys POV]

Peace can be a type of torture when you don't know what your other half is doing… was Ronard okay? Did he miss me? So many things were running through my mind, so many thoughts… but in the end they all came to the same conclusion. I missed my husband a lot.

"We should be there with him… fighting," Lyanna muttered close to Dacey.

"You know him… even if we were there he would put us on the safest battalion… or force us to stay on bear island…" Dacey chuckled, "at least here we defend his family… our family,"

"I suppose," Lyanna nodded.

"Ronard is like that… always putting himself on the line… it's both annoying an vexing," I smiled, announcing my presence to both of them.

"My Queen," The both said in one voice.

"For now… let's forget all the formalities," I smiled at them, "I want to know more about Ronard… how was he as a baby… as a kid… I want to know everything I can,"

"Well… he was always a little bit off…" Dacey said with a thoughtful expression.

"How so?" I inquired.

"Well, he never behaved like a baby… he was beyond his age…" Dacey answered.

"I suppose that's where my little princess gets her brains," I chuckled.

"And how he fights… it's… unreal...I have never seen him losing… its like the moment he took the sword… the sword itself became a part of him," Dacey added, "My mother used to say he was the best our generation had to offer… smart, strong and noble… now she thinks he's an idiot… but that's mostly because he went to war without even telling her,"

"I can see why she feels like that," I laughed, Ronard was an expert at giving stress to those who loved him.

"He is what I aim to be," Lyanna smiled, "I know deep down I won't ever fight like him, but we are family… some of his greatness has to be in my veins… he would always say… —Lyanna you can do anything! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise… unless it's me… I'll probably have a good reason if I say no… —-"

"That does sound like him," I smiled.

"Do you remember how uncomfortable he was flirting with Sansa?" Lyanna chuckled, looking at her sister.

"Oh yeah," Dacey laughed, "He tried so hard to fall for her, dates, kisses and everything, but in the end it was as clear as the day he liked her as a sister or a cousin,"

As a sister or a cousin… that was a red flag on my family, not anymore, "Did she love him?" I inquired.

"I don't think so…." Dacey shook her head, "she was happy with his efforts and stuff… I mean, it's hard not to like Ronard if you are on his good side… but I don't think she loved him… maybe she did… but I can't say for sure,"

"I never liked her," Lyanna muttered.

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't know… I guess it is because she was afraid to think for herself like the majority of the time… it was annoying," Lyanna sighed.

"Well… Lady Stark is said to be very strict…" Dacey commented.

"Lady Stark… Ronard talked about her… a few times," I sighed, remembering how he would describe her as crazy and unstable like her sister, maybe it runs in the family… which brings a concern to me… was the madness of my dad running in my veins.

"Nothing pleasant I'm sure," Dacey scoffed.

"No, not all," I chuckled.

"Well… she better behaves… Ronard is royalty now… she can't do anything to him anymore…" Lyanna stated, with a hint of concern flashing through her eyes, "she can't do anything to us right?"

"If she tries… the fire will welcome her… just like it did with Viserys," I said with a dark grim tone.

"I doubt she's that crazy though," Dacey commented.

And for the sake of House Stark… I hope she was right… for if anyone threatened my family… they would feel my wrath and die a thousand times on the flames.

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