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77.01% Game of Thrones: The Prideful One. / Chapter 123: Chapter 118

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Chapter 123: Chapter 118

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I gave the Tyrells a few days to locate all the wildfire under the city, while I trained with Neltharion, little by little increasing my fire power… quite literally. I still was a long way from being useful in battle, but I was getting there.

I didn't have to meditate like I did before, meaning I could summon fire whenever I wanted… which was an amazing improvement, meaning all I had to do now was focusing on increasing the amount of fire I was able to summon and expel.

But regardless of that, I was happy with the development, it was a very enjoyable activity with Neltharion to do, who also enjoyed teaching me.

Though learning how to control my fire bending powers had its downs, for one every Raven was eagerly waiting for me to control them… for they wanted me to make them the delicious plate of food I talked about before… popcorn…

*My caw! Liege!* A raven flew into my shoulder, *The Tyrells seemed to have located all the wildfire within the city… they sent a letter stating they are waiting for your command,*

Well, that was fast, without my help I expected them to take more time… "Very well," I had now to sent a letter with very detailed steps of what I wanted.

If everything played out right, I would end this war, with the lowest amount of casualties possible.


With the scroll the Tyrells had send in hands, I gathered my war council to discuss how we would approach the situation.

"I say we use Jaime as a diversion… his dear old dad won't resist," Oberyn offered.

"A good idea… but not really efficient," I sighed, using Jaime as a pawn would indeed give me results, but those results would at much be minimal, then again… I could make a show out of his dead… for all the Lannister men to see… but while effective that idea had a problem, it would by honor standards dishonor me.

"We could execute him before battle, sending his head to King's Landing… that should be enough to destabilize their game, making them suffer for a bit… at least buying us enough time to enact our plan," Jon commented, leaving everyone in the room… shocked, "I mean, if you want your grace,"

"Holy crap… Jon that was dark… and I love it," I had to admit, his idea was very efficient, and would send a message, that while untrue would shake the Queen, Jaime's head would make her believe I also killed her kids.

"That has to be the dragon in you… there is no way a wolf can come up with that," Oberyn chuckled.

"What do you mean?" Ned Stark asked in a dangerously low tone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"No offense… but you would probably kill him, bury him.. without never exploiting his usefulness," Oberyn shrugged.

"We don't like these mind games in the north… nor we need them," Ned Stark stated.

"Well… our King is a northerner and yet he plays the game like a master," Oberyn chuckled.

Ned Stark smirked at Oberyn… which was a disturbing sight to behold… considering the man showed almost as much emotion as vin diesel, "And he hates the game, he learned how to play it.. so that he could destroy it, isn't that right, my King?"

"Yes," I nodded, "anyway now that we have our plan the next part is simple, we focus on abusing our range, while I deal with the catapults with Neltharion,"

"You are going to mount him?" Jon inquired with a hint of excitement on his normally serious voice.

"Yes, he is big enough for it… and I need to guide him," I nodded as I continued to explain them with detail how my three part part would work.

First I would deal with the traps and anchors, second my own archers would make death rain on the Lannister's, followed by stage three, the most important stage, because it needed the Tyrells cooperation because by that point, Cersei would start her plan… which we had to stop.

If everything played according to the plan, I would have my wife sitting on the throne my next month, this was my last fight within the seven kingdoms… for my next battle was against the others.


[Tormund Giantsbane POV]

I fucking hated scouting missions… it was like tempting death to come and fuck you, especially since that undead monstrousity had taken over the real north, his eyes were everywhere…

"Do not fear… he can't feel us…" the weird looking child said, holding my hand tight, "I can keep this magic shield for a while, he won't see us… that is unless we make a sound,"

"So how do we kill that monster," I asked, thinking of the Night King, for what I knew… the king of the undead was special, and that probably made his weakness special and unique.

"Valyrian steel, on his heart," The child answered.

"So only the heart?" I inquired.

"Yes, to kill him yes… cuts in other areas will only slow him," The tree looking child nodded.

"So why are scouting——" As I was about to ask more about why we were here, destiny decided to show me first hand why we were here, from afar I could see something under a massive iceberg, "Is that a…"

"A dragon… a dead one," The children muttered, "We have to warn the others… if he keeps breaking the ice at this speed it will take him a few months before he has that creature under his command,"

"Undeads… dragons… I can't believe what I'm saying… but I will take a vacation if I survive this… I seriously need it…" I sighed as I followed the children back to camp.


[Night King POV]

Feeble little things, they thought I hadn't seen them, utterly pathetic, but for now, they would live, their lives were inconsequential on the great scheme of things, they would soon die anyways.

For now I had to focus on digging this undead puppet, soon I would have the power I needed to break this wall…

Soon all life would cease to exist, "I will consume everything this word has to offer… soon all life will be done… an era of darkness awaits… and I'm the one bringing it,"


[Nick Fury Ravenicus POV]

With the mother fucker I had been assigned to death, I had changed my sights to beyond the wall, a place full of secrets that could harm my master, and I wasn't going to allow that shit.

Undead or not, that monster would not come without us giving Ronard detailed information about his enemies.

*Flight high boys and girls! We will be arriving north soon! Caw!* I commanded with a very deep caw.

*Yes!* my team answered in a single caw.

*Good!* I cawed back.


[Varys POV]

I had overplayed my hand… the current Queen wanted to blow up the realm, and I had yet to talk with Jon… he needed to know he had a better claim than Ronard and Daenerys.

Jon Targaryen was the rightful king, but he had no army backing him up, I knew if push came to shove Lord Stark would ally himself with Jon, but that was about it.

"I need to thread my web very carefully… otherwise… I will lose everything," I sighed.

*Caw… you already did…. you already did… caw!*

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