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80% Gareth and Fiona / Chapter 8: Season 1 & Episode 6 - Homecoming Game 1,2 and 3

Season 1 & Episode 6 - Homecoming Game 1,2 and 3 - Gareth and Fiona - Chapter 8 by Dark_Executioner full book limited free

Chapter 8: Season 1 & Episode 6 - Homecoming Game 1,2 and 3

And then, Game is on, and I got ready, winning and losing is part of the game, today I win and tomorrow I lose, can't be like undefeated and got dressed and went all out, and the Game happened.

Princeton called out and I got ready, Michael with Wes and Mitch are also here and then I smacked a man, stiff armed and threw it or passed to Skull Bear and he dropped it and a touchdown to kick off the game and then Anderson, remember him cause I definitely don't remember him, tackled Frankie but he fell down and I picked it up and ran and shot and scored down and then they came close 3rd time and I tackled a man by pushing him down to another man and 2 down and I ran, stiff arming another man and 1 more, then tackling down people and to Baron or Paul who drew it and passed it to Remy but he fell down, but Wes passed down and to Michael and he scored and then Anderson scored 4 – 1.

And 1st Quarter was done, and we regrouped back somewhere, I made another plan and it worked, we put Michael on the defensive and Mitch on frontlines and then we made another shot call and Mitch pitched and we scored it and we were 4 – 2 and then I scored by running down the fields, stiff armed 2 men and tackled Anderson down.

Then I sidestepped another footballer and then touchdown happened and then we were at 4 – 3, and Anderson came to our side and tried to score and I tackled him down and then ran away with the ball and stiff armed a man and passed it to Paul and 4 – 4 touchdown happened.

And then we got back and then 2nd Quarter had time and we went all out and all out again in this one, Anderson and I were at warfare with 4 – 4 and then back to 9 – 13 and then 13 – 15 and Halftime happened, they were close and we were too and then 3rd Quarter happened and we had to take this now and I ran across and got tackled this time and got back and chased Anderson and tackled him back down plus grabbed the ball and I was jumped at and I got up and tackled the jumper into another man and ran off again.

And then, after running and I scored a touchdown, 13 – 16, and then I got back and had a Sprite and sprinted back with the ball and passed it down to another teammate Wes and he touchdown it to 13 – 17 and Mitch made it 13 – 18 twice scorings, and then Remy was tackled down and Anderson touchdown it 14 – 18 and then 15 – 18, and another man made it 16 – 18.

And then in a desperate measure, we sprinted back again, and then I passed to Frankie and he touchdown but missed it and grabbed the ball again and scored it 16 – 19, and touchdown against us happened twice and it was 17 – 19, and then we made a run against them.

I stiff armed, tackled, dodged, sidestepped and passed then a pass back and touchdown it again, and then 17 – 20 and then we made a plan, and Anderson got tackled thrice, and missed and we made it 17 – 21, 17 – 22 and 17 – 23, and 3rd Quarter ended.

And then 4th Quarter happened, and then the war happened, I went full on Batman and scored another touchdown making it 17 – 24, and then Frankie scored twice and 17 – 26 but it backfired and Anderson with teammates made it 23 – 26, and then we need to get another go now and I waited and then, and I scored again 23 – 27 and then they scored back to 24 – 27, 25 – 27, 26 – 27, 26 – 28, 27 – 28, 28 – 28, 28 – 29, 29 – 29, 30 – 29, 31 – 29, 31 – 30, 31 – 31 and then last moment Remy scored twice 31 – 32, 31 – 33 and Paul made it 32 – 34 and I scored again and 32 – 35 and the match ended and I won my team won it.

And I yelled "WELL PLAYED YALL PRINCETON TOO "and then, we celebrated and then Anderson came and smacked me down with Remy and Paul and Frankie speared, and brawl happened and I tripped one Princeton guy and bit his earlobe off and spit it at another man and speared him into others and Scarlett came down and tripped and beat 2 guys up whereas Laura snapped a man's neck and nearly ended a life and I took a helmet and beat another man down and threw it at rival school women and smacked her down and attacked Remy and Anderson down the ground hard and with a thud.

And I took down a bat and whacked a man up and strangled a man but left him down and kicked a man down hard and he fell into another man and women hit me and I kicked a ball and Frankie hit back hitting a woman down and then it took the Cops to cool us all down and I was sentenced with Scarlett and Frankie to Juveniles Detention Centre for Months but I got it toned down via camera footages and cooled them all.

The Judge is an Executioner from the underground world and yes pretty much Judge Dredd and Mega City One and with a Population of about 50000 Humans; 15050 Mutants; 30000 Androids with Human Flesh; 40000 Demons; 40500 Vampires; 10800 Werewolves; 30500 Alien Forms; 25000 Devils; and atop that 12000 Executioners against them and yeah Fascist People and 213,850 population in the least most populated city of Ether World with 223,550 total population Crime and Corruption isn't an issue but Race Wars and Terrorism is, and then Judge called dispute off and beaten Remy and Anderson up and met me and said " dare don't ever come to our cities kid, Batman and Wonder Woman are King and Queen of Los Angeles in California and we love it, they love Justice League and you guys too, Falcon & Soldier is a loved series btw.

And then I kicked down an Acolyte who entered and an Acolyte is the opposite law enforcement in here and Acolytes in the world below as Doffs but Acolytes run Mid – Western US now and run Prison City with thousands of Hate Groups, Terrorists, Law Abiders who did something messed up like Arson and Driving with Hitting, Organised Criminals, Drug Cartels and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and run by a man I don't know much off.

And then, I saw someone come to me and in my direction and I noticed Lucas Hedge aka aka the Hunter, Ethan Smith aka Dark Predator and Laura Macqueen aka Daphne Queen come by and attacked me and Scarlett and Frankie aka Skull Bear and then I attacked one and pushed him to another man down and ran off together and into a van and then dressed out attacked them all Skull Bear attacked Preacher and Monovalent now and then I tripped Hunter and Skyrunner who popped up and kicked me down hard and badly and hit me with a brick and I took the back of a butter knife and into his mouth and tripped him down and then we were attacked down by a man in special swat armor and then he muttered something and Michael attacked him down and tripped him down.

And then a Van hit them all out and then came out Nicolet and his buddies they are our Green Lanterns Government changed them to Green Lanterns of America and they hopped us in and Skyrunner came down but he got tackled down by Black Cloaked figure called Cloaks and then he aided us and we ran off somewhere Nicolet is like John Stewart, Wolcott is like Guy Gardner, Barrett is like Kyle Rayners and 4th guy is like Hal Jordon now and then we ran off and Stella threw a Boomerang and jumped to our van and get back at us and she made it but to be honest not all are like Justice League Stella is Atom Smasher, Caleb is like Dr Fate, Wes is like Cyclone and Mitch is like Hawkman now.

And then we all ran down and then a Stone Giant attacked me and ik him Parker is a 16th Generation Stone Giant and he attacked me down and he was like 12 feet tall and then I slid past but a bomb went vary and an explosion happened and we all went down but I moved up and got up but a bomb explosion happened and I closed my eyes and woke up somewhere and I realised I am in a building and I saw chains and then a man came by and told me " you are awake " and he said " I am Arminius of Germania and this is Berulf, Thusnelda and Varus with Segimar and Michael and Caleb and I learnt about it Frankie and Scarlett and Laura switched schools and that they are done with me and Folkwin here mentioned they will talk they still like you but your enemy some and I realised that was 1 of the 5 timelines or worlds and in that world I ended up with a women of Scottish origin and had a family in 40s 6 kids, in the 2nd version I am a loner and I live in Vikings America and Celtics Europe and both are good Native Americans live peacefully with them, 3rd I am a Bounty Hunter in a Celtic – Viking world where Greeks and Romans and all were driven out of Russia (Continent), 4th is where Vikings & Celts were fiction and nothing more I am a Mobster there and this is the main 5th world Frankie, Laura and Scarlett exist here and they are not my friends but they know who I am and I looked at my hands and I saw it and my red hair intact their world was destroyed and I realised it there is someone out there for them and I called Folkwin and Berulf and told them where is Frankie and the Ladies and Wes and Mitch and I got hit back and I woke up and an explosion happened and I remember and I began running around Silas no Gabriel no I remember it was Severus Vandal they take Superhero related names quick it seems and Ari is the Football Coach too and Varus is History Teacher and 2nd Football Game is on and I packed up for it and headed out and met Captain plus Defensive Frankie and his Girlfriend Laura plus Wes and Scarlett his girlfriend in an another world where Humans fought Forces Of Darkness (Giants, Zombies, Super Wolves, Dragons, Sea Monsters and Dark Elves) and died during Ragnarok and I used the swordbender and killed Surt and Loki surrendered after losing to Thor and Tyr and Giants fell back with Dark Elves away.

Mitch was a Quarterback with me and this time Wes & Mitch were benched down and Remy was here with his goons and this school was East Anglo and we played them and the first quarter happened and I was like Christopher Lee at sorts I felt I was going to be stabbed in my back as Remy Martin smiled and then Game started and I noticed 3 men far right, middle left and centre staring at me and I tossed the ball to opposition and the man ran and I speared him down and took the ball in my hands and ran and I tackled down another man and threw it at it and touchdown and came back 1 – 0 Princeton is out and Anderson came into the field and attacked Frankie and I separated him and he pulled out a gun and I sidestepped and paint came out and opposition wished Frankie a birthday and then we got back Frankie scored down the 2nd, 4th and 6th touchdowns and we were now ahead with 8 – 7 and then second quarter happened and then we played another plan this is like we were in 1st match it was mostly on edge they are close and they may beat us and then I saw 3 man come here and 1 of them attacked Varus and took a gun out and Varus shot him in the neck and shot down the other 2 and then Game Ceased but the 3 woke down and assaulted him and I came down and attacked them all and then brawling happened and I said " we will beat you in game and in a brawl both and they will agree " and they did and we called the second quarter and we stomped them in an all outer by squashing their Quarterbacks down and then running through their Defensive and Scoring down 5 – 6 ok yes 6 Touchdowns and taking it to 1st Half with 13 – 7 in our favour and then we needed a Solid Plan and I saw Fia or Fiona Laurel Vance and she had splendid Red Hair and was as fair as milk, hair like autumn leaves, smile as calm as the seas and her appearance made me calm up and yes Fiona, Scarlett and Dinah are from the same family Mother Earth created more Earths and this one is her least favourite and she will shook us back to Iron Age soon.

And then I went back and called out the rivals and we ran down their fields and I sidestepped and tackled down another rival and passed it all down towards Caleb who made a score and touchdown and then Michael and Frankie scored 3 times more 17 – 9 and then the 1st Half ended and we assembled and switched sides and I called a plan and noticed they made a plan and 3rd Quarter and they began taking us out and I got tackled down three times and they were 17 – 11 and then we scored 18 – 11 and then they got back 18 – 15 but they did score back at 18 – 19 and then 18 – 21 and then they make us pay back down with 18 – 23 and then I took down a playbook and made new moves and then I ran down the field and passed to Caleb who passed down to a rival and Michael tackled him and passed Frankie who scored a touchdown 19 – 23 and then we need a plan for 2 more and I took the ball and sidestepped the rivals twice and tackled thrice but Michael and Frankie scored twice 21 – 23 and 21 – 23 and 22 – 24 and then I needed to score again in I scored it again at 23 – 24 and 3rd Quarter was ending in 5 minutes and I took the ball and ran off sliding down and tackling down 2 men and was tackle but Caleb took the ball and touchdown 24 – 24 and then 3 more minutes and we stayed back and as they came we tackled them and Michael passed Wes and Mitch and scored 25 – 24 and 26 – 25 and 3rd Quarter Ended.

4th Quarter and we were one score behind and I saw them they were poor kids who wanted scholarship it seems and I ran down their best Quarterback and Defensive Guy and scored another touchdown 27 – 25 and then we were whooped 28 – 35 and I ran down scoring 29 – 35, 30 – 35 and 31 – 35 and Caleb made 32 – 35 and 33 – 36 and Michael made it 34 – 36 and 35 – 36 and I ran down took the ball and passed back to Caleb and made it 36 – 36 and there were the last 5 minutes and I ran down and Frankie threw missed and I got tackled down and I took the ball back and to Caleb who scored another touchdown but tackled down and I threw the ball in winning the 2nd game again but I gave my respect to losing team and side chanting " good game y'all " and celebrated the Victory and Fiona came down and I asked her to a Dinner and she said I have 10 minutes and I dressed into a 3 Piece Suit ready and with that I held her hand and went out she wore a Green Dress and we talked about life and exchanged numbers and she seemed to be nice and called me sweet telling me she missed me and I agreed and we had Tacos and Prawns for food and talked to each other about each other, she is an even powerful New Goddess then I ever was and told me her life races a threat called Toolmaker and told me her list of enemies who want her her and that was

1. Toolmaker

2. Hunter

3. Predator

4. Daphne Queen

5. Mandy Miller aka Cheer

6. Espionage Girl aka Jean

7. Sophia aka Couch Shifter

8. Drippy

9. Blue Goddess

And then I said " hunter, predator and Daphne Queen Trouble me too and that we will go back to Under Earth and rule them together with Arminius and the others to which she said " they are under our mother Queen of New Gods Freya and Frey her brother " and I said " well they are in Vanaheim and we will rule as Ariminius and Varus and the others will be there and then a crack explosion happened and came a man in red ... Monk David and with Gunner, Lady Head Shot, Redhead Tensions, Daphne Queen and Victor Pastor and we charged and I attacked them all and they with magic squeezed in the life of everyone at the restaurant and I attacked them all down Hunter and Predator and Daphne Queen came down at me and Frankie, Michael, Wes, Mitch, Scarlett and Dinah attacked the others like Paul, Remy, Walker, Anderson and the others and Grim came down too and the war erupted and I saw Black Angel, Dark Lucifer, Azrael, Onslaught and Flying Demonic Horseman and they killed Remy Martin and all his goon friends and Scarlett's enemies And almost everyone and Dark Lucifer yelled and as that happened a 5 year old was rounded and his head beheaded and yelled a proclamation of Warfare.

And then I came out and attacked but Caleb used his skills and summoned Red Fire and Spikes and I saw my hands I called Electricity and cracked them by using Electrocution strength and charged and Dark Lucifer and Azrael split up and I separated my hands and in separate directions knocking down Azrael and Dark Lucifer burning and electrocuting them all down and I speared Azrael who vanished and came back behind me and dragged me down into the car and attacked Wes and Mitch who were helping others get up Villains we faced were Scums but they had Families too.

And then I took a Pistol and shot Azrael in the head annoying him enough to Fiona to tackle him down and crackle his arm and broke it and then Dark Lucifer called his Enforcer " Black Elf General Augmenter " and he came with a Flaming Sword and attack Innocent Bystanders and Police Officers killing down Thousands on his Way and I yelled and he yelled and we attacked each other and I clashed with driving him to a wall and I punched him and kept punching everything the bricks through his face and then he kicked me to a wall and punched and I dodged and he punched the wall and it broke and punched me but I sidestepped and punched him in the face and knee him down and slammed him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

And then suddenly he got back up and Dark Lucifer, Azrael, room him and the crew and ran off and people saw me and looked scared and police came by and I climbed the walls and ran off somewhere but police officer rounding me up said " we are here to talk it's alright " and I went into Custody with Fiona, Scarlett, Dinah and the crew and Arminius got us bailed but they asked us many questions and they started off with a girl asking me " who are you guys " and I said " I'm nobody " tribute to Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk and Connie Nelson movie and I finally said " I am Gareth something and I'm not human I'm some New God with unknown origins and that's me there and those are the bad guys " and Cheer broke in she wore a leather jacket and black shirt underneath the jacket and attacked Fiona and pinned her down now we're not White People or Humans we are New Gods with Germanic – Viking and Scottish Ancestry and we are under attack and Cheer brought her friends too Seth, Jonah and Hailey herself and an attack happened and I needed to crack open and officer let's me loose and I attacked Seth down and Jonah got back at me and

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