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Memory Pill - Generous Rebirth - Chapter 18 by quondamsoul full book limited free

Chapter 18: Memory Pill

Sage took the Memory Pill from the inventory without opening it.

"Do I need to drink water to take this down to my esophagus?"

Ding! You don't need to. It's chewable.

With the System's signal, Sage immediately sent the fish eye-like pill down her throat. While she was chewing it, it felt like eating a tiny ball of air. She tried chewing it but the ball rushed down to her esophagus.

Sage's face turned ugly. It was not bitter; there was no taste after all. What she was worried about was the thought, what if the ball has consciousness?

Ding! It has a consciousness, host. That is why it is called a Memory Pill.

"Why didn't you warn me!"

Sage still wanted to scold the system but something pounded her head. At first, she just scratched her head thinking it was only her imagination. But…



Sage fell on her bed. Something's forcing its way into her brain. It was not that painful, just like bumping into a muscle head. The only case was her sight turned upside down.

Sage could only close her eyes. She accepted the slight pang of pain pounding her head.

Sage saw herself doing the same life as she once was a few days ago. Herself in that memory had done nothing important but to sleep. When she saw her getting home, there was a slight hope in her heart.

She was hoping that the misery she experienced right now would come to an end. Yet even when she finished watching a boring show in her mind, the hope she had in mind was blown away by the wind.

Once again, the feeling she had in her dream appeared.

She felt like she already lived the life of her version in that memory. Only that, their timeline was a bit off.

She's still living in the past, meanwhile, the clone was living in the present.

"Is everything here legit?"

Ding! Answering the host, yes.

"As long as I don't interfere with the schedule of big events, it won't change?" Sage remembered what the system told her. She should not try to alter the events that were supposed to happen.

She could… She had not known yet.

Ding! Yes. Tasks would still appear as usual.

"So that means, in two days…" Sage came into sudden realization. "Status," she mumbled.

[ Host: Sage Everest

Age: 18

Karma Points: 1452

Skill: Clairvoyance Lv. 1 (unlock level 2 from the system market)

Inventory: 1/6

Task/s: unavailable ]

"Do you also have an off time?" Sage noticed that the task was unavailable for a moment.

"It depends on the place where you are."

Sage nodded as a response and appreciated her thousand worth of Karma Points. "Do I have 14.5 worth of luck now?"

Ding! You can still be unlucky, host. The probability that good luck appears is still meager at this point.

"I have you, right? You can simply manipulate things a bit then, hehe." Sage chuckled. Earlier at the outlet, she wished for help and the System granted it.

False! The character of the person who helped her was simply like that.

The System was speechless. It was taking someone else's credit as a joke earlier. But who knows its host was undeniably a big gulli!

Ding! The System cannot interfere with worldly matters.

"But if I did something supernatural, you can?"

Sage's innocence and gullibility stunned the System.

It sure knew that the host it picked was sensible and smart. The image of Sage being a cool individual it had been expecting shattered.

One should never expect something to not be disappointed.

Unfortunately, it could not whimper like a dog to force Sage into doing the things she has but hid.

Ding! You will not be able to do it.

Sage stayed silent for a moment.

The system thought she's done.

Then, Sage frowned. The system failed to detect the thoughts Sage had in mind.

But Sage shook her head, hiding the schemes she planned to try later.


Although wondering, the System opened the inventory for its host.

"I only have 53 dollars left." Sage contemplated, "Will this be enough?"

Ding! Just a warning, host. You cannot recklessly use the money the System gives you.

"Do I still need to receive a budgeting lecture from you? I'm not a wasteful one… unless I have something I badly want to have." Sage whispered the second part of what she said.

Ding! The Market sells the information about the reason why I remind you of that.

"Speaking of." Sage grinned. "I almost forgot… Market."

The system panel showed her rows of goods under different categories. There were so many items that Sage could only use the search box.

She typed "skills" in the box. While the result was loading, Sage decided to talk about her curiosity about the system. "Is there a motion sensor installed in you?"

Ding! Host, please don't group me with anything the humans made.

The System was definitely frustrated. The information about its existence was something prohibited.

"Aren't you?"

Ding! The Market has been loaded.

Sage's eyes squinted. 'The System knows when to escape, huh.'

Why did it take you so long to load one available item in the skills category?"

Ding! Karma Points -5

Ding! Karma Points -5

Ding! The System is still sorting the items.

Because it was distracted from interacting with Sage, the System forgot to deduct her points in time. Fortunately, the System was able to deduct her points right in time.

"Upgrade Skills Clairvoyance Level 1 to Level 2."

Ding! Karma Points -1000

Ding! Karma Points -50


.[Upgrading the Skill to Level 2. Please wait for 5 minutes.]

Sage was sulking. The System boldly robbed her hard-earned 50 Karma Points

She had been like that until the System finished upgrading the skill.

Ding! Congratulations on obtaining Skill Clairvoyance Level 2.

Skill: Clairvoyance Level 2 - abling the wielder to see a being's Karma Points

Cost: 15 Karma Points

"I'm not happy at all!" Sage renounced loudly.

"Sage!" Crescent loudly roared from the bedroom. Sage's voice was too loud.

Sage frowned and cursed in her mind, 'I'm not happy at all! For the second time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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