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76.19% Genix / Chapter 16: Carried by the wind

Genix Chapter 16 - Carried by the wind

Chapter 16: Carried by the wind

The storm is getting crazier, the blowing wind can blow anything away. The sound of thunder began to reverberate in the sky, the ground shook and the boom was getting louder. The zombies out there, one by one flying in the wind. Some survive, holding onto a dry log. But all that didn't last long, his thin hands were instantly cut off. Blood began to flow, as it drifted in the wind.

Inside the camp, a loud groan of pain was heard. Then the little girl, gave her a handkerchief to muffle her voice. John also massaged his legs, so that the position of the veins back on track. Even though his body was mutated, it took time for him to adapt. Roki also bit hard, the handkerchief Angela gave him while holding back the pain.

Worse than that, Jhon massaged his legs without a single oil or medicine. Massaging a pair of legs, without feeling would make him scream in pain even more. Tears began to fall from his eyes, his face looked a little pale. The little girl continued to grip her hand tightly. Angela also cried, while imagining the pain she was going through.

After such a hard struggle, finally John has finished. Roki let go of his bite, then he lay down while catching his breath. Recalling what he felt just now, he felt like he was being fanged by a pair of very strong iron fists. In fact, John's own wrist, made of a mixture of silicone and special materials. But the pain is still there.

"It's a relief, I thought I was going to die," said Roki as he lay down to catch his breath.

"Your body still needs to adapt son, maybe in the next five days. Your pain isn't as intense as usual."

"What do you mean Professor?" asked John.

"According to the data I got from Genix, all the cells in his body undergo evolution. So don't be surprised if your master becomes another form." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Professor!" Roki snapped, reminding the Professor of his own misdeeds about disclosing information.

"Sorry for the delay," he said casually.

"I'm sorry if I'm presumptuous, where did the master actually come from?" asked John curiously.

"Tell me about that beautiful sister country. Angela wants to hear it!" Angela exclaimed, curious to hear the story.

Meanwhile, a four-armed, claw-like monster with three eyes, parts of its body and legs like a scorpion, canine teeth, and a height of 4 m was approaching the camp. The monster stared intently at the camp, walking while enduring the strong wind. Since their escape, the zombies have been following them. The monster roared, while drooling.

The wind was so strong that his saliva didn't touch the ground. Before Roki could speak, the monster raised its hand as high as it could, then destroyed the camp in one fell swoop. Roki spontaneously carried Angela, then he and John stood on the rock. All of her belongings had been put in Angela's little tube, or people in this day and age call it Bagscan.

A strong gust of wind blew their balance. Their bodies all lifted, then they held on to a very strong stone slab.

"This is terrible! If we let go, we'll all be carried away by the wind." said John.

"What should we do?!" Angela asked in a loud voice.

Roki was silent, staring at the monster that would turn them into presto meat. The monster suddenly spit out the liquid from its mouth.

"Beware of dodging!" Roki orders to shift to avoid his attacks.

Luckily the liquid hit them. Jhon also saw a stone with a hole due to the liquid. Gradually Angela's hands began to feel sore, and pain in her fingers. Little by little, his grip began to weaken and he finally let go. Quickly Roki held his hand.

"Hold on! Quickly crawl into my body, and lend me your brother's weapon!" Rocky's orders.

Hearing that, Angela nodded, then she crawled up Roki's body, after that she took one of the Bagscans on her buckle, the one on the right. Then he pressed one end, instantly the tube turned into a LAW100 MBT. Roki quickly picked up, with one hand then he aimed at the monster.

"Jhon! It's time for us to do plan B."

"Plan B?!"

"Yeah! I'm going to jump, then destroy this damn monster! Then we'll let our bodies, carried away by the current."

"That's very dangerous son!" The Professor said in the form of a mini hologram.

"That's why I need John's help so he lands us both safely!"

"Okay my lord, I understand!"

Angela also tightened her arms on Roki, like hugging a tree. Roki jumped, both hands holding the LAW100 MBT very tightly. Then he concentrated on aiming at the monsters while saying, "Take care son of ab*tch!" Then he shot him straight away.


The monster instantly shattered into pieces, while Roki was thrust upwards like a rocket launcher. Quickly, Roki immediately put the weapon back into the Bagscan. The girl let go, then Roki immediately hugged her very tightly. While John flies, escorting them both with jets on his back and legs.

All of them, drifting in the wind at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level. Every time there is a tree trunk, which wants to hit. Jhon swiftly slashed with his katana. Roki's body felt so light as cotton, her head felt dizzy every time she looked down. His hands began to tremble, his heart began to beat so fast.

He was very afraid that he and the others could not land safely. Time and time again he chased away fear, by closing his eyes. Still, he couldn't shake off all his fear.

"Relax boy, don't be afraid everything will be fine." Said the Professor, in the form of a mini hologram, floating his body while cheering him on.

"Sister Roki, don't be afraid, Angela is here." The little girl said as she tightened her arms.

"My lord, don't forget me," said John.

"Thanks," he said and he smiled.

A piece of wood suddenly hit Roki's head. Blood began to flow, gradually he was unconscious. Before he completely closed his eyes, he heard the three of them call his name. He had been unconscious for a long time, slowly he began to open his eyes.

He saw the blue sky, which stretched across the sky. Then he glanced at the little girl, hugging her right hand very tightly. Then he woke up, clutching his aching head.

"Thank goodness you're awake." John said, sitting cross-legged waiting for his master's consciousness.

"So, where are we now?" Roki asked as he looked around him.

"I don't know, I don't know either. To be sure, this place has no life."

"Good, at least we don't have to be the zombies' prey. By the way, is Dolten city still far away?"

"Hmmm... it took a week from here to get there."

"What? No!!" He said looking up at the sky, covering his face with both hands while shouting.

Suddenly the little girl woke up from her sleep, then she ran and immediately hugged her. The little girl began to tear up, her embrace tightened. In his arms he was afraid he would feel lost again for the second time.

Seeing him crying, Roki rubbed his head while saying, "Don't worry, we can get through this together," he said looking down at her with a smile. The little girl didn't say a word and then nodded. Then, the three of them started to walk where the sun rose..

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